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    Official Server Rules

    OFFICIAL RULES SECTIONS 1 - Cheats, Hacks & Modifications 2 - Respect & Attitude 3 - Advertising 4 - Account Sharing/Multiple Accounts 5 - Impersonation 6 - Inappropriate Language 7 - Inappropriate Content 8 - Spamming/Caps 9 - Scamming 10 - Lying to Staff 11 - Asking for Items 12 - Logging into Accounts 13 - PvP Rules 14 - English Only 15 - Auction House 16 - Real World Trading (RWT) 17 - Store & Purchases 18 - Aiding & Abetting 19 - Bypassing & Evading 20 - Entrapment 1.0 - Usage of any cheats, hacks, modifications, unofficial Minecraft clients and/or game launchers are strictly forbidden and should not be used on the server. 1.1 - Usage of any texture packs which fall under the category of providing a benefit to yourself over other players, such as X-Ray texture packs, are not allowed under any circumstances. 1.2 - Usage of any cheats which is the cause of a game bug, server bug, glitch or exploit for the benefit of yourself or others is forbidden. 1.3 - The following modifications are ALLOWED and are the only the official version of the specified modifications can be used: Optifine by sp614x or any similar client performance improvement modifications. Modifications which allow the enhancement of shaders, graphics, etc. but do not provide a benefit such as ESP. Modifications which display status messages of armour, active potions, etc. 1.4 - Any modification, hack, cheat or client not mentioned above is to be treated as against the rules and should not be used. 1.4.1 - Any client modifications which provide an aid in the construction or the automatic creation of any structure such as farms or buildings are not allowed. This includes but is not limited to modifications such as Schematica and Printer. 1.5 - Do not attempt to abuse or use any bugs/glitches or commands that are available when they shouldn't be, immediately report any bugs or issues found that are evidently not for usage by regular players. 1.6 - Do not attempt to 'overload' the server in any way by dropping multiple items, causing a great deal of explosions with the usage of explosions such as TNT, item frame abuse, hopper abuse, minecart spamming or any other means with the intent of doing so. 1.7 - The usage of a VPN, proxies or any other IP changing software/tools is strictly forbidden as it provides a false form of identification of user accounts and their originating IP address. IPs are used to track the number of accounts and punishment history a player has. Using public domains or IPs can also result in falsely being banned since accounts become connected under the same address. 2.0 - You must show an acceptable level of respect towards other players, maintaining yourself accordingly and not engaging in hostile conversations. Treat others how you want to be treated! Being disrespectful or harassing someone will only result in them being disrespectful back to you, whereas if you're friendly and help others, they are likely to do the same with you. 2.1 - General disrespectful and/or intolerable behaviour will not be accepted and you may be punished, this is punishable at the discretion of any staff member. 2.2 - This rule applies when in contact with staff or when speaking with staff. You must show respect to staff members and be kind as they are back to you. 2.3 - In relation to attitude and decisions, a staff member may mute, tempban or ban you and this does not mean you can go on Discord and send hate messages to them, the following rules apply for Discord and you will be banned off there as well. 2.4 - Acts such as racism, sexism, ageism, religious discussions or general discrimination is not allowed. 2.5 - General acts of trolling and/or excessive trolling can be punishable by a mute or ban at the discretion of a member of staff if they feel that the trolling being conducted is negatively influencing others or is intended to be harmful. 3.0 - Advertising any content such as servers, social media or any other external third party content not moderated nor owned by UltraNetwork is strictly prohibited and is not allowed under any circumstances. Server advertising is classed as discussing another server, a server's IP address, name and/or other credentials under the motive to advertise the server. 3.1 - Advertising and/or discussing any server that is not owned, run or moderated by UltraNetwork is against the rules and you will be immediately banned. Advertising falls under the category of saying a server name with the intention of wanting the players to join the server stated, or using it in context. 3.2 - Private Messaging other players or sending them advertisements is also bannable, however discussing a server that you play on with someone else who already knows about the server is allowed, though must be strictly over private messages. 3.3 - Regardless if the server IP address, domain or information being given is false, incorrect or correct, the rules still apply as we cannot distinguish between legible or false advertising information. 4.0 - Account sharing is not allowed, this is when you give your account details to a friend or someone else to allow them to play on your account. It is strictly against the rules. 4.1 - The act of selling, trading or giving away your account is prohibited and is not allowed under any circumstances. The original creator of an account must be the only person at any given time who has primary access to use their account. 4.2 - In the event an account is banned whilst they have other accounts which exist under the same IP, ALL ACCOUNTS under the address will also be banned as we cannot determine if the player being banned owns the other accounts or not. 4.3 - Giving temporary access of your account to another player for assistance, personal gain or any other reason is not allowed and not a justified reason. In the event your account is punished whilst you share accounts, your account will retain that punishment as you are responsible for your own account and its actions. 4.4 - This rule is specific to the Prison and Survival servers only: Creating multiple accounts in order to gain the benefits of assets/perks given to new accounts such as the starter tokens, money, keys or boosts is forbidden, including the act of transferring such benefits from the new account over to an alternative account. 4.4.1 - Specifically to the Survival server, you may not use an alternate account for reasons that would personally benefit your main account, or other members of your main account's land. Your alternate account cannot be in the same land as any other account you own. Your alternate account cannot claim land near and/or trade/give items to any other account you own. 5.0 - Impersonating another player is not allowed, this is when someone pretends to be someone else, when they are not. 5.1 - Impersonating a staff member is not allowed and is bannable, saying you are a staff member when you are not is considered staff impersonation. 5.2 - This rule extends to either using another player and/or staff member's account name/username as your own in any manner. 6.0 - Usage of offensive, inappropriate words, strong language or profane words is not allowed. This includes cursing at someone else or generally saying curse words. 6.1 - Cursing or being inappropriate to someone else is not allowed. 6.2 - Attempting to bypass any in-game server filters such as anti-spam, swearing or flood filters is not allowed. 6.3 - The usage of strong language and discussing controversial topics may be held in non-public chat channels such as private messages, gang chat, plot chat, ally chat, etc. under the circumstances that all players that the messages will be visible to consent to being involved in receiving such messages. This does not approve nor exclude the rule regarding harassment or directing inappropriate comments towards other players. 6.4 - The discussion or making references to content related to gambling, sex. drugs, suicide, self-harm, obscene gore, religion or other adult content is strictly prohibited and not allowed under any circumstances in any chat channel. 7.0 - Usage of inappropriate skins or capes that display gore or obscene content is not allowed. 7.1 - Your username or Minecraft display name may not contain any curse words, abbreviations of curse words, controversial content, religious statements or any alterations/innuendos of such content. 7.2 - Displaying or creating inappropriate content on your plot or anywhere else is prohibited. 8.0 - Spamming the chat, repeating your message multiple times or saying the same thing over and over again is not allowed. 8.1 - The usage of capital letters in 80% or more of your message more than once every so often is not allowed. Using it once every now and then for short messages is fine as long as it isn't spamming. 8.2 - Sending the same message or a message that is similar to the last is against the rules. Saying something the same any more than 2 times is considered spamming. 8.3 - The usage of [item] to display your current held item within the chat also falls under the rules of spamming at section 8.0 and all subsections. 9.0 - Scamming is strictly forbidden under any circumstances. This is when someone gives you something in expectation that you will give it back but you don't. 9.1 - Scamming someone during a trade for content, items and such is not allowed. You must give over exactly what you originally agreed upon. It is best if you screenshot the agreement so if you are scammed by a player, you may report them. 9.2 - Giving out items to other players will not be refunded under any circumstances. It is your responsibility to ensure the person you are given items to will return them to you. If the player logs out, is banned and/or any other outcomes, we will not be issuing a refund of the item lost. 9.2.1 - RWT (Real World Trading) items with other players is unmoderated and not covered by scamming rules. Though it is highly discouraged, if you purchase something from another player in exchange for something in-game, we cannot assist you if they scam you. It is up to you to trade respectively with someone you trust. 