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  1. Keep it out!!! Can wait to play again Love u daddy xD
  2. Hello and warming welcome here. I'm Xkingz_ u can take a look at my profile for more detail Enjoy your stay
  3. BUG REPORT edited. nevermind im dumb this can be close
  4. Kewl I will check em out later
  5. xkingz


    Hi and Welcome to UltraNetwork enjoy your stay!!!
  6. zzzz after months :O

  7. Good luck for your SPM, im ItsmePiggy your friend in UltraNetwork


    P.s: Im also from Malaysia

    1. xkingz


      wdym SPM.... i just took PT3 this year axaxaxa

  8. Still not working... what is that thing .-.
  9. BUG REPORT In-Game Name: Xkingz_ What is the bug related to?: Prison Server Briefly explain the bug/issue: So... my tag is missing when i go outside from /spawn But another people can see my tag and i use 1.8.9
  10. hmm 10 days more for PT3... (examination) 

    1. Star_WarsFan


      well Good luck i have psat soon as well XD

    2. xkingz
  11. wrong section and read this thread https://forums.ultranetwork.me/index.php?/topic/3066-forgotten-account-password/