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  1. Hola! en primer lugar, me disculpo si esto no es muy bueno español, yo uso traducir porque no hablo español a mí mismo, pero me gustaría hablar un poco acerca de UltraNetwork y cómo planeamos ayudarles a ustedes en nuestro servidor. Tenemos un chat en español que puedes usar con /sc in-game, y esto te permite hablar con otros jugadores españoles. ¡ por favor no hable español en el chat principal! El servidor es principalmente inglés y a pesar de que queremos que sea abierto a ustedes, no queremos arruinar las cosas para nuestros jugadores ingleses, así que le pedimos a los jugadores españoles que respeten esto y sólo hablan español en el /sc chat. Los foros también han sido traducidos al español a través de la traducción pero no es perfecto-si usted desea ayudarnos en la traducción entonces por favor póngase en contacto conmigo y podemos configurar algo. Gracias por jugar en UltraNetwork - si usted tiene cualquier pregunta entonces siéntase libre de preguntarme, voy a tratar de responder a ellos lo mejor que puedo!
  2. great profile picture man
  3. What level are you in bf4 I bet I'm higher (((:
  4. Skully


    Hey Ari! Welcome to UltraNetwork
  5. Hey there! You've probably noticed that we've moved over to some new forums! (Finally) his thread will quickly run through some of the main changes in terms of how we will be operating. Originally, when creating as refund request, player report and whatnot, you would have to copy a format and paste it into a section. It was very tedious but no more! All formats and applications have been put into a nice and easy application to fill out. You can check them out by hovering your mouse over the Applications button in the top navigation bar. Staff/Builder Applications On our old forums, we had the process of applying through an external application and you would receive your response to your application every Sunday. Now, all applications are processed right here on the forums. You can post your application through the same navigation panel and you'll be taken to the application. Bugs/Issues If you notice any issues with the forums over the next few days, please do let me know so I can resolve them. The forum theme is built from scratch so I may have missed a thing or two. Any text alignments, colours, backgrounds or forum errors you come across can be reported here. That's it! I hope you enjoy the new forums. I'd love to hear everyone's feedback and what you think so leave a comment and let me know! Regards, Skully
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    The Buycraft Halloween 15% off sale goes live for one whole week - no tricks, just treats!
  7. If you have donated to the server before and would like to obtain the forum or Discord donator rank, comment with your account name below and we'll have it issued to you! Want to become a donator and get access to the exclusive Donator Tag and private Premium Hub? Donate today!
  8. Youtuber Rank Creating YouTube videos for the server is greatly appreciated as it helps spread the word of our server. In return, you are rewarded the exclusive YouTuber Rank in-game, on the forums and on Discord. To obtain the rank, you must meet the following requirements: You must have a minimum of 3,000+ active subscribers. You must be an active YouTuber, with atleast one video a week. You must have a total of 5,000 views on your videos related to UltraNetwork, preferably gameplay. (This can be either on one video, or multiple videos which add to 5,000.) You must continue to make videos of UltraNetwork, a minimum of one video every two months. (Failing to uphold this requirement will forfeit your YouTuber rank.) If you meet all of the requirements, then get in touch with Skully on our Discord server.