9.3 - The act of renting, loaning or temporarily giving another player any item is done at the discretion of the player who is giving the item and is not covered by the refund request policies. If a player does not return an item that was given to them under terms of temporarily possession such as renting/loaning, it will not be refunded to the player who owns the item. 10.0 - Lying to staff members is a severe offence and is not allowed. If you are asked about anything at all, you are expected to tell the truth otherwise you will be punished. 10.1 - Lying to other players is somewhat allowed if it is in relations to saying you have an item that you don't - however lying and saying that you are someone that you are not for example is a severe lie, and is not allowed. 11.0 - Do not ask other players or members of staff for items, in the manner of requesting them for free or for no exchange. Asking for any items, tokens, enchants, etc. is against the rules. 11.1 - Do not ask for a staff rank, or ask staff for any items. 12.0 - Do not log into another players account or attempt to, which you do not have permission to log into nor own. 12.1 - Do not attempt to log into the account of a staff member if you are not the staff member or the owner of the account. 13.0 - The usage of pets, cosmetics or any content that is purely for entertainment/not made for the purpose of PvP should not be used in PvP areas. 13.1 - 'Border PVP' which is the act of standing at the border where PvP is enabled and attacking players inside of PvP through the means of projectiles or any other manner is prohibited. 13.1.1 - Additionally, constantly standing at the border with no intention to enter PvP can also result in punishments. 14.0 - English is the only language which may be spoken in the main chat. For any other languages, you must private message the other player you would like to speak to within your own language. 14.1 - If you are speaking Spanish, you may do so in the spanish (/sc) chat. 14.2 - If you are speaking French, you may do so in the french (/fc) chat. 15.0 - Adding items to the auction house (/ah) that are not directly for sale and are added with the intention of displaying personal messages, advertisements or any other form that does not display intent of sale will be removed from the auction house. Constantly violating this rule can result in punishment. 15.1 - Attempting to scam through the auction house with items is not allowed and results in the same punishments as player scamming. 16.0 - Being involved with the RWT (Real world trading) sales or the purchasing of any of the given content below for real world currency in terms where the currency will be used for personal gain is prohibited and can result in a ban from the server. (Web store in this context refers to the UltraNetwork store.) 16.1 - Any content from the official web store should not be purchased with real currency anywhere else other than the official web store itself. This is to prevent any fluctuation in price within the store content. 16.2 - Purchasing money ($) from other players, or any source, is strictly prohibited and not allowed to prevent affecting the economy in a negative manner. 16.3 - RWT is allowed in exceptions where the real world currency obtained is not being used for personal gain, but rather will be used for a purchase on the UltraNetwork store. 17.0 - Any purchase and/or donation made from the UltraNetwork store fall under our donation and purchase guidelines, rules and regulations as outlined below. Upon purchasing from our store, you are automatically agreeing to the terms and conditions prior to checkout. 17.1 - Any and all purchases made on the UltraNetwork store are non-refundable and it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that their purchase is correct and they are fully willing to proceed with the purchase prior to doing so. 17.2 - As agreed upon prior to checkout, attempting to pursue, undergoing or following through with a chargeback, or any other means of attempting to regain the funds for a purchase will result in a permanent ban. 17.3 - As outlined in the Plot Mines section of the store, purchasing plot mine slots may only be completed by the owner of the plot mine. This is to prevent plot mines from becoming devalued. UltraNetwork holds all rights to void a purchase for slots if it is discovered the purchase was not genuine or not made by the owner of the mine. 18.0 - Aiding and abetting is hereby defined as the act of aiding, helping and/or assisting someone else to violate the server rules. 18.1 - Any player who aids, assists, tells/asks another player to and/or helps another player in breaking any of the server rules as listed on this page are equally liable to receiving the same punishment. 18.2 - In the event a player obtains the knowledge and knowing facts that another player is breaking the server rules, they are required to report the information to a member of staff. Failing to do so within a reasonable time frame will result in punishment. 19.0 - Attempting to bypass and/or evade any of the server rules or punishments that are issued to you is strictly prohibited. 19.1 - In the event you are banned from the server, you may not join the server again on a different account, under a different IP address and/or through any other means, this will result in an immediate permanent ban. 19.2 - In the event you are muted, you may not attempt to communicate with other players through other means such as signs, books, etc. 19.3 - In the event you are muted or banned, you may not use Discord to Server chats to communicate with other players, doing so is seen as evading and will result in severe punishment. 20.0 - Entrapment is the act of inciting, persuading or inducing another player into violating a server rule that the player would not have originally broken and/or would be unlikely to violate. 20.1 - Attempting to or following through with entrapment on another member of the community to violate any of the community regulations is equally as punishable as the original offence, doing so can result in punishment. All server rules displayed above are immediately in effect across all UltraNetwork Platforms. The server rules may be changed, adjusted, edited or formatted in any way at any given time without prior notice. All players are expected to abide by the server rules at all times - failure to do so will result in moderator/administrative punishment. By playing at UltraNetwork, you automatically agree to follow and abide by our server rules. It is your responsibility to know all of the server rules at all times. Excuses such as "I didn't know it was a rule" will not be tolerated and you will be punished for violating any section or subsection of the rules above. © UltraNetwork 2020 Last updated on the 2nd of October, 2020 Reason: Added clarification to rule 4.4.
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    How to convert a image into a schematic. Requirements: Schematica Lunatruiscore *I WILL EXPLAIN HOW TO SET THEM UP* Schematica Tutorial. First of we need to install Forge client. You can download the version we will be using here Once it is done downloading run it. Then make sure that install client is selected. Then if it is press ok. It will install the client into your minecraft folder ( Should take about 1 - 5 min) After it is done we can start installing the mods we need. First we need Lunatruiscore to run schematica you can download the jar file here After it is done go to were you downloaded it which should be custom or defaulted to Downloads Once you have located it right click on it and select cut then go to your search bar in file explorer and type %appdata% (as shown in the picture below ) Once you did this press enter. Then look for the .minecraft file Open it and look for the mods folder if you dont have one make a folder called mods. Then open the folder and clear anything inside of it if its empty then ignore this step. Once done you can right click and click paste. Now that we have the core we need to install schematica. You can find it here Once downloaded repeat the steps that we took to install the core COPY>%appdata>.minecraft>mods>PASTE This is all you need to use schematica all you need to do now is in your client settings go to installations make new one and choose forge as the version. To learn how to use schematica go watch this ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now if you want to convert a picture into a schematic file you can follow the tutorial: Go to https://minecraftart.netlify.app/editor and open the picture then configure the art properties. Once done click on save and then save as. After that take the schematic file and right click on it then select cut then go to your .minecraft directory ( %appdata% ) For the following folder to appear you must launch schematica once. Do this by lunching your forge client like shown in the previous tutorial. Once you did that go back to your .minecraft file and look for the folder called schematics Open it and right click and select paste. Now you can open your forge client in minecraft and go to Options>Controlls>Scroll Down until you see schematica> Then change the load schematic and Manipulate schematic keys to your own liking> Then press the load schematic keybind in a server or ballplayer word and load the one you want> Once loaded you can open its options by pressing the manipulate schematic key. IF THIS HELPED YOU PLEASE LEAVE A NICE COMMENT. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    Survival Server - Lands Guide

