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  1. We have seen a recent rise in the usage of generative AI to produce answers to the questions within the staff application, this low-effort behaviour will deem your application as non-genuine and result in a permanent blacklist from ever applying to the staff team again.

    We use a variety of methods and tools to validate the contents of every staff application to a high level of accuracy, any applications that are not genuine, plagiarized, or low effort will be immediately denied.

  2. This is intentionally not added to prevent players who have plot mines from selling permanent slots and never joining the server again, we have observed this happening quite frequently in previous seasons and it devalues the cost of plot mine slots for other players.

  3. The purpose of ranks costing more through rank upgrades exists to create incentive to purchase them directly rather than going through upgrades, it also allows for a more gradual increase through ranks over any period of time since ranks are permanent - this is a simply a sales factor and will not be adjusted, if you do not want to spend that much money on a rank upgrade because you feel it is not worth it then it is solely up to you.

    Otherwise, the points that @TickleMyPickle pretty much sum up the rest of it.

  4. Another bundle for prison, specifically with the specifications that you provided isn't something I think players would be interested in, though my primary concern is how OP this would be with such a high sell buff. The existing bundles I think are perfectly fine for now, however we will take the suggestions for creating bundles for the Skyblock server and see what we can come up with.

    Any suggestions on what sort of things would players like to see in a bundle for Skyblock are more than welcome.

  5. While monthly events are a good idea, we simply do not have the resources or time to host events and setup a whole server specifically for it every month - this is something we're definitely always interested in since it's a great way to engage with the community however it just isn't possible right now.

  6. [Update 26/03/21 17:09 GMT+0] (Final Update)

    After two weeks of downtime, we're excited to announce that UltraNetwork is back online!

    Both the Prison and Skyblock servers have been restored successfully with minimal data loss, the total duration of how far of a roll back occurred from restoring our latest backups cannot be accurately determined though it is within the range of 6-12 hours.

    Survival Server
    Whilst prison and skyblock are both back online, we're still waiting on a separate server within our host's data center to come back online in order for us to fetch the latest data for it, the survival server should be online within the next few days and we will continue to provide updates as they become available.

    We'd like to thank all of our players for sticking with us during this extreme and unfortunate event - rest assured we have been working around the clock to bring our network back online for you to enjoy and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. We apologize for the extensive delay in getting everything back online, the majority of this was out of our hands though moving forward, we are making adjustments to ensure that we never experience such a lengthy period of time offline ever again - this was our first, and last time being offline for over a week!

  7. [Update 26/03/21 12:30 GMT+0] We are pleased to finally announce that we have obtained all of our database backups and are now in the process of restoring everything as quickly as possible! All servers are expected to be back online within the next few hours, a following announcement will be made later when everything is ready to go!

  8. [Update 19/03/21 21:46 GMT+0]
    With the process of getting all the servers back online, we have received information from the data center that during the power cycling stages of all servers a lot of smoke was discovered coming from some servers, they have stopped the operation to start up servers for the day and will resume tomorrow.

    Unfortunately they did not not get around to cycling our servers on today as we were hoping, we currently have no estimation as to when our data will be accessible in order for us to bring the servers back online. At this time, we can expect the servers to be back online within this upcoming week.

    We apologize sincerely for this delay, we understand how frustrating this might be for some players and we are just as eager as you to have everything back online as soon as possible. Sadly we have no option but to wait as the backups we need to recover from our data center servers is the only copy available.

    We will continue to provide updates within this channel and on the forums as more information becomes available, we thank you kindly for your patience!

  9. [Update 19/03/21 11:13 GMT+0]
    The data center containing our server backups that we require for today's startup have begun a gradual restart of all servers and are preparing them to be restored for service, at this time we're unsure exactly at what point during today our data will become available for us to use before we launch the servers again.

    A following announcement will be posted later today with an update as soon as we have more information, we appreciate your patience.

  10. [Update 17/03/21 05:14 GMT+0] Hey players, just providing an update as to where we are with everything right now following the last update 6 days ago.

    We have just gotten in touch with the host to re-confirm our plan to have everything up and ready for the 19th of March since we're still waiting on our database backups on the offline servers. In the meantime, a temporary server was mentioned in the last post however due to complications with the new server we've received, it's currently experiencing significantly high ping and connectivity issues which has delayed the release - because it has taken too much time already, it doesn't look like the server will be ready to release before all main servers come back online however we will continue working on it in the meantime so it can be released at a later date.

    If you haven't done so already, get involved with the giveaways we're hosting in our Discord server! If you have any further questions or concerns you are more than welcome to send me a message on the forums or via Discord at any time. We hope to see you all back in-game over this weekend! 🙏

  11. [Update 11/03/21 23:11 GMT+0] We have heard back from our server host and all servers excluding the Skyblock server have been restored successfully. Whilst the servers are ready to go, we are now facing another issue.

    Every one of our servers connects to a database which stores all core player information such as ranks, statistics, player data, login details, punishment history, etc. Unfortunately it turns out that all of our databases are in a server located in the building opposite to the one that caught fire and was destroyed, as a precaution the power to the building will not be turned on until the 19th of March and as a result, the server is inaccessible along with the databases on it.

    So while all servers are ready to go, we just don't have our databases to connect them to at this time which is extremely unfortunate as we were hoping to have the server up and running by today. As a result of this, we have no choice but to delay opening the servers until the 19th of March when we regain access to our database. Rest assured however that we have been informed no data has been lost and everything should still be intact when being restored.

    Because we are looking at significant downtime for the next 8 days, we don't want to leave our players without anything to play on, we understand a lot of our players love our network and the content we provide, so we will be working on creating a temporary server as soon as possible with a new gamemode while we wait. At this time, we're unsure exactly when we'll have this temporary server up though hopefully we have more information about this tomorrow. Along with this, we will be starting giveaways shortly as a thank you to our players for your patience.

  12. 14 hours ago, Lil222 said:

    Hey skully thank you for your reply, that tag is personal my suggestion is about the same one in the store but Global.

    I don't understand what you're suggesting then? Both global and personal tags exist on the store that can already do this, with the only exception being that the cooldown is two weeks rather than 1 hour.