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  1. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Prison Server Description Because of the recent update, Some people were assuming about Amelioration being useless about liner have 30s cooldown and people thought it's a waste of tokens to spend on it So why not remaking this functionality of this enchant booster.. Instead of decreasing a block mined, how about decreasing cooldown by 0.5s per levels? So it makes this enchant booster makes a little bit better? No Amelioration - 30s cooldown Amelioration 20 - 20s cooldown I heard from the owner himself (Dead_master_121) wants to decrease cooldown of Liner so I hope this idea will make this enchant booster a little bit useful
  2. I bought /nick on /buy for RyzenKnight like 2 weeks ago and still don't get the donor rank.