    Lands - A Complete Guide COMMON QUESTIONS Q: How do I view all commands related to lands? A: /land help Q: How many chunks am I able to claim? A: By default, you are able to claim 4 chunks when you first join. For every hour you play, you will obtain the ability to claim +1 chunk, up to a maximum of 10 chunks. These chunk counts can be increased by donating and obtaining a rank. Q: How can I join my friend's land/invite my friend to my land? A: You can use /land trust [Player] to add someone to your land, to accept an invite from your friend, use /land invites. Q: How many chunks do I support my land owner with if I join their land? A: By default, you provide 2 additional chunk claims to the land you are in, this limited can be raised by donating and obtaining a rank. Q: How many members can I have in my land? A: By default, you can have up to 5 members within your land, this limit can be raised by obtaining a rank. Q: How do I remove a member from my land? A: Use /land untrust [Player] to remove a member, or /land ban [Player] to completely ban them. Q: How do I speak in my land chat? A: Use /land chat [Message] to send a message in the chat, or you can toggle it on/off with /land chat toggle. Q: Is there a shorter command for lands? A: Yes, you can use either /land, /lands or simply /l. Q: How do I set my land's spawn and teleport to it? A: Use /land setspawn to set the spawn position of your land, you can only set this within your claimed areas, use /land spawn to teleport to the land's spawn. Q: How can I view lands nearby? A: You can display a map of all lands near you using /land map, or use /land view to enable land view - this will display a border of barrier blocks of all lands. Q: How do I declare war against another land? A: /war declare [Land], note that this must be the land name, not the name of the player who owns the land. Q: How do I open the war menu? A: /war, this menu can only be used if you are currently in war. Q: How do I surrender in war? A: Open the /war menu, and right click on the Golden Ingot icon. Q: How do I deposit money into my land's bank? A: You can use /land deposit [Amount] to place money into the bank, and /land withdraw [Amount] to remove. Q: I have a question regarding lands that isn't listed here! A: Use /ticket [Message] in-game to ask any support questions, or feel free to join our Discord server and ask an owner there!
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    Survival Server - Lands Guide

