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  1. BUG REPORT In-Game Name: UrskineGG_x_x What is the bug related to?: Skyblock Server Briefly explain the bug/issue: Not getting vote rewards when first logging on skyblock server after voting offline.
  2. ECgamer

    More spawners

    What about more spawners such as Slime, Guardian, Elder Guardians, silverfish, pillagers, vindicator, vex(okay maybe not as these are awfully hard to farm), evoker, (maybe wither spawners?) ,
  3. One thing that made me come to this server are the custom enchants. But not all of the enchants are useful. Like, Cactus I, its redundant because you can just get Thorns that do the same thing and cost less xp. So here's what I think: Enchants: -Remove custom enchants such as Cactus that has the same function as vanilla enchants. -Either lower the xp cost for the custom enchants(30 lvls for common books are quite expensive, considering how much low level(and cactus I) books you get) or make it so that you can get custom enchants in enchant tables(through custom gui). -Disable custom pickaxe enchants for prisons as you can enchant the pickaxe using tokens to upgrade. -increase xp cost for prisons as there is /warp xp and you can get xp very fast there. Introducing:Runes So what are Runes? Runes are attribute modifiers for tools, weapons and armour (luck, armour toughness, damage, etcetera) How to obtain: Crafting. Using expensive items such as gold/diamond/emerald blocks or custom items (crate keys, mcmmos tokens) in order to not make it too op. Introducing:Implants Implants are items that can be attached through an anvil to tools, armour, and weapons and wil appear in your inventory when then item breaks.Implants can be integrated with custom items such as mcmmo tokens, mcmmo, crate keys, spawners and more. For example, an axe with an implant have a 0.1% chance to obtain 1 mcmmo token when chopping logs. Or, a sword with implants grinding witches will have a chance to drop a crate key. Obtaining: Can be obtained through fishing, grinding mobs, chopping trees, and opening crates. Opening crates will have more chance to give you the implant than any other method. (to encourage players to vote.) of getting implants. Thats all I have to say. I hope I don't come along as demanding. These are just my opinions. Thank you