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  1. BUG REPORT In-Game Name: athenalain What is the bug related to?: Prison Server Briefly explain the bug/issue: Multiplier timers don't work properly as they're expected. You can have a 10 minute multiplier last for around an hour depending on the server tps. I observed that the multiplier duration is inversly proportional to the tps because when the server had 4-7tps the multi lasted for ~40 minutes (20tps:10mins :: 5tps:40mins) However, this isn't a problem on daily /quests as they still reset every 24 hours, that must be using another way of counting time,
  2. wait no youre supposed to say something or else
  3. hmmmm uhhhh not really into talking rn tbh athenalain here call me athena or lain whatever i suck on making up usernames it rhymes with my irl name but turns out english hates me just checking out this server and the community overall and looks gud keep it up expect me to be active (mostly on prison) because i have no real life printf("and also") <span>i&apos;m a</span> document.write("massive <i>nerd</i>"); adj = "trap" # programmer print("and a %s" % adj) \textbf{k bye} ps. thanks Lux_ for the pickaxe i missed u bb glad to