    Lands - A Complete Guide Protection, Claiming, Roles, Areas, Wars & More! Skip to F.A.Q The Lands feature within survival allows you to claim land within the world and protect it from other players! Survival multiplayer is primarily all about teamwork, and with the help of the Lands you can completely customize your own land by adjusting your land settings, create custom roles and setup individual permissions per role, invite and manage members, communicate with your friends via land chat, create multiple sub-areas within your land and assign it to specific players, and a ton of other awesome capabilities! This topic overviews all of these features and how you can make the most of them, please read this thread before going on to ask staff members for any questions or assistance. Land Creation & Management (/land help) To begin claiming, you need to first create your land. You can do this using the /land create [Name] command. The name you provide will be the name of your land - don't worry if you're unsure what to call it, you can always rename it later! Once your Land has been created, you can begin customizing it with the /land menu. This will be the primary interface where you manage anything and everything related to your lands, members and areas. Claiming Land You've created your land, great! Now to claim some space so you can begin building up your empire! Land claiming can be done in two ways: Automatic Chunk Claim Claiming Tool Automatic Chunk Claim You can use the /claim command to quickly and easily claim the chunk you are currently standing in. A chunk is a 16x16 block square that Minecraft uses across the world, you can press the keys F3 + G to enable the ability to see chunk borders, this allows you to see an outline of all the chunks nearby. When you make a claim, you will notice red barrier blocks will become visible in your current chunk - this is now your land! NOTE: These barriers are not actually there and only are visible to you and others that have enabled /land view. Claiming Tool Upon joining the server, you will have received a Claim Tool (Golden Shovel). You can obtain this again at any time should you happen to lose it, using the /kit claimtool command. If you prefer to claim a specific area rather than a whole chunk, you can use the claim tool to make a selection. In order to do so, simply left click with the shovel on a block where you want the first corner to be, and right click in the opposite corner of the area. Once you do so, use /claim to claim the land, and you'll see a similar border of barriers appear. Keep in mind that you must be at least 2 chunks away from other lands in order to make a claim, to view nearby lands you can enable /land view to see a barrier border of all lands, or get a map in your chat using /land map. Creating & Claiming Sub-Areas A sub-area is a specific selection within your already claimed land, sort of like a land-in-land! You can create a subarea in the /land menu by navigating to Areas and then clicking on Create Area, a small green plus icon. You will then be asked to provide a name for this area, you can do so by then inputting the name you want to use in chat. (Spaces are not allowed in area names!) Once you create the area, it will require setup. This means it hasn't been assigned to a selection within your land yet. This can be done by making a selection using either your claiming tool or /land selection, once you choose both corners of where your want your subarea to be, use /land selection assign [Sub-Area], this will assign your selection to the subarea you made. Areas are extremely useful for cases where you have multiple members within your land, and you want to create specific permissions to close off a specific part of the land to certain members or just yourself. You can then also set up permissions so that only a selected role can open and close doors, open chests, etc. Roles By default, there are four roles in every land upon creation: Owner This role is given to the land owner and cannot be deleted. It has all of the permissions required to do everything related to management within the land, such as claiming, setting up permissions, areas and roles. The owner can can create more new roles and adjust them accordingly as well. Admin The admin role is a base role you can give out to trusted members of your land. You can set this role up to have semi-management capabilities if you like, such as being able to claim land on the owners behalf, or invite other members. Member The member role is the base role which is given to a member when they are first trusted into a land. Whatever permissions you setup here will apply to all new members. Visitor This role is assigned to anyone who enters your claims though isn't a part of your land and are not a member. You can adjust the default permissions of what visitors can and cannot do when they enter, such as being able to open containers, break blocks, etc. Adjust this role carefully! It is recommended you do not give this role the ability to break or place blocks as this can result to griefing. Inviting Members To add someone to your land once you have created it, use /trust [Player] (Area), if you specify an area, then the player will also be added to that area. To remove a member, use /untrust [Player], or to ban someone entirely from your area, you can use /land ban [Player] (Area). Wars (/war help) A great way to experience PvP in survival is to initiate wars! This allows you to go into battle against other lands, which can either simply be for the experience of PvP, or money! To initiate a war, both of the lands involved must agree to do so. You can declare war against a land using /war declare [Land], this will send a request to the specified land to either accept or deny. Before declaring war, you can choose to offer a tribute to whoever wins in the war, this can be done in the initial war declaration interface which appears when you declare war against another land. If you'd rather just declare war for the battle, you can choose not to add a one and simply send the request. Once the request is sent, the opposing land will receive it and can choose to accept or deny it - this means players cannot randomly declare war against anyone, it must be a mutual agreement to go to war! When the opposing land accepts, the war is then created and starts officially after a two minute cooldown. A war lasts 48 hours from the time that it was accepted, however it can be ended earlier if either land surrenders. The land who initiated and sent the original war declaration is referred to as the Attackers, and the land who received the request are referred to as the Defenders. Winning A War A war can be won by having the most kills before the war ends, you can see how much time is remaining in a war using the /war menu. Once a war has started, you are given a few extra permissions on the opposite land, such as being able to enter even if they normally don't allow it, and the ability to attack players in their land. Use this to your advantage against the enemy land and make sure you prepare for this yourself beforehand! A good idea is to build up some fortifications and set your spawn positions to places that are safe and away from the enemy so they cannot instantly kill you. (/pvp can still be disabled!) You are also granted the special permission to place scaffolding within the opposing land in order to avoid traps and climb over obstacles, remember to prepare for this too within your land! Enclose off areas so that the enemy cannot get into buildings and areas you don't want them to - don't worry, neither land is allowed to interact with containers, doors, trap doors, etc. Once the war comes to an end, the land with the most kills is crowned the winner and receives the war tribute, if one was set. You can also win if the enemy land decides to surrender. War Shields War shields prevent lands from being able to declare war on others, and other lands from declaring war against you. When you first create your land, you are given a war shield of 3 hours. After a war ends, you are given a shield of 12 hours, unless you surrendered in which case the shield is 1 day.
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    Hi there! I'm here to assist and give out some information to anyone who has previously applied to be a member of staff at UltraNetwork, or anyone who is interested. Being a part of our staff team is greatly rewarding, especially for those who strive to help others. The UltraNetwork Staff Team As the manager of the staff team, it's my job to ensure that we induct people with a genuine interest in helping other players, people who have a clean history and those who are known within the server for being generous and simply a down to earth person. There's a lot of things that go into play when a staff member is being chosen, to this date we have received over fourty thousand applications, and less than thirty players have ever been accepted. We hold one of the highest standards you'll come across in any server and this is simply to ensure we provide the best experience for our players. At any given time, you can view who is in the staff team by checking the Staff Roster. (This is also available to visit from the navigation bar above the forums.) Joining The Team - Minimum Requirements Step one comes with getting passed the initial review, this consists of making sure you meet the initial application requirements, these are visible at the top of the application form itself though a lot of people seem to completely ignore them. Half of the applications we receive don't even meet the minimum requirements and immediately get denied. You MUST meet the following requirements in order to become a staff member: You must be 13 years of age, or older. You must be fluent in English. You must have a minimum of 48 hours played on the server. (Check your play time with /pt) You must have not been banned from the server within the last six months. You must be an active player. You must have experience on the server. You must be willing to use Discord. You must have a relatively clean punishment history. You must be present in our Discord server. Do you meet all the requirements? Good! Let's proceed. Joining The Team - Application Tips Question Responses The next part is to ensure your application is actually something that we'll want to read. We receive roughly five applications every day, so you need to do your best to ensure YOUR application strands out. Avoid writing generic sentences such as: "I want to join the team to help players" or "I am good at finding hackers". A more appropriate approach would be: "I strive to assist other players and gain personal motivation and a sense of achievement from helping and teaching newcomers." With a sentence like the one above, you've already demonstrated you're passionate about genuinely helping players and teaching new members in the community. When talking about your previous experience, it's important to mention your role in any other server you've moderated for, how long you were a part of the team and why you left. Evidence of being a part of a team is also quite strong to prove that you do in fact have previous moderation experience. Be sure to provide detailed answers with a good usage of grammar and punctuation to demonstrate your level of English! Providing a simple one sentence answer to a question on a staff application and is the primary reason why a large number of applications are denied - if you aren't willing to sit and answer a question with detail and good explanation, then you probably aren't right to be joining a staff team where you will be tasked with helping players daily. Situational Questions There are questions on the application which look for your input and opinions as to how you would resolve a few situations. Be honest and respond to them with your personal opinion! There is no wrong answer, we aim to find out how you think in certain situations and what sort of approach you take as a person to resolve conflict. Grammar & Language It's extremely important that you can demonstrate you have a basic understanding of the English language, along with grammar. This means putting full stops and commas where they belong. If you don't know what any of this means then I'm sorry to say you're probably not old enough to apply - you should probably get off Minecraft and go study for English class. Lacking grammar and showing broken English or incorrect sentence structures can result in denial because we require members who have the basic ability to communicate effectively and clearly, this comes especially important in a support and assistance environment like being a staff member since you'll be constantly answering questions. Activity Within Server We always look for key members who we know from the server, players who's names pop up in the chat every now and then. A plus if you're frequently helping players who have questions, this helps you stand out alot more. If you think being helpful only when a owner is online to slip past this will help you, it won't. We're online a lot of the time, and primarily invisible to online players, especially myself. Asking About Your Application It is crucially important that you don't do this. You may be curious regarding the status of it, and this is normal but with the tons of applications received on a daily basis, we don't want to constantly check people's applications whenever they ask us. No matter how good your application may be, if you ask about it - we'll probably deny you since it displays your lacking patience. Applications are always reviewed, just be patient. In rare cases, applications may be left unreviewed for a week, though this only occurs in the event that we receive a large amount of them at once. Joining The Team - Background Check Your application itself is only the start of the process. If you get passed the basic application and we like what we see, the background check begins. This consists of the following: A basic check to ensure your application isn't copied from somewhere else. If we find your application is copy/pasted then you will be permanently denied from ever applying again so think twice. We double check to ensure the information in your application is true. This means a check of your actual play time, and player history. If you have been banned before then you have a lower chance of being accepted though this depends entirely on how many bans you have and how long ago they were issued. We run logs on your recent and previous chat history to see what kind of a player you are, and what kind of interactions you uphold with other players - do you come out as helpful, do you talk a lot and do you use a decent level of English? The applicant is voted on internally by management and further reviewed by administrators and moderators if additional opinions are required - we get feedback from our current active staff members to tell us what they know about you. (Another reason why you should be nice and compliant to our staff. ) A final review to ensure all information provided and votes are genuine. At any point within this application if there are mismatches or any questions we may have, you may be asked to conduct an interview over Discord. A interview is extremely rare though if it occurs, you'll be asked basic questions regarding your application and about yourself. This can be done over text or voice depending on whatever you're comfortable with. That's it! You have all the tips and advice you need in order to successfully join the staff team! If you follow these instructions accordingly in your next staff application, you should see yourself being a part of the Helper Team in no time. You can apply to join the staff team here - https://forums.ultranetwork.net/index.php?/forms/1-staff-application/ If you have any questions at any time, feel free to comment below and I'll get back to you.
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    Just to let you know that, this thing before already happened by using the owner name of DeadMaster and Skully. So the owners announced and warned everyone about this situation and they gave their Discord ID in order for them to let everyone know. Now this person, again, now trying to impersonate Admin, @Wiktionary. (Just tagging you to let you know) I know Wiktionary's Discord ID is Kriss#6240 If you got messaged by someone telling you that you got hacked and asked for your current password, do not give out your password.
  7. 3 points

    [Prison Server] New setting

    SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Prison Server Description You can disable notifications of what you get in crates so it does not spam your chat while opening crate keys it would be in /prefs to disable/enable for example: if you get 5 legendary keys from a mythical crate it wont show up in chat if you have it enabled in /prefs
  8. 3 points
    very nice idea elon musk has something to learn right there!
  9. 3 points

    Hello world :D

    Hello! My name is SpringtimeGames and i am a builder in minecraft, i also love playing other games like Dead by daylight, Subnautica, Trove, Strardew valley, Roblox and some more. I live in Europe and my favourite animals are Cats. I dont know what else to say, sooo... yeah... im just going to leave it like that.
  10. 3 points

