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  1. Lebron23


    I am just brainstorming some extra perks for donator ranks, just bored so why not, could potentially help if some ideas are good. (Most are for SB, some being beneficial and some just for fun) If anything is accepted, feel free to change/limit anything! Perk 1- Health boost (extra 2 hearts?) Perk 2- /top Perk 3- /warp donator (could be a casino or a cool place/lounge to hang out for donors?) Perk 4- XP Multiplier (like prison sell boost) Perk 5- Donators don't lose XP on death (unless in PVP) Perk 6- /sethome(s) [not /is sethome] Perk 7- WorldEdit (limited to just //set or something, could be great for prison too) Perk 8- Elytra/Totem can change the color of the E / T (blue/orange) in elytra/totem tag and IS Level to a custom color. (maybe a cooldown/one-time thing) Perk 9- /disguise (as a mob) Perk 10- ChestLock (without making it a chest shop)
  2. I think it'd be great if a new rank is released. I think a custom donator rank would be cool, basically, it would just be a new rank higher than totem but you can just choose the name/color of the rank. Maybe even 1 custom command/perk (that is acceptable/appropriate.) Or maybe just a new donator rank? It's just a lot of people are totem now, bringing something new would be cool to see.
  3. Hey guys, it's Lebron23! 😊 I am hosting a giveaway on skyblock, for 500 million in-game currency! To enter, head on over to my giveaway page https://1.shortstack.com/Mj9CRk (p.s if you are banned from my island, don't bother I will remove your entry) Questions & Concerns? Contact me on Discord @ Lebron23#7307 The winner will be announced in 5 days from the date of this post! (Timer is on the link to enter) RULES: 1: If you enter more than once, you are automatically disqualified. 2: No joining under different names (alt), If caught = disqualified. 3. No whining, enjoy!
  4. SALES & TRADES MARKETPLACE Server: Skyblock Buying, selling or trading?: Trading What I am Trading: Trading 4B on SB for Diamond Voucher or 4.5B on SB + 3.7Q + 500 max pickaxe on Prison for Emerald Voucher! Contact Lebron23 Discoord = Lebron23#7307 How I would like to be contacted: Discoord
  5. SALES & TRADES MARKETPLACE Server: Skyblock Buying, selling or trading?: Trading What I am Trading: Trading 3.4B + Elytra and Totem kit + 1k Blaze & IG Spawners for a diamond voucher! Also can include a bit of prison money! (42.49USD) How I would like to be contacted: Discord - [Totem] Lebron23#7307 In game -MSG
  6. Lebron23

    Op Factions?

    I heard there use to be an OP Factions? Wondering if we can get it back, using 1.7/1.8 pvp (the best pvp idk). Also can attract new players. https://www.strawpoll.me/18631909 ^ Click that link to vote for op factions or not.
  7. Lebron23

    Unfair mute

    Got muted 4 hours dis "disrespect" by Skully. When im saying doing a trade on discoord wouldint count as RWT. How is this disrespect? Staff here kinda needs to learn how to do their jobs.