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  1. hi welcome to the server I hope you enjoy your stay in U.N. i am not a nooby skyblocks player ( i am very good, pro mayb) so if u need any help let me know. Welcome!!! -zil
  2. thats a very nice island enjoy playing on THE BEST MINECRAFT SERVER!!
  3. ughhh 😓 its finally SUMMER 😜 holidays.. so tired 😩 from school 🤓 5th grade is HARD AF 😖

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    2. Zil


      add it back or ur getting the 46 bop combo 😡🤜💂‍♂️

    3. pat


      ughhh 😓 its finally SUMMER 😜 holidays.. so tired 😩 from school 🤓 5th grade is HARD AF 😖

    4. Skully


      right dont u start

  4. People should be using the /report command or submitting a report through the forums if possible instead of having another role. If you report people enough to get a custom role, you should just apply for a staff position as you'd be helping the community much more. -Zil
  5. Zil

    Gay Pride Month

    Nice Jacob, well done! I am glad to see that you're supporting our LGBT friends. I, personally, am doing nothing.
  6. Lol agreed Who the hell uses irish standard time.. just use uk time.. same thing.. am i right ??
  7. Omg thats so cool that oyu have a red beard at 15 XD 🤩
  8. hey! ! Lol. welcome to the UN . pleases grab your diplomatic plates and passss(word)port (Xd) at the receptionist
  9. Agirdi a tu lietuvis esi?

    1. KenichiMr


      Pakviesk į skype: vakaris123789

  10. jibanas doneiteris