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What platform is this suggestion for?: Forums


The user with the highest COMMUNITY REPUTATION for the month of December will get a coal voucher, players will use the forums to do player reports and other stuff to try to get reputation points

This is a suggestion that would be good to encourage people to use the forums and report players here 


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The problem with this is also that players will then begin reporting every minor thing, the majority of reports already do this. The player report section on the forums is intended for serious reports such as scamming, hackers, etc. where evidence can be posted and multiple members can be added to the report to resolve conflict.

Whilst reporting other minor things is still technically acceptable, like a player begging once in the chat, we don't want to go and have to punish someone every single time a new player joins, are not aware of the rules, and decide to just say "give money pls" - if we do this, then about 10 players online will immediately go and submit a report on the forums rather than using /report in-game, or a Discord ticket which would be more appropriate.

Creating incentive for reports isn't a good idea because it attracts users who don't care about creating reports/resolving conflict but those who are just chasing a reward.

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