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Hi there!

It's been an awfully long time since we've released a large update and the primary reason for this is simply due to the fact that we've been investigating different methods and infrastructures to backend development, while this may not be so important to players, it certainly makes a big difference on our backend for future development. We've been hard at work to optimize as much of the content we could to provide smoother gameplay.

This update includes a variety of new features ranging across all servers! Some of the items listed below have been introduced into the servers earlier, though we feel we should still document the change to keep everyone aware as to what's new!

With the introduction of a new scoreboard system, the leaderboards on our website are finally live and available to use! Check it out here:


Changes Affecting Both Servers

General Changes

  • Players that are AFK will now have 'AFK' displayed above their player name.
  • Chat Colours now require seven days instead of twenty.
    • This change was previously specific to Skyblock but is now global.
  • PvP will no longer bring up a GUI, instead, it will simply be a command.
  • AntiDrop will now require you to confirm you want to drop your pickaxe by requiring you to do so twice.
    • This is enabled by default and will not be toggleable due to the fact that we have seen a large rise in refund requests by players who keep dropping pickaxes.
  • Completely rehauled and remade scoreboard system to work with website.
  • Added a new report system for submitting support tickets and in-game reports.
    • This system includes a variety of new capabilities and features for our staff members, allowing them to assist you without having to be in-game.
  • French & Spanish scoreboards have been added to both servers.
    • Your scoreboard will only be changed if your locale (Minecraft Client language) is set to French or Spanish
  • You can now check the playtime of players that are offline
  • You can no longer withdraw when you have full inventory

Tablist Changes

  • Players with ranks will now sort by displaying at the start of the list instead of the end.
  • Ranks are now sorted by highest to lowest. (Highest being Totem, lowest being Coal)

PrisonGuard Changes (Chat Filter)

  • Renamed "PrisonGuard" to "Filter".
    • Since this chat filter system is used on both servers, it no longer make sense to have "PrisonGuard" on Skyblock.
  • Changed the flood filter to support all characters and will no longer block the message - it will instead replace the message to 4 characters (e.g. helllllllloooooooo -> helllloooo)
    • Messages that are detected as flood will now be replaced back to 4 characters (e.g. hahahaha -> haha)
  • Chat Filter now supports the character '*'
  • Chat Filter now supports player usernames.
  • All filter related messages have been remade (Including automatic chat helper!)
  • Removed "can someone" related messages being filtered.
  • Similarity Message Check will now only trigger if your message is 99% similar to your previous message.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed /rstats <name> showing incorrect information.
  • Fixed players not being able to use the white chat colour.


Prison Server

General Changes

  • Added automatic server reboot (Everyday at 1 AM GMT+0)
    • Occurs during 1 AM as this is the time the server commonly contains the least amount of players.
  • Added the easter egg for the easter quest. (/quests)
  • Added the ability to have gems automatically deposit into your gems balance.
    • This is disabled by default, you can enable it within /prefs.
  • Added the ability to now change your own custom tag
    • You can change your tag 3 times and only once every 2 weeks
    • If you already purchased a custom tag private message an owner to be able to use this command
  • Added the ability to change your prestige tag colour
    • You can use this feature in /prestiges
  • The /shop has been remade and you are now able to get any item or block. (<1.12.2)
    • This obviously does not apply to blocks such as bedrock, barrier blocks, etc.
  • Added mining abilities.
    • You can view the current mining abilities with /upgrade > 'Mining Abilities'
  • Every prestige will now give a prestige key.
  • The old chat format is now the default chat format.
  • The hover message has been changed for both chat formats.

Bug Fixes

  • Quests will now give rewards once the player has completed a quest successfully.
  • Chat Colours will no longer reset on the second line of the players' message. (If a message is two lines long)
  • Parkour not rewarding the 'Parkour' tag.
  • JSON message will no longer interfere with the players' message.
  • [item] no longer displays twice in the chat.
  • Fixed being able to sell soulbound pickaxes in some cases


  • Prestige cost multiplier for prestiges above one hundred (P100).
  • Axe upgrade from /upgrade
  • Item Shop
    • This feature is removed in order for it to be improved and remade, it will return in a later update.
  • Economy Transfer
    • This feature is removed in order for it to be improved and remade, it will return in a later update.


Skyblock Server

General Changes

  • Condense wands can now condense ingots in trapped chests.
  • You can now toggle the Member+ prefix by entering the command.
    • This is useful if you have a rank as the Member+ prefix overrides rank tags.
  • Players with /fly unlocked can now fly at spawn, players with the Redstone Rank or above automatically inherit this capability.
  • Added a limit of three hundred (300) pistons per island.
    • Pistons are one of the primary sources which decrease TPS and cause server lag, this restriction aims to resolve this.
  • Credit changes:
    • The redeem GUI now uses an anvil as a prompt.
    • You can now withdraw credits using /credits withdraw <amount>
  • Totem ranks can now /speed (and /flyspeed) <1-3>


  • You can now get a job (/jobs)
  • Each job requires you to do something different (e.g. hunter requires you to kill mobs)
    • For each task done you receive money and job exp
      • There is a limit of how much money you can make per minute
    • There are currently 100 levels/job
      • There are daily job quests (can be viewed in /jobs)
  • Available jobs:
    • Hunter
    • Miner
    • Woodcutter
    • Digger
    • Builder
    • Crafter
    • Fisherman
    • Enchanter
    • Farmer

Shop Changes

  • Pistons have been moved from the category "Misc" to "Redstone"
  • The following items have been added to the Redstone section:
    • Sticky Piston
    • Daylight Sensor
    • Dropper

Bug Fixes

  • Enchanting tables can now be placed again.
  • Choppers will no longer reset at every automatic server restart.
    • You will have to replace your choppers for this change to apply.
  • Fixed left-clicking with condense wands not working on some occasions.
  • Fixed players being able to use /ascend, /descend & /fly on other players islands.
    • Restricted to staff members only.


If you have any questions, feel free to comment below and we'll do our best to assist.
Thanks for playing at UltraNetwork, we hope you enjoy the update! 

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