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  1. Hi! This is not a bug and it is actually intended. You might wanna see this post here: Offline voting is no longer supported, so you can only get the rewards from voting if you're online now. Hope this helped!
  2. Yeap! I agree with what you said in your post about how there is little incentive to get higher ranks. Other than the cosmetics perks and possibly perms to use worldedit in the future, an additional boost could go a long way in drawing more people to spend on the server. At the moment, I believe that Dead is currently tweaking the prices and multipliers to ensure that the economy in prison doesn't get ruined too quickly as that was what happened in the previous season, resulting in many players losing interest quickly. A possible alternative to increasing multipliers could be to provide ranked players with a default token multiplier or even a higher probability of finding keys while mining. Overall, great post and hopefully Dead will consider the suggestions!
  3. yihern

    Warps in Prison

    You can do /warps in prison to show you all the available warps! Alternatively, you can type " /warp " and press TAB (on your keyboard) to show you all the different warps too! I hope this helps!
  4. Yes, I have been refunded. Thanks
  5. Excellent post! I believe that the current state of custom enchants should be improved and I agree with all that you have mentioned above. Another thing that would be nice to implement would be a list of all the custom enchantment books available and what tier they are in. This would make it easier for players to know exactly which enchantment books they want and what tier they should grind. On a side note, permissions for the different /gkit kits could be distributed among the different ranks to provide more incentive for players to buy ranks and get familiar with custom enchants.
  6. Hello!! Welcome to UN!! Hope you'll enjoy your time here :3
  7. yihern


    Hi Lux_, I'm yihern
  8. BUG REPORT In-Game Name: yihern What is the bug related to?: Prison Server Briefly explain the bug/issue: My survival inventory got messed up and got placed into /lc, ultimately resulting in my items being lost and irretrievable. Here's proof of my pickaxe and items which were placed into /lc somehow: https://imgur.com/a/lN6oVJA Replication of bug: https://imgur.com/a/SfPiDPi I hope to have my items refunded if as soon as possible, especially my pickaxe. Thank you.
  9. I think implementing coinflip back would be a nice addition to the server! Although the idea of winning only 75% of the earnings doesn't seem very inviting and as a result, players might not use it too much. However, I think this figure can be played around with to make it more suitable.
  10. This sounds like a cool idea! Would be nice if Dead implemented this :3
  11. yihern

    I am back.

    Welcome back! Hopefully you are well rested and recovered from your brain surgery! Enjoy your time back on the server! ^-^
  12. Oh my! Long time no see!! Hope you are excited amd enjoy the server :3
  13. Hi, I don't think that this is a bug, but how the plugin works. In order to add Slice to your other axe, you would have to buy a Black Scroll (from /ce, it looks like an ink sac) and use it on your axe with Slice. You would now receive a Slice book which you can then add to your other axe. I hope this helps. :3
  14. Not the right place to post this... If you want to appeal please do it here: https://forums.ultranetwork.net/index.php?/forms/6-ban-appeal/