    Prison Server Reset & Major Updates

    SERVER UPDATE Hey there, chief! It's been an awfully long time since we've released a large update and the primary reason for this is simply due to the heavy shift of focus towards the Prison Server and completely overhauling the existing functionalities that exist. This involved stripping down a lot of the main features in order to remake them again more efficiently. The primary focus this time around is around optimization. We understand that the Prison server can experience periods of extremely low TPS, at some stages where it becomes unbearable. We're hoping that the issue is no more with this update, along with a ton of new features for you guys to try out! There have also been adjustments to our Core UltraNetwork plugins which are global across all servers so you may see a few changes in the Skyblock server as well. Plot Mines In order to clarify the usage of Plot Mines, slots and the rules behind their usage, we have created official Plot Mine Guidelines which must now be followed at all times. This is to prevent misuse and abuse of Plot Mines. Previously we had seen a number of players violating plot slots by removing players too quickly after making an agreement to keep them, or adding more members than they have slots. To resolve this issue, we have implemented a automated slot management system which now handles Plot Mine slot management. Along with this, the ability to create Plot Mines has been automated for us owners, we can now create mines at a rapid pace without the need to enter a ton of commands manually as we did previously - this should significantly increase the delivery of your plot mines! Prison Server Chat The chat on the prison server has always been difficult to read due to the excessive number of information and details output, especially with player chatting. This has been cleaned up significantly in order to make readability a lot easier. We have removed unnecessary information such as a player's prestige, such information can now be found by hovering over a player's name in the chat. Another major factor which makes the chat extremely difficult to read are tags, specifically custom tags which are purchased through the store. We have now introduced Custom Tag Guidelines, a set of rules which must be followed by all tags in order to ensure they aren't excessive. Changes Affecting All Servers General Changes Added support for versions 1.15 and 1.15.1! Language Support Added support for Spanish and French. Added French Chat. The server will determine what language the server is for you by your Minecraft client language. More messages/titles are planned to be translated in the future - If you notice any mistakes, we encourage you to create a bug report to help us resolve it! Pay Command Changes Confirming payment changes: Will no longer be server-wide. Will now require you to re-enter the amount you want to pay. Prompt timer added! (10 seconds) Decimals/Commas are now supported. Confirmation message is now easier to distinguish in the chat. Custom Bind Changes Improved custom bind system, this will require all players to add their custom bind again. Will now ignore "/" if it is input into the interface. Removed the "1.9" warning as it is now unnecessary. ChatColor Changes Improved chat colour storage data system, this will requires all players to activate their chat colour again. Removed the dark blue chat color. Bug Fixes /head command now works as intended. Paper will no longer disappear if you open a chest whilst holding it. Fixed an issue where players with more than 6 hours of play time couldn't enter PvP. Fixed /rstats showing incorrect information. Fixed an issue where players could not use the white chat color. Fixed a variety of issues with Staff Chat not working. Prison Server General Changes Introduction Tutorial (New!) When joining the server for the first time, players are given a quick tutorial on the basics of Prison, Plots, Crates, mining and the usage of a few starter commands. Completely multilingual, supports English, Spanish and French players! Pickaxe Levels (New!) Added pickaxe levels! Each pickaxe now has a level associated with it. Pickaxes can be leveled up to a maximum of 100. Pickaxe levels increase for every 1,000 blocks mined with the pickaxe. After every 10th pickaxe level, the reward set changes. AutoMiners (New!) Added auto mining, entering the designated auto mining area will automatically start mining with the pickaxe you have in hand. In order to enter auto mining areas, you need to have auto mining time which is awarded from voting. (More methods of obtaining automining time will be introduced shortly!) When auto mining, the enchants of your pickaxe are taken into consideration and you are awarded respectively. For example, if you have LuckyMining you will also be given tokens as you automatically mine. Mine Resetting (New!) Added the ability to reset a mine with /minereset whilst inside of the mine! Every mine has a cooldown for resetting, currently set at 60 seconds. Custom Titles (New!) Introduced a new customization option, player titles! Unlock a set of unique titles which you can equip in the /titles menu, titles appear above your player's head just below your name! Crate Changes Rehauled crate rewards completely, remade to be more suitable. Adjust crates design, visit /warp crates to view! Added bulk-opening keys which can be done by Shift+Right Clicking the crate. Bulk keys won't activate if the crate that you open has an animation. Plot Mine Changes Plot Mine slots have been automated, use /pmine for Plot Mine commands. Adjust your plot mine slots or view commands using /plotmine slots /plot trust and /plot add will bring up the plot mine slots menu. Plot Mines can now be created automatically by owners without the need of manual region selection, etc. Removed the ability to /p clear plot mines. Removed the ability to /p merge plot mines. Removed the ability to /p dispose plot mines. Kit Changes Completely overhauled all kits and remade to be more suitable. Kits no longer contain a bow or an enchanted golden apple. Token Changes Completely overhauled and remade token system! Excavation: Breaking blocks that are at the top row of the mine will apply a three-second cooldown for your enchant to work on the row, the enchant will still function in other directions. Added more logic to every excavation level, block breaking is more accurate. Reduced the cost to 30,000 tokens. Increased maximum level to 5! Requires a pickaxe level of 15 in order to enchant. LuckyMining: Adjusted the amount of tokens obtained per level to be random instead of the same amount. Adjusted the maximum level to 20. Added automatic summary which displays how many tokens you have earned with LuckyMining every 30 seconds. LuckyMining will no longer give tokens for each block exploded; instead, only for the blocks the player breaks. Sphered: Fixed issues with the enchant causing it to function in an unintended manner. Adjusted the maximum level to 1. Increase the cost to 15,000 tokens. Requires a pickaxe level of 10 in order to enchant. Speed: Increase the maximum level to 4. Drill: (New!) Creates an explosion in a straight line, the length of the explosion is determined by the enchantment level applied to the pickaxe. Requires a pickaxe level of 5 in order to enchant. Experience: Added incremental cost system, the cost of the enchant now multiplies by your current level. Notice: All enchantments may be adjusted at any given time throughout the season in order to make adjustments to further improve and balance gameplay, along with introducing new enchants later on. Tokens Menu Changes New interface design. The interface can now only be opened if you are holding a pickaxe. You can now quickly open up the menu by right-clicking your pickaxe whilst holding it. Added support for Token Enchants to be priced on an incremental basis; the higher your enchant level, the higher the next level upgrade will cost. Currently, this only affects the following: Speed | Level 1 > 4 now costs a total of 1,000 tokens. Experience | Level 1 > 3 now costs a total of 19,000 tokens. LuckyMining | Level 1 > 20 now costs a total of 52,500 /te pay command will now function as intended. You can now get information about enchants u using /te enchantinfo [enchantName] Removed the enchant Explosive. Removed the enchant GemMining. Removed the enchant Soulbound. Leaderboards Completely overhauled the system and remade in a more optimized manner. Added Top Tokens, Top Kills, Top Prestige & Top Mined. More leaderboards will be added in the future. Weekly (and possibly daily!) leaderboards are planned to be added near the start of January 2020! Other Changes (Miscellaneous) You will now be notified when you have a full inventory To prevent chat spam, the notification & sound will have a 3-second delay. Voteparty changes: Will now indicate if it is starting on the scoreboard Once there are 10 votes left till the voteparty begins, a message will be broadcasted Pickaxes: Adjusted lore, looks cleaner and displays only required information. Prestige: Cleaned up all output messages to be more descriptive. Prestige: /prestige now displays the amount required to prestige if you don't meet the balance requirement and execute the command. Multipliers: Added boss bar display with dynamic progress bar showing current global multiplier. Plots: Completely remade plot system. Plots: /plot info now displays only the required information. Ranking up several times within 3 seconds will now send a reminder about /rankupmax Ranking up will no longer teleport you directly to the mine. Adjusted all chat messages to be more consistent and follow the same structure and coloring scheme. Red messages for errors/warnings. Green for success messages. White for informational messages. Light blue for specific values or details and headings. Bug Fixes You can no longer [item] items that may cause issues to other players. Chat Colors will no longer reset on the second line of a players' message. (If a message is two lines long) Fixed an issue with balance inputs not taking capital letters. (1B, 50T, 1Q, etc.) Fixed an issue with balance inputs not taking decimal values. (1.2B, 50.2T, etc.) Removals Gems: Upgrade feature has been merged with tokens, the perks will be introduced later as 'Pickaxe Perks'. Mining Rewards: The new pickaxe system will handle the rewards. Preferences: To be remade and returned in the future as 'Settings'. Quests: To be remade, improved and returned in the future as 'Missions/Objectives'. Vouchers: Kit Vouchers, Command Vouchers. A lot more features were removed and some are planned to be re-made in the future. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below and we'll do our best to assist. Thanks for playing at UltraNetwork, we hope you enjoy the update!
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    Hi! I'm Land_n.

