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  1. and...… you need more effort in your application you should read this firt -----> before applying -ImInaty
  2. If you go on the buycraft and click on plots then you will see a 2+ Player slot for only 7.99 Usd but remember you cant gift this package so he needs to buy it himself -ImInaty
  3. I have bedrock ing and I would like to get it on the forums Ty -ImInaty
  4. Well as I see it you dont have paper in ur inventory and to get paper u need to put 3 sugar cane is a straight line at the bottom of the crafting box so I wont see this as a bug -ImInaty
  5. I came up with this idea for some time ago and it got denied so I will guess it is gonna get denied -ImInaty
  6. ImInatyJR

    Credit crate

    Hey I thought it would be a good idea to add a credit crate at sb u can get keys in voteparty or buy in /donate I dont see why not and I dont have a good reason to add it I just came up with it over night Hope u accept my suggestion! -ImInaty
  7. Lmao If u do it im maybe doing it to
  8. Hey And Welcome To UltraNetwork If You Need Any Help Msg me or another player (or staff) and remember to read the forum rules exited to meet you in game! -ImInaty
  9. I also think that the vote parties need a buff it dosent give anything to be honest. maybe key like solaireee said or something else -ImInaty
  10. I Think They should add creative so you can have World edit and bulid your own imagination and look at other people bulids and if dead and skully like what they see they can contact player that are good buliders and make em bulid for em so they don`t need to work they ass of to bulid hubs etc -ImInaty
  11. SALES & TRADES MARKETPLACE Server: Prison Buying, selling or trading?: Trading What I am Trading: Hey Im ImInaty And Im Trading A Prison Redstone Voucher And 240m Skyblock Money For a ru diamond - emerald 16.99 usd msg me in discord (ImInaty#0424 if your interested in trading with me Have A Great Day! -ImInaty How I would like to be contacted: On discord @ImInaty#0424