  9. SERVER IP ADDRESS Discord Server Status Checker Buycraft Store
  10. OFFICIAL RULES SECTIONS 1 - Cheats, Hacks, Bugs & Modifications 2 - Respect & Attitude 3 - Advertising 4 - Account Sharing/Multiple Accounts 5 - Impersonation 6 - Inappropriate Language 7 - Inappropriate Content 8 - Spamming/Caps 9 - Scamming 10 - Lying to Staff 11 - Asking for Items 12 - Logging into Accounts 13 - PvP Rules 14 - English Only 15 - Auction House 16 - Real World Trading (RWT) 17 - Store & Purchases 18 - Aiding & Abetting 19 - Bypassing & Evading 20 - Entrapment 21 - Griefing 1.0 - Usage of any cheats, hacks and modifications are strictly forbidden and should not be used on the server. 1.1 - Usage of any texture packs which fall under the category of providing a benefit to yourself over other players, such as X-Ray texture packs, are not allowed under any circumstances. 1.2 - Usage of any cheats which is the cause of a game bug, server bug, glitch or exploit for the benefit of yourself or others is forbidden. 1.3 - The following modifications are ALLOWED and are the only the official version of the specified modifications can be used: Optifine any similar client performance improvement modifications. Modifications which allow the enhancement of shaders, graphics, etc. but do not provide a benefit such as ESP. Modifications which display status messages of armour, active potions, etc. 1.4 - Any modification, hack, cheat or client not mentioned above is to be treated as against the rules and should not be used. 1.4.1 - Any client modifications which provide an aid in the construction or the automatic creation of any structure such as farms or buildings are not allowed. An exception is made for Schematica and its printer addon. 1.4.2 - Any modification or adjustment made to your device, software or hardware, that allows for behaviour that can be considered as cheating or provide an unfair advantage within gameplay falls under this rule and is subject to punishment at the discretion of staff members. 1.5 - Do not attempt to abuse or use any bugs, glitches, items or commands that are available when they shouldn't be, immediately report any related issues found that are evidently not for usage by regular players or that normally cannot be obtained. 1.6 - Do not attempt to 'overload' the server in any way by dropping multiple items, causing a great deal of explosions with the usage of explosions such as TNT, item frame abuse, hopper abuse, minecart spamming or any other means with the intent of doing so. 1.7 - The usage of a VPN, proxies or any other IP changing software/tools is strictly forbidden as it provides a false form of identification of user accounts and their originating IP address. IPs are used to track the number of accounts and punishment history a player has. Using public domains or IPs can also result in falsely being banned since accounts become connected under the same address. 2.0 - You must show an acceptable level of respect towards other players, maintaining yourself accordingly and not engaging in hostile conversations. Being disrespectful or harassing someone will only result in them being disrespectful back to you, whereas if you're friendly and help others, they are likely to do the same with you. 2.1 - General disrespectful and/or intolerable behaviour will not be accepted and you may be punished, this is punishable at the discretion of any staff member. 2.2 - This rule applies when in contact with staff or when speaking with staff. You must show respect to staff members and be kind as they are back to you. 2.3 - In relation to attitude and decisions, if a staff member punishes you does not mean you can go on Discord and send hate messages to them, the following rules apply for Discord and you will be banned off there as well. 2.4 - Acts such as racism, sexism, ageism, religious discussions or general discrimination is not allowed. 2.5 - General acts of trolling and/or excessive trolling can be punishable by a mute or ban at the discretion of a member of staff if they feel that the trolling being conducted is negatively influencing others or is intended to be harmful. 3.0 - Advertising any content such as servers, social media or any other external third party content not moderated nor owned by UltraNetwork is strictly prohibited and is not allowed under any circumstances. Server advertising is classed as discussing another server, a server's IP address, name and/or other credentials under the motive to advertise the server. 3.1 - Advertising and/or discussing any server that is not owned, run or moderated by UltraNetwork is against the rules and you will be immediately banned. Advertising falls under the category of saying a server name with the intention of wanting the players to join the server stated, or using it in context. 3.2 - Private Messaging other players or sending them advertisements is also bannable, however discussing a server that you play on with someone else who already knows about the server is allowed, though must be strictly over private messages. 3.3 - Regardless if the server IP address, domain or information being given is false, incorrect or correct, the rules still apply as we cannot distinguish between legible or false advertising information. 4.0 - Account sharing is not allowed, this is when you give your account details to a friend or someone else to allow them to play on your account. It is strictly against the rules. 