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    [Survival Server] Shop Update

    If you are auctioning then there is a bidding system. Do the item goes to the highest bidder after "x" amount of days. Not suggesting for that at all. I am suggesting a system for removing items no one is buying from the shop after 30 days. No bids. Just a simple listing expiration.
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    Added next update
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    [Other] Bminigames

    SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Other Description U Need to get more minigames that sre like hypixel get som ranks like daimond gold get bed wars sky wars and put on these minigames so many maps that u can choose what map u wanna play make everything look nice make some things like flying teleport bow
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    [Survival Server] Shop Update

    My mans, screw the shop. This seems like an auction house change to me.
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    [Survival Server] Shop Update

    No I mean let's say I sell a stack of 64 cobblestone for 1 Billion. Obviously no one will purchase that listing. So by default, all items on the store should have a 30 expiry timer. If the item is not sold within 30 days, it will be returned to the player in a "/collect" item panel. This idea is meant to remove inactive listings which are sitting there longer than 30 days. For example /shop has a person seller 2 shulker shells for 10,000,000. It's been there for months. This idea will remove such items from the shop and return them to the player who listed it originally for relisting should they chose. This idea is not for an "Auction House". It's meant to improve "/shop" and make it less cluttered.