    Hi hello, since I never really made a proper one of these I found right around now an okay time to make one of these since I'm pretty bored. So hi! I'm Landon I'm a 4th child and I live in the Netherlands, I've had my fair share of experience with UN I primarily like to play skyblock as I like to build stuff I am currently Bedrock rank. Most people I liked just quit or got banned heres a list with some of them: Serana_xo Darrel DerpsDer koukou FireySkeleton thepinkpig4 I also have a few people I like to talk to such as: WindowsDeveloper Autreous Luna_Rose99 Stefaneli Cactusman12 johnnyplaysmc Michaeltepper and Zalverine. That's pretty much me, I don't play alot of UN but I still come online from time to time oh well I may see you on UN some day! If you see me say Hi Land_n!
  12. 3 points

    Monthly Top Voters

    MONTHLY TOP VOTERS Every month, we reward the top voters across each server as a thank you. It's simple to get involved in these rewards by going in-game to the server of your preference and doing /vote! You'll be issued your regular reward for voting but those who go above and beyond with dedication to voting for us regularly will be given higher tier rewards such as server ranks! To see this month's current top votes so far, you can use /votetop, your own personal vote count for the month is also shown in /vote. MONTHLY REWARDS Check out what you can win each month by simply voting for the server! The monthly rewards may be subject to change any time to be improved. It's possible to win twice in the same month on both servers, however you can choose which server your reward is issued on. THIS MONTH'S REWARDS #1 TOP VOTER Gold Rank Voucher #2 TOP VOTER Iron Rank Voucher #3 TOP VOTER Coal Rank Voucher
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    SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Prison Server Description I suggest to add Indonesia Chat (IS), cause half of UltraNetwork there is a Indonesia player. So, i suggest to add IS chat. And Can you give me UltraNetwork profile? Like Skully's Status. Thank you !
  14. 2 points
    SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Prison Server Description The new Enchantment that i'm suggesting is one named by me. (didn't get any help it's my invention) Name of the Enchantment: Purity What it does: every 5-10 minutes of active mining will temporarily increase your sell multiplier depending on the level! Costs: 250 Tokens Every Level Upgrade increases the cost by 35 or 65 tokens Max Level: 100 And You need 3 pickaxe prestiges to be able to purchase this enchantment Each Level bought will increase the Temp Multiplier by 0.001 And 1Minute+
  15. 2 points
    I would make it a Perk and like lvl max 30.The price from 75k-150k since increasing the multiplier is still op and maybe maybe make it activate like every for every 5min -> 1min 30 sec boost for like a +0.3 pick multi since if it costs over 1m tokens to max Overall really good idea
  16. 2 points

    [Skyblock Server] More minions

    SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Skyblock Server Description The server has a miner minion but i think they should add more minions like collector minion. A collector minion is like choppers but is more useful and easier to use. Alot of people like the new chopper system and alot dont so you should add both I made a video using a minion plugin (dont have to use this plugin) to show a little of what i mean You can make it upgrade able with books or with money (each level the pickup distance increases) In the video i made the minion distance go up by 1 every level (example level one is 1x1x1 level 2 is 2x2x2 and so on) If this is a bad idea then sorry for wasting your time
  17. 2 points

    [All Servers] msgtoggle filter

    SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: All Servers Description When you /msgtoggle If you can filter out/add people to a list who can still message you. As I get my pm's spammed a lot and its difficult to pm 1 person and have a convo, introducing this feature will allow players to chat with 1 person without getting spammed from 10 people. /msgtoggle add/allow <player>
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    +1 It's a Really good idea..
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    SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Survival Server Description INTRODUCTION Greetings fellow players! I am writing this suggestion in order to support F2P (free to play) players and players who do not have the possibility to buy a rank. Over the past few days I have talked to multiple players and reached out for numerous different opinions on this topic and I believe I am finally able to formulate a valid suggestion. I am currently a void rank with access to 11 homes. That is an incredible number, but it never seems to be enough, so I can only imagine how F2P players feel. Homes are not just important for overworld. Since End was just introduced, non-ranked players are having the most terrible of times reaching The End and returning back to it. The only way they could do it easily is either claim around a Stronghold, which is not really nice, or have a home next to the portal, effectively leaving them without an available home. However, his change is not meant for Member exclusively. My suggestion would positively affect all ranks up until Lapis. Here is a list of ranks and how many homes each rank gets: Member - 1 Coal - 2 Iron - 3 Gold - 4 Lapis - 6 Redstone - 7 Diamond - 8 Emerald - 9 Bedrock - 10 Void - 11 Ender - 12 Elytra - 13 Totem - 14 Netherite - 15 During my research for this ticket I found an interesting thing worth noting that I colour-coded in the list above. First of all, after purchasing a rank in-game, the player receives additional homes (along with other benefits). It starts with Coal, which gets 2 homes. The following is Iron with 3, then Gold with 4. However, when transitioning from Gold to Lapis, the number of homes goes from 4 to 6. There is no rank with 5 homes. Having noticed that, I immediately came to an idea. CORE OF THE SUGGESTION My suggestion is that all ranks below Lapis (including Member), receive a positive change in the number of homes. That way, members will have 2 homes, which allows them to rise up more easily and leaves a lot more maneuverability room for them to enjoy Survival to its fullest. After the change, the list of ranks would look like this: Member - 2 Coal - 3 Iron - 4 Gold - 5 Lapis - 6 Redstone - 7 Diamond - 8 Emerald - 9 Bedrock - 10 Void - 11 Ender - 12 Elytra - 13 Totem - 14 Netherite - 15 Of course, one could argue that this way nobody is left with only 1 home, but in my opinion, that is amazing. If this change was to be implemented, this would affect ranks below Lapis in a positive and uplifting way as well as getting rid of the "5 home gap". CONCLUSION I believe that this is quite a good change due to the fact that it does not negatively affect any player. It only has positive outcomes for a specific group of players, as well as increasing the initiative for Members to purchase ranks from the UN store, as it provides an ever so slight bonus of 1 home for all ranks up until Lapis. Thank you to everyone who read this suggestion. If you liked it please react to it to show your support for my idea. Kind Regards, your friend and fellow player TickleMyPickle
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    It's currently a very mixed state of whether or not keep inventory should be on. This will depend on how easy the gameplay is and we can only figure this out by observing player gameplay over the next few weeks since we're still very early into survival. We may disable keep inventory if it turns out players abuse the feature too much by dying to regenerate hunger, get back home quickly, etc. Keep inventory will always remain off in the nether and end world regardless.
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    Forum Rules

