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  1. The server needs auxiliary servers like (Asia), etc. And the main at Europe. This helps for better ping.
  2. So, you're reading the lab manual of a guy named "Lab18bke". My in-game username is that too. So, I'm Lab, a random 12th Student and a spicy part time coder. So, who are you? Tell all of us in the replies. Fact: I made this to get this section a little active and the users are notable to newbies joining. My discord: lab18bke Favourite nick ingame till date: BigPP_Daddy CYA bois and sissies!
  3. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Prison Server Description Season 9 has been a economically-domination by people who were playing since the start and leave no space for new people to fit in the economy. Thus, this is a suggestion for Season 10. (1) Prestige Reduction: Now assume the Rebirth we will reach as x. The Max Prestige shall be 15x now. Lets say I am Rebirth 3 and I soon reach Rebirth 4 so my MaxPrestige is 15*4=60. (2) Prestige Cost Increase: Prestige Cost shall be increased by around 80-85% considering (1). (3) Max Excavation: Max Excavation is 5 as of now. It should become 4 and yes, 3 from tokens and the final 4th level from books. (4) Nerf Nuke: Nuke now has its own multi called "Nuke". When a Nuke happens it gives money based on the Nuke Multi and crystals dont affect that. -> Nuke's Max Level shall be 8 now. -> Nuke Multi can be increased by Rebirthing. +0.2 per rebirth. When someone is Rebirth 0, he/she gets no money from Nuke. (5) Rebirth Keys to give lease rewards. The below rewards shall be changed. 150H AMTT -> 75H AMTT 200H AMTT -> 100H AMTT 10% Prestige Discount -> 3% Prestige Discount +14 Days Jarvis Slot -> +20 Days Jarvis Slot Store Coupon -> - Coupon (6) Addition of /renting: As promised earlier, renting shall be added. A player can put the pickaxe on /renting for rent with a certain amount charged to the lender per hour (set by borrower). When the lender logs out the pickaxe is set back on rent. (7) Max Itemshop Slots: Itemshop Slots are 6 in the start (No +1's). Now it shall be changed to 8. (8) Buff Atomize: Atomise shall give more money now. Mainly, tokens too. (9) Addition of "Crystalite". Crystalite is a mythical rarity item obtainable from Rebirth Keys. Upon right clicking it it makes a Gem with a value between 0.1-0.8 and upon consuming the gem, the certain multiplier shall be added to the Sell Multi. (10) Enchant Prices: Enchant Prices shall be decreased by ~5%. (11) /topkills rewards. Now, every month like /topvotes. /topkills shall get some rewards. The 1st one getting a Gold Voucher, 2nd gets Iron, 3rd gets Coal. To top all of that: (12) Max Rebirth: There's Seasonal Playtime now. Playtime but from the current season. The max Rebirth is the Seasonal Playtime in days multiplied by 1. A person with 2d 22h playtime's max rebirth is 2, so on. No Changes to Pets, and other things unmentioned. The reset should roll out soon considering current economy. @Skully Make this seen to all bros. Show your power.
  4. if Im right /home cant tp you to water and stuff so it may be the reason
  5. SALES & TRADES MARKETPLACE Server: Prison Buying, selling or trading?: Trading What I am Trading: I am offering 6 Rebirth Keys for my Emerald>Bedrock Rankup and to get the keys you need to get me 30M Tokens so I rebirth to give the keys. How I would like to be contacted: Discord - lab18bke
  6. There are many people with low-end computers out there (a.k.a. ). There's an easy fix to it. Fact is Microsoft Windows has many Services, Applications which we gamers don't need. Here comes "NTLite". NTLite is a software which will help you modify your Windows ISO. You can remove unwanted services through it and get better performance the next time you play. Pro Tip: If you want even better performance, you can remove AutoStart applications.
  7. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: All Servers Description There has been a big portion of Indian Community on the UltraNetwork server, so here comes a Hindi Chat. I suggest for the addition of Hindi Chat to UN. People can toggle it through a command (just like /sc for Spanish). There are many people around demanding for that chat too and the addition of that would be pretty nice. And Hindi is a LTR language too, so is pretty easy to add.
  8. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Skyblock Server Description The Skyblock Gamemode is barely played now. It shall be replaced with a much more fun game "SkyGens". Meet SkyGens. Skygens is a gamemode where you stand on a generator which drops items and collect it. You use those resources to trade for a set of tools and armors. When you are maxed out on the basic or the first generator. You do some parkour to reach the second island which has resources required to upgrade your gear. The grind continues till the End Generator which is the end as one might think. After getting maxed gear at End island you can rebirth your gear for a stat boost. And, mostly the grind will never end due to almost never ending rebirths. If Agree then leave a thumbs up emoji.
  9. BUG REPORT In-Game Name: Lab18bke What is the bug related to?: Prison Server Briefly explain the bug/issue: When we like make a ChestShop with a Pickaxe as name. We set the ID from the one from /iinfo. When someone clicks on that people can buy or sell the pickaxe. This is Pickaxe trading.
  10. Thats like bypassing your grinding and depending on others. :v
  11. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Survival Server Description To the server, another shop which can be accessed by /xpshop should be added. There, we could buy some illegal stuff (minecraft server) for the cost of XP levels. It resets once every week for persons. It can contain max 3 items (considering none are bought by the player now). The loot table will be of 6 items. • Speed 4 Potion - This can be bought for 10 XP levels. • Unbreakable book - This can be bought for 80 XP levels and upon adding to an item, it will make that unbreakable. • Sharpness VI book - This could be bought for 28 XP levels. • Protection VII book - This could be bought for 56 XP levels and will add Protection 7 to a piece of armor. • XP Booster - This will boost the XP we gain by 1.5x and for 3 days upon consumption. This will cost 40 XP levels. • Saturday Meal - This can be bought for 2 XP levels. This gives Saturation for 3 minutes. (Hope this suggestion is liked by you.) (I noted the possible items, their cost, etc can be changed.) Reason for this recommendation: It makes XP grinding more fun.