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  1. Developing an app shouldn't be a big issue for Skully , he could 100% make on for android because playstore accepts every app but appstore is very strict and appstore is for IOS.. so i'd think its a FAT NO
  2. then my bad i never knew they could do that , because no one has changed . please close this topic , I'm sorry.
  3. Hey skully thank you for your reply, that tag is personal my suggestion is about the same one in the store but Global.
  4. Yes ! i agree there should be a arabic chat since there is spanish and french chat! i there is alot of arabs in this server about 20 people in here are arabic and they speak arabic so this is gonna be epic if it gets added , let's hope it does .
  5. still is looks like grammar*
  6. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Prison Server Description My suggestion is: Name: Merchant Level: 50-100 What it does? : It's a very simple enchantment that I've tested in my custom server, it basically just Increases the value of blocks depending on the level. So let's say that I'm mining in a Totem Maxed Private mine or just any mine that has /items i will give my example in Totem Maxed Pmine , it does 205k each block, if my Merchant is maxed it will become 209k each block, if I'm mining in a Netherite Max Pmine (original item is 210k per block) it will become 212-215k per block depending on the level and however you want it to be set to. It's just a little simple boost of Value for people to get money easier by a bit. As you might of known I have many suggestions, I can't really announce them all at once because I have to figure out a way to present them in a professional & understandable way.
  7. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Prison Server Description My suggestion is : Name: Laser Level: 100-200 what does it do? : Every 3-5Minutes depending on the level, when the enchant commences it launches a line of particles and these particles can destroy blocks , so let's say you have Laser Level 50 it will destroy almost the whole line that your looking on probably 30-35blocks it will destroy, but if my Laser enchant is maxed out 100-200 levels whatever you prefer it will do 60-75 blocks depending on how you want to make it , I've tested this in my own custom server to see if it's good and not just a enchant that will do good , the particles are in rainbow or whatever color you prefer , tell me if you need more explanation as I do not think I explain it well without showing a video of mine testing it on my custom server.
  8. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Prison Server Description So my suggestion is basically just like Prestiges But better. Rebirths are every 150-200 Prestiges you can rebirth, when it rebirths the 200 prestiges will be forged into 1 Rebirth meaning 1 rebirth is more OP then 200-300prestige meaning you will get a better multiplier. Explanation: Let's say I Prestiged all the way to 200 I don't want to continue my prestiges and Rebirth! if i rebirth i get a additional 0.9x multiplier or a 1x (of course if it's gonna be that high of a multiplier it has to be more then 200 prestiges to be able to balance it). Now, let's say that i have 350prestiges and i did /rebirth to rebirth 1 TIME for 200prestiges i would still have the multiplier gained from the prestiges that i did + the additional prestiges added because i rebirthed, NOTE: I Know that back in the 2018's and before we had Rebirths but it was more like prestiges but named differently, so I thought why not make it better? return the old make it gold? gold meaning as in very good & helpful to get money.
  9. well yeah they can afford it otherwise there wouldn't be players with Platinum bundle & netherite rank.
  10. you should that the 0.6 multiplier is REALLY OP ... + i'd think your right large plot would be better
  11. well yeah because there is already ALOT of OP things in it that makes it overpowered, and i don't think you are even gonna use the keys.
  12. Yes, because it already is TOO OP ..
  13. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Web Store Description Well, this invention of mine could be also for All Servers, but since i can only select one, i selected the primary thing for it. This suggestion is a new bundle! a bundle better then Platinum which is the highest bundle in the Store! I think it would have a pretty good name: Palladium Palladium is better then Platinum! (Palladium is a Chemical Element found in 1802) I would make it cost about 117.99$ Or 120$ Which ever you prefer. Now what does it include? ( NOTE: These are Just My Opinions on what this bundle should include) THE PERKS 1x Ender Rank 1x Gold Rank Access To The Palladium kit 1. 350 Fortune 2. 350 Unbreaking 3. 350 Efficiency 4. 2 Months delay 1. access to the Palladium Tag 2. access to the Palladium Title 3. Permanent x0.6 Sell Buff 4. 1x Small Plot mine 5. x300 Common keys 6. x120 Legendary Keys 7. x1 Ultrav2 Key 8. x2 Command Keys 9. x3 Ultra Keys 10. x1 Tokenv2 Key
  14. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Web Store Description My suggestion is a new custom tag, Before getting in the prices (if i'm allowed to say my price opinion) This new tag hopefully it'll be a custom tag global , it's a tag that could be changed, meaning if someone bought it let's say for 11.99$ or 13.50$ some good prices of what you prefer ofcourse, they could change the tag whenever they like with a cooldown of 50m/1hour to prevent spam, the tag is basically just like any tags that we buy in the UltraNetwork Buycraft but the difference is it's only personal & it can be changed!
  15. I Completely Do not understand this suggestion. originally, after 1-3minutes you get a pop up for how much money you made, i do not understand this suggestion so i will have to say no.! SORRY!
  16. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Prison Server Description I suggest that when the Reaction happens it will be a 50% maybe math questions? 955 + 35? and 50% the normal reaction which is unscrambling words..
  17. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Prison Server Description I'm suggesting that we add a new chat for Arabs i've recently seen that there is alot of arabic people in here that understand arabic and can talk it like me and many other people of course if this gets enough support from Arabs could it be added?
  18. I Agree, this glitch should be fixed! it's important.
  19. FAT -1 BECAUSE: there is barely 3 players from indonisia + like 12 from asia.
  20. you used snow right or a white block of whatever use another block like blackstone or dirt or cobblestone
  21. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Prison Server Description Name: UN Merchant or Merchant! It's an NPC located maybe in spawn or in /warp crates ! Right click on the NPC to open a an inventory , i've attached a small png as a preview from what i did on my server to test out suggestions before requesting ! By just Hovering over the Green glass it will say "Confirm Trade Click to accept the trade" "tokens count" If you hover over on the Furnace which maybe named "The UN Merchant" It will display "The Merchant will destroy your pickaxe and forge it into tokens based on the enchantments the pickaxe contains!" Numbers should be going 10k+ to any pickaxe regarding the enchants and perks etc... By hovering over the Red Glass it will display "Decline The Trade" And in the Middle is just a decoration Glass of whatever color you want just for the design to match! How it will be maybe counted: Let's say we are putting this pickaxe "Platinum Pickaxe" This would be counted as 13k-25k depending on how many tokens you've wasted on it! maybe you wasted 30k! tokens on it you would get 27k out of it by just destroying it and making it into tokens! tokens would not be in Notes they would be redeemed automatically and added to your balance Now I'm Selling this maybe This would be sold 7k-12k Since there is no tokens wasted but it's been used and it has 300 Efficiency , Unbreaking etc.. It should be balanced! Now if we are selling a pickaxe with about 3million tokens wasted on it or more like this one This would be Destroyed and forged into 2.6-2.7Million Tokens depending on the Perk Levels and Enchants !
  22. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Prison Server Description The new Enchantment that i'm suggesting is one named by me. (didn't get any help it's my invention) Name of the Enchantment: Purity What it does: every 5-10 minutes of active mining will temporarily increase your sell multiplier depending on the level! Costs: 250 Tokens Every Level Upgrade increases the cost by 35 or 65 tokens Max Level: 100 And You need 3 pickaxe prestiges to be able to purchase this enchantment Each Level bought will increase the Temp Multiplier by 0.001 And 1Minute+
  23. +1 -Really good idea ! but if you wanna see your best reaction status do /rstats (username) ! and for the voting part i think they wouldn't add it as it's not essential!
  24. +1 It's a Really good idea..