    OFFICIAL FORUM RULES SECTIONS 1 - Language 2 - General Misconduct 3 - Constructive Posts 4 - Advertising 5 - Impersonation 6 - Inappropriate Content 7 - Signatures 8 - Plagiarism 9 - Personal Information/Doxing 10 - Posting Reports & Requests As a member of the forums, you may receive a total of 10 warnings points before you are permanently banned and prevented access to the forum board. Violating a rule will not always warrant just one warning point, it is subject to change depending on the rule that has been broken and the number of warning points being issued are at the complete discretion of the forum administrator issuing the warnings points. Warnings points cannot be appealed and will not be removed once they are applied. They are listed and visible on your profile to forum administrators forever once they are issued as they do not expire. 1.0 - Language All language used on the forums, primarily in public forum sections, must be in the English language. 2.0 - General Misconduct Any spamming, trolling, posting meaningless messages, derailing or general disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated. 3.0 - Constructive Posts Any and all posts made to topics, including the creation of threads/topics, must consist of constructive content which provides or creates a discussion, request, report or any other valid form of post. 3.1 - Any topic and/or post created that does not create constructive content will be deleted. 3.2 - Any topic and/or post created for the sole intention to violate a forum rule listed herein will be punished with a forum warning. 3.3 - Creating posts to 'bump' a topic, or otherwise increase its visibility by using a post to raise the topic to the topic of the forum category or section is forbidden. 3.4 - Consistently creating posts that outline the same message as previously displayed by the poster or another member of the forums is forbidden and classed as spamming. 3.5 - Punishments and forum warnings issued as a result of violating section 3.0 is subject to adjustment and may vary at the discretion of the forum administrator. 3.6 - Any posts or topics created which can be classed as "post farming" or created with the sole intent to increment the users post count and/or reputation will be deleted and warning points may be issued at the discretion of the forum administrator. 4.0 - Advertising No form of advertising may be conducted on the UltraNetwork forums. This includes any and all forms of advertising such as comments, links, images, etc. 4.1 - Advertising personal websites, social media profiles, social outlets or other personal off-site content is classified as advertising and is punishable under section 4.0. 5.0 - Impersonation Any attempts to impersonate a specific user, member of the community or a recognizable public figure is strictly prohibited and will result in a permanent ban. This includes creating forum accounts or posts detailing or attempting to portrait someone else. 5.1 - Impersonating a member of staff such as a Helper, Moderator or Owner is forbidden and will be punished with a permanent ban from the forums. 6.0 - Inappropriate Content All content displayed on the forums in the forum of topics, replies, images, videos or comments must be appropriate and must not include nudity, gore, sexual content or other forms of inappropriate content. 6.1 - Any form of vulgar language such as swearing or posting inappropriate content as defined above is forbidden and will be punished with a forum warning. In extreme cases, a permanent ban from the forums may be applicable if required. 7.0 - Signatures Forum signatures (as defined and edited in the Forum Signature) must not violate any of the given rules displayed herein and must abide by all sections and subsections listed. 7.1 - A maximum of one image may be displayed in a forum signature. 7.2 - The maximum size of an image in a forum signature is hereby defined as 900x150px. 7.3 - A maximum of three links may be displayed in a forum signature. 7.4 - A maximum number of four lines may be displayed in a forum signature. 7.5 - Signatures may not contain large or overly distracting content in which they may override original topics. 8.0 - Plagiarism Any and all content posted by members of the forum must be unique and written by the poster of the topic and/or comment. 8.1 - Any and all content created, posted or shared must be created by the poster unless the poster has obtained the according permission from the content creator to do so. 8.2 - 'Quoting' members within topics or forum sections is not subject to this rule so long it is not used in a manner to claim the quoted content or in a manner which can be described as plagiarism. 8.3 - Using information obtained from the forums anywhere offsite or anywhere undefined as property of UltraNetwork without obtaining consent from the content creator is strictly prohibited and may be subject to a permanent ban. 9.0 - Personal Information/Doxing Posting personal information about someone else without their explicit and according position is strictly prohibited and will result in a forum warning or other forums of punishments subject to the situation or post and/or topic created. 9.1 - Using information obtained from the forums for harmful or ill intent against a member of the community or another forum member will result in a permanent ban from the community. 10.0 - Posting Reports & Requests Creating a new report and/or request of any kind through the available forms should only be done when attempting to create a legitimate request, abuse of such forms is not tolerated. 10.1 - Replying to topics that contain a report, request or appeal intended for review by a member of staff should only see the involvement of those involved with the situation directly. 10.2 - Replying to such topics should only contain comments that provide aid to the situation or request, ensuring to remain on topic. All forum rules displayed above are immediately in effect across the UltraNetwork Forums. The server rules may be changed, adjusted, edited or formatted in any way at any given time without prior notice. All players are expected to abide by the forum rules at all times - failure to do so will result in forum warnings. By registering and using the forums, you agree to follow and abide by our forum rules. It is your responsibility to know all of the forum rules at all times. Excuses such as "I didn't know it was a rule" will not be tolerated and you will be punished for violating any section or subsection of the rules above. © UltraNetwork 2020 Last updated on the 7th of March, 2020 Reason: Clarified section 7.
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    Can I apply Any Ranks?
  23. 1 point

    [Prison Server] Prison suggestion

    @Lil222 @AleksaBoss You can do /rstats [Username] to view your fastest time. This data is not tracked sadly
  24. 1 point

    [Prison Server] Pickaxe XP bottle

    I'll add a preference for it, thanks
  25. 1 point

    [Prison Server] voteparty rewards

    To be changed, thanks
  26. 1 point

    [Other] Bug Report

    What @lumiax_ said, playtime is handled by Minecraft itself, the command just converts the ticks to beautified time.
  27. 1 point

    [Skyblock Server] Bug Report

    Changing noteblocks to redstone would take a lof time. Our small sugarcane farm also had noteblocks but we removed them. That took a long time, and it's many times smaller than our actual sugarcane farm. It's not that I'm lazy but it takes so much time to break the noteblocks and replace with redstone so I made the bug report.
  28. 1 point

    [Prison Server] Bug Report

    I have updated my pmine to 205k again if it goes back to normal i will reply
  29. 1 point

    [Prison Server] bigger inventory

    so what do you mean by luckyblock loot? I don't understand sorry.
  30. 1 point
    Already exists If there was no gap between spawners then it would cause issues with having to find a good spawn position especially with iron golems. Already added in the next update Already exists I'll remove it Thanks for the suggestions!!
  31. 1 point

    [Survival Server] Bug Report

    Thanks for notifying, will look into this since this is unexpected behaviour.
  32. 1 point

    I lost all my stuff (Prison)

    You should have your items back now
  33. 1 point

    [Survival Server] Spawners

    SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Survival Server Description This is a suggestion to help members, as they only have 1 set home. In short form: be able to move 1 spawner. Part1: Being able to "silk" a spawner but, instead of going into your inventory, it goes into this gui that will pop up and it will say "You have 1 spider spawner" etc. This will mean you are in possession of a spawner, you will be able to place it however you will still be in possession of this spawner until you completely destroy it (loosing it forever). Limit of possessions = 1 This will ensure people cannot hog / sell / own multiple spawners at one time in the gui. (you can still own multiple spawners, but will not be able to "silk" them" This Gui will allow you to transport/move the spawner to your base etc. Part 2: Allow only 1 spawner to be able to be moved via the gui per person and spawners need to be 2 chunks away. Now that i typed all this I realized it is too complicated and confusing...
  34. 1 point

