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  1. YEs But The Lightning Has A Cooldown On The 10x10 Is Only On One use And 10x10 Will Be Equal To Exca 5
  2. So, Basically The Lightning Upgrade Starts Off As a 1x1 When You Upgrade It Which The Cost Is -400 Tokens Per Upgrade -Comes With Lightning Effects And Holes Depends On Your Pickaxe Level Then The 2x2 Is 800 Tokens -Comes With More Blocks Mined And Money The 3x3 Is 1.2k Tokens -Comes With Deeper Holes And More Blocks The 4x4 Is Basically Just More Blocks It Requires Level 20 OR Higher To Get Costs 1.6K tokens 5x5 Is When Things Get Amazing -It Costs 2k tokens to buy -It Also Gives Particle Effects That Make Player's Say "whatttttttt" 6x6 Is Also Amazing Because It Gives More Money And A Block Width Grow's Like Excavation It Costs 2.4K Tokens 7x7 Gives More Blocks And Cash Not IRL Costs 2.8K TOkens 8x8 Give More Particle Effects That Fly Throughout The Sky Costs 3.2K Tokens 9x9 Increase's Block Width Buy 25% Costs 3.6K Tokens 10x10 Is The Maximum Amount Of Lightning Upgrade It Increase's The Block Mine Width By 50% And Gives More Money And More Blocks By 50% Lightning Strikes Down And Create a Hole Also Includes Fire Works That Appear When You Mine Over 1,000+ Blocks.