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  1. Keep it out!!! Can wait to play again Love u daddy xD
  2. Hello and warming welcome here. I'm Xkingz_ u can take a look at my profile for more detail Enjoy your stay
  3. I more prefer if admin or owner make 'party' to every server so they can chat with they fellow friend with they language privately
  4. I like the Idea about the dungeon. But the things that I'm scare of is it's will change the meaning of 'skyblock' forever in shot words, if dungeon is added there no more skyblock.. because dungeon and skyblock is like 2 component that clashing each other from my perspective and I know there have some server that make Dungeon w/ Skyblock and it's pretty kewl but they use 100% custom plugin and it's cost a lot of $$$ and times to make it really functional. But honestly I really like your Idea. thank you. Edit: Just want to say sorry for bad grammars lol
  5. BUG REPORT edited. nevermind im dumb this can be close
  6. Kewl I will check em out later
  7. xkingz


    Hi and Welcome to UltraNetwork enjoy your stay!!!
  8. zzzz after months :O

  9. Good luck for your SPM, im ItsmePiggy your friend in UltraNetwork


    P.s: Im also from Malaysia

    1. xkingz


      wdym SPM.... i just took PT3 this year axaxaxa

  10. Still not working... what is that thing .-.
  11. BUG REPORT In-Game Name: Xkingz_ What is the bug related to?: Prison Server Briefly explain the bug/issue: So... my tag is missing when i go outside from /spawn But another people can see my tag and i use 1.8.9
  12. hmm 10 days more for PT3... (examination) 

    1. Star_WarsFan


      well Good luck i have psat soon as well XD

    2. xkingz