4.1 - The act of selling, trading or giving away your account is prohibited and is not allowed under any circumstances. The original creator of an account must be the only person at any given time who has primary access to use their account. 4.2 - In the event an account is banned whilst they have other accounts which exist under the same IP, ALL ACCOUNTS under the address will also be banned as we cannot determine if the player being banned owns the other accounts or not. 4.3 - Giving temporary access of your account to another player for assistance, personal gain or any other reason is not allowed and not a justified reason. In the event your account is punished whilst you share accounts, your account will retain that punishment as you are responsible for your own account and its actions. 4.4 - Creating multiple accounts in order to gain the benefits of assets/perks given to new accounts such as the starter tokens, money, keys or boosts is forbidden, including the act of transferring such benefits from the new account over to an alternative account. 4.4.1 - Specifically to the Survival server, you may not use an alternate account for reasons that would personally benefit your main account, or other members of your main account's land. Your alternate account cannot be in the same land as any other account you own. Your alternate account cannot claim land near and/or trade/give items to any other account you own. 5.0 - Impersonating another player is not allowed, this is when someone pretends to be someone else, when they are not. 5.1 - Impersonating a staff member is not allowed and is prohibited, saying you are a staff member when you are not is considered staff impersonation. 5.2 - This rule extends to either using another player and/or staff member's account name/username as your own in any manner. 6.0 - Usage of offensive, inappropriate words, strong language or profane words is not allowed. This includes cursing at someone else or generally saying curse words. 6.1 - Cursing or being inappropriate to someone else is not allowed. 6.2 - Attempting to bypass any in-game server filters such as anti-spam, swearing or flood filters is not allowed. 6.3 - The usage of strong language and discussing controversial topics may be held in non-public chat channels such as private messages, gang chat, plot chat, ally chat, etc. under the circumstances that all players that the messages will be visible to consent to being involved in receiving such messages. This does not approve nor exclude the rule regarding harassment or directing inappropriate comments towards other players. 6.4 - The discussion or making references to content related to sex, drugs, suicide, self-harm, obscene gore, religion or other adult content is strictly prohibited and not allowed under any circumstances in any chat channel. 7.0 - Usage of inappropriate skins or capes that display gore or obscene content is not allowed. 7.1 - Your username or Minecraft display name may not contain any curse words, abbreviations of curse words, inappropriate comments, adult language, controversial content, religious statements or any alterations/innuendos of such content, and/or anything that constitutes a violation of any other rule. 7.2 - Displaying or creating inappropriate content anywhere is prohibited, such as building structures, written messages, plots, pixel art, skins, and other similar contexts. 8.0 - Spamming the chat, repeating your message multiple times or saying the same thing over and over again is not allowed. 8.1 - The usage of capital letters in 80% or more of your message more than once every so often is not allowed. Using it once every now and then for short messages is fine as long as it isn't spamming. 8.2 - Sending the same message or a message that is similar to the last is against the rules. Saying something the same any more than 2 times is considered spamming. 8.3 - The usage of [item] to display your current held item within the chat also falls under the rules of spamming at section 8.0 and all subsections. 9.0 - Scamming is strictly forbidden under any circumstances. This is when someone gives you something in expectation that you will give it back but you don't, or trading with another player expecting to receive content in return which was previously established before trading. 9.1 - Scamming someone during a trade for content, items, and such is not allowed. You must give over exactly what you originally agreed upon. It is best if you screenshot the agreement so if you are scammed by a player, you may report them. All players involved in a trade are expected to make it clearly understood what their trade will be for and what amounts exactly, each player is responsible for ensuring they understand the exact terms of a trade set out prior to conducting it. 9.2 - The act of renting, loaning or temporarily giving another player any item is subject to scamming regulations - players are responsible for ensuring any items that they loan from others is returned to them respectfully where expected. In the event that that the item is not returned to the original player and ill intent is involved, the player is subject to punishment. It should be noted that if the original item cannot be recovered by a member of staff, it will not be spawned in again - loaning and/or renting items to others should be done at the player's discretion. 