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  1. Adding the vines to the shop may be a good idea, however you can get lapis lazuli in the really early mines (iirc starting from warp J)
  2. The title is the tl;dr but here’s the long post, In prison signs are pretty dull in comparison to floating text. Dead probably is typing “LaG iSsUeS, dEnIeD” but hold on a second dead. If we limit the amount of floating text commands to 1 there would be little to no difference in lag. How it would work: — I propose a new command for void donors or higher (limiting the amount of people that can access) on prison in which the syntax would be: /floatsign (it’ll bring up an anvil gui asking you to put 100 characters maximum) The only problem I could possibly see with this method would be that the 100 characters would be one line.
  3. tl;dr I disagree because the are other ways to solve the problems with shulkers which are currently used to sell/buy kits. ——— Full post I think the way that shulkers can be used to scam can be combated by adding an “inspect” function to the auction house. This can be easily integrated because the current plugin for auction houses (CrazyAuctions?) is open source. [soz for hijacking your post] How it will function It could function by pressing the middle mouse button on any storage container. The plugin could read the nbt tags (for people who don’t know nbt tags basically show what’s inside the box) and put a separate gui so you can look at the items inside.
  4. @stok3y A good way to balance the “autosell” choppers is to have it take a super large amount of the money of the cactus away from the player. A good example of this could be in a certain server (can’t mention the name) is that it takes a certain amount of space to sell the items and sells them for 70% of the original price. It won’t be instant though but since it’s an OP cool kid server aka SB it could be over an interval of 30 minutes.
  5. It least to my knowledge a super large cactus farm wouldn’t be completely loaded without some minecart system (btw not allowed due to it bypassing the afk timer). Even if you were to somehow load all 100 chunks as stated in your paragraph, it would cause a lot of lag which in skyblock is a big issue recently (at least when I last went on). In the server rules it states that you can’t intentionally lag the server (which is why there is a hopper limit on islands now). tl;dr you can’t load 100 chunks and even if you did it’d be bad for the server and could probably be in slight trouble, not a ban though.
  6. Hi Archie :D

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  7. You guys like JazZ?

  8. HCF does seem like a good idea, but we had factions before. The reason why we don't see factions anymore is because there was little to no players on. However, if enough of the players want it, we might add it back. -Pik
  9. I was here since late 2016 - mid 2017 (dates aren't really my strong point). Yet recently, I started playing on the server again and it changed drastically. The people I used to hang out with either left, or were banned for reasons I'm not going to specify. If you looked into the prison-chat or general on discord, sometimes there would be that one person that says, "factions should be added (yare yare I canmt speak for everyone)" but the fact is that we did have op factions back in the day. It really wasn't that active though, with only 1-6 players on. So then Dead decided to remove it (plz add back, we all want it back 👏)
  10. Bruh I just messed up an fc on osu. fbm

  11. How do I breathe?

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  12. Sometimes, it really do be like that sometimes and you just do not know why it happens. But it do.

    also merry late valentines ❤️

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  13. Hello!, im not sure why im typing here, but i am sheep!

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  14. BUG REPORT In-Game Name: PikChu What is the bug related to?: Skyblock Server Briefly explain the bug/issue: When you place water on a block that usually could have water in it (like stairs etc.) in 1.13, it can cause the block on top to no longer exist and be replaced with water. I demonstrated this with a crop hopper in darrel's gifv testing it on my own after the gifv was recorded, I also found that you could create floating text with this glitch/bug as well here