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  1. The title thing its just tags in a nut Shell
  2. ImInatyJR

    Lost my MineReset

    You have to make a refund request i think to get back rank and stuff you bought last season
  3. I like to idea to check what server you’re friend is on. but it takes under 2 min to check both servers and try to find em. and i belive its a kinda party chat were u can add people to a Big group chat with people you choose to be there -ImInaty
  4. Hey GamerRic Welcome to Ultranetwork if u need any help you can message me or a staff member have a good time -ImInaty
  5. If it is a drop party i would not do that i would get the people to rename a item with the players name and get them to drop it in a hopper, and when the time is up you put all the items down in a list, and count them example: its 23 people that entered, you search up random number generator, ok so you have all the numbers ready you press randomize and for example its the number 12 the 12 player in the list gets it its fair and people won´t complain I would do this but you choose if u consider this method u can contact me if u need help @ImInaty#0424 -ImInaty
  6. ImInatyJR

    Search Up Tags

    Hey My Suggestion is that u can search up a tag if u do /tags so you don´t need to search and use alot of time searching for that one tag, so why not make a search option so it will be faster and easier -ImInaty
  7. I would recommend the «gang» to make a discord group/server -ImInaty
  8. I have bedrock ing and I would like to get it on the forums Ty -ImInaty
  9. Well as I see it you dont have paper in ur inventory and to get paper u need to put 3 sugar cane is a straight line at the bottom of the crafting box so I wont see this as a bug -ImInaty
  10. Hey And Welcome To UltraNetwork If You Need Any Help Msg me or another player (or staff) and remember to read the forum rules exited to meet you in game! -ImInaty
  11. SALES & TRADES MARKETPLACE Server: Prison Buying, selling or trading?: Trading What I am Trading: Hey Im ImInaty And Im Trading A Prison Redstone Voucher And 240m Skyblock Money For a ru diamond - emerald 16.99 usd msg me in discord (ImInaty#0424 if your interested in trading with me Have A Great Day! -ImInaty How I would like to be contacted: On discord @ImInaty#0424