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  1. u cant hide from the truth -confuciusidkifthatshowuspellit
  2. idk how you can manage having fitness as one of your hobbies when i cant even exercise 3 times a week -fatboycoolio (yes im going to sign every single one of my posts)
  3. Hello everyone my name is DemiGAWDInsanity im totally a new person on ultra network i really like playing roblox and csgo and screaming at ppl over my xbox i also like memes but only if they're related to the things i like cause im really cool like that. A lot of people call me awesome and cool and pretty so i like to describe myself as that but at the same time im really smart 2+2 is 4 minus one that's 3. see quick maths anyway i hope you like this post i need to have a higher reputation than AT LEAST skully ok -coolguy69420
  4. This is a really good introduction