    [Survival Server] Survival Areas

    SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Survival Server Description I think survival should have a feature were you can setspawn in a area like if you have a area called "blazegrinder" you can do /l spawn area blazegrinder to get to that area (/l spawn area (area name)) so it would be like this (to tp to a land do /l spawn (land name) to tp to a area do /l spawn area (area name) and you can use /l spawn to just tp to the normal non area claim you can use (/l setspawn area (area name) that command could also be a feature in the areas menu when your editing a area to allow certain roles to have permission to change area spawn or you can add in roles in area menu permissions to tp to the area (you can disable this in roles if you dont want that certain role tping to the area you made) i think this should be a feature cause if you have alot of areas and you have members in your land that only have 1 sethome they wont be able to go to it
  35. 1 point
    SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Survival Server Description to add a new land feature that controls what can grow on your land for example you can have vines and trees but you dont want the vines to grow you can go in /l and disable vine growth but still have trees growing in your land (this can also work with any other thing that grows) it can be in its own section or in someplace like land settings (you can also add this this feature thingy to mob spawning were you can have more control over what spawns in your land and what does not spawn in case you want to grind certain mobs in your base and disable the rest)
  36. 1 point
    or we can disable it non lazy person
  37. 1 point

    [Buying] Iron Rank

    SALES & TRADES MARKETPLACE Server: Skyblock Buying, selling or trading?: Buying What I am Buying: I am trading 2 Billion Skyblock Money for Iron Rank. How I would like to be contacted: Via In game private messages or my discord which is Adon_ ♔#6185
  38. 1 point
    Creative but might be to op Autominer is free money from afking requiring no skill/effort. Increasing it would ruin economy imo.
  39. 1 point

    My Introduction :D

    i like icecream
  40. 1 point

    [Skyblock Server] Events!

    SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Skyblock Server Description So I was thinking about an event plugin being implemented, it would basically host some events at random times, or give ranks/staff team the abillity to /even host, I think this is pretty cool to add since there isn't really much to do in skyblock other than farm, so a little bit of fun would be awesome! (IL has this, if you don't know what I mean, you can check that) - [I'm sorry if this counts as advertising]
  41. 1 point

    [Prison Server] Token Wand

    or make prefs like when people sell us tokens it will immediately go to your token bal :V or just make token wand
  42. 1 point

    [Skyblock Server] Bug Report

    I suggest they just remove the cobble when your inventory is full like before the update when your inventory is full you dont get the cobble as blocks they just disappear.
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    This is me!

    Welcome Daniël
  44. 1 point

    Introducing myself <3

    Hey, I am Tareq ( IGN: x6avre8 ) my Discord tag ( Secure ⚔#1111 ). I am a boy and i am 18 years old i am Senior in high school PS: going to graduate after 2 months, Right now i live in Kuwait and that's an Arabic country in Middle East. Anyways i start playing UltraNetwork like 2 or 3 years ago but i quit minecraft and now i a back gladly, if anyone is wondering how i am ender that fast, Well after 3 days when i returned playing minecraft and plying the server i've bought Iron rank and then i've RankedUp from Iron to Ender in like one week only that's why. I am happy to be here in the UltraNetwork community i've met alot of people and made alot of friends that i am glad to know . i'm going to study Film industry and i've watched like more than a 1000 movie and more than 250 series so if anyone wants a movie or a series just ask me . i hope i have covered what anyone needs to know me well. Much Love .
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    Introducing myself <3

    Welcome to the community!
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    [Prison Server] Bug Report

    My bigger question is what are you watching in the background
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    Hi I'm WindowsDeveloper!

    As some of you know I'm Wesley (WindowsDeveloper), I am 18 years young and I'm currently living in The Netherlands! I am currently working in the world of Computer IT World, so if you have any IT related question you can always hit me up in discord! I've been playing Ultranetwork for almost 2 years now and I still enjoy every second of it! about 2 months ago I was accepted to be an Staff member in the UltraNetwork Server, that finally gives me the possibility to help every member of the server more and more every day! The nicest thing about Ultranetwork would be the amazing players in this community, I’ve met some awesome players from this server and I’m always open to make new friendships with cool people! I currently live alone with my 2 bunnies and 1 cat, although my cat likes to walk around outside more then he is at home (sad times). At the moment I’m trying to learn two new languages (French and Norwegian), and I’m planning to learn more in the future. If you have any ideas for languages that I should learn you can always message me them to me! I hope you’ve liked my small introduction about myself, and if you have questions about me or about the servers you can always drop it in the comments or message me on discord! Also:
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    [Prison Server] Bug Report

    BUG REPORT In-Game Name: Xx_Housam502_xX What is the bug related to?: Prison Server Briefly explain the bug/issue: When You Mine and get a Voucher reward, it will say go to ./rewards to claim it, but i got an all chat color voucher and i wanted to Claim it Tomorrow, and then the next day it was gone, even all my Ender Chest Vouchers, i hope this bug gets Fixed.
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    Forgotten Account Password?

    FORGOTTEN ACCOUNT PASSWORD If you have forgotten your password to your account on UltraNetwork and don't have email recovery set up, you can get in touch with an owner on our Discord server for assistance. Shoot us a PM and mention your issue with your password, have your last used IP address ready to display as we'll need it to verify ownership of the account. If you don't know how to obtain your IP address, you can do so here. Change your password in-game - /changepassword [Old Password] [New Password]
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    Zero Tolerance Policy

    ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY The Zero Tolerance Policy, or ZTP for short, has been effectively put into place to give players who have a large punishment history a final chance to prove themselves being able to behave and follow the server rules. It serves as a rule placed upon them in which if they violate any server rule, be it a minor one or not, they will be community blacklisted - this results in a permanent ban from all servers, the Discord server and forums. Any player banned under ZTP will not be allowed to return to the server. If a player is taken off ZTP, they will continue to be placed under limitations such as being unable to apply for any staff position. I'm currently banned and would like to be placed under the ZTP. If you have been banned for violating the server rules, you may make an appeal and request to be unbanned explaining how you intend to act differently and acknowledge that you have read the server rules. It must be evident and made clear within your appeal that you will continue to behave if you are unbanned. Players who have been banned within the last 30 days are not eligible to appeal their ban and request to be placed under the ZTP. This does not always result in an unban, it is left at the discretion of administrators and owners whether you will be allowed back on to the server and given a second chance. Your appeal may be denied once again if we feel you are not being genuine or have not displayed enough effort to show you will make an attempt in not breaking the rules once again. What do I do if I have been notified that I am now under the ZTP? Your behaviour will continuously be monitored by the staff team at random times to ensure that you are following all server guidelines and not violating any of the server rules. This serves as a final warning and if you violate any server rule (this includes chat related offenses that would normally warrant a mute), you will be removed from the community and not allowed to return. You will not be given the option to appeal the ban. How do I get off the ZTP? Over the period of a few months, if you have demonstrated that you can behave and have not violated any server rules, your activity will be reviewed and the possibility of being taken off the ZTP will be taken into consideration. However this does not mean that you are free to break rules again, a player previously on ZTP who breaks rules again is just as likely to be put back on to it.