9.2.1 - RWT (Real World Trading) items with other players is unmoderated and not covered by scamming rules. Though it is highly discouraged, if you purchase something from another player in exchange for something in-game, we cannot assist you if they scam you. It is up to you to trade respectively with someone you trust. 9.3 - Establishing a trade, deal, selling, or other similar forms of agreement, with other players that last for an unspecified, permanent, or prolonged period of time exceeding 30 days is not protected by scamming rules and no support will be provided if any player(s) involved in the agreement are to violate it. If you are making a long-term deal or ongoing trade with another player, you do so at your own discretion. 10.0 - Lying to staff members is a severe offence and can result in punishment. If you are asked about anything at all, you are expected to tell the truth otherwise you may be punished at the discretion of the staff team. 10.1 - Lying to other players is somewhat allowed if it is trivial, for instance, to say you have an item when you don't - however lying and saying that you are someone else is more critical and can result in punishment. 11.0 - Do not ask other players or members of staff for items, in the manner of requesting them for free or for no exchange. Asking for any items, tokens, money, etc. is against the rules. 11.1 - Do not ask for a staff rank, or any elevated privileges that is not normally available to regular players. 12.0 - Do not log into another players account or attempt to, which you do not have permission to log into nor own. 12.1 - Do not attempt to log into the account of a staff member if you are not the staff member or the owner of the account. 13.0 - The usage of pets, cosmetics or any content that is purely for entertainment/not made for the purpose of PvP should not be used in PvP areas. 14.0 - English is the only language which may be spoken in the main chat. For any other languages, you must private message the other player you would like to speak to within your own language. 15.0 - Adding items to the auction house (/ah) that are not directly for sale and are added with the intention of displaying personal messages, advertisements or any other form that does not display intent of sale will be removed from the auction house. Constantly violating this rule can result in punishment. 15.1 - Attempting to scam through the auction house with items is not allowed and results in the same punishments as player scamming. 16.0 - Being involved with the RWT (Real world trading) sales or the purchasing of any of the given content below for real world currency in terms where the currency will be used for personal gain is prohibited and can result in a ban from the server. (Web store in this context refers to the UltraNetwork store.) 16.1 - Any content from the official web store should not be purchased with real currency anywhere else other than the official web store itself. This is to prevent any fluctuation in price within the store content. 16.2 - Purchasing money ($) from other players, or any source, is strictly prohibited and not allowed to prevent affecting the economy in a negative manner. 16.3 - RWT is allowed in exceptions where the real world currency obtained is not being used for personal gain, but rather will be used for a purchase on the UltraNetwork store. 17.0 - Any purchase and/or donation made from the UltraNetwork store fall under our donation and purchase guidelines, rules and regulations as outlined below. Upon purchasing from our store, you are automatically agreeing to the terms and conditions prior to checkout. 17.1 - Any and all purchases made on the UltraNetwork store are non-refundable and it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that their purchase is correct and they are fully willing to proceed with the purchase prior to doing so. 17.2 - As agreed upon prior to checkout, attempting to pursue, undergoing or following through with a chargeback, or any other means of attempting to regain the funds for a purchase will result in a permanent ban. 17.3 - As outlined in the Plot Mine Guidelines on our store, purchasing plot mine slots may only be completed by the owner of the plot mine. This is to prevent plot mines from becoming devalued. UltraNetwork holds all rights to void a purchase for slots if it is discovered the purchase was not genuine or not made by the owner of the mine. 18.0 - Aiding and abetting is hereby defined as the act of aiding, helping and/or assisting someone else to violate the server rules. 18.1 - Any player who aids, assists, tells/asks another player to and/or helps another player in breaking any of the server rules as listed on this page are equally liable to receiving the same punishment. 18.2 - In the event a player obtains the knowledge and knowing facts that another player is breaking the server rules, they are required to report the information to a member of staff. Failing to do so within a reasonable time frame will result in punishment. 18.3 - Any player who is aware of information that can cause abuse via a bug, glitch, command, item or anything of the sorts, where it shouldn't normally be possible, past or present, and the player actively harbours the information and/or distributes it to other players will be subject to punishment equal to that of the normal time issued for those conducting said abuse. 19.0 - Attempting to bypass and/or evade any of the server rules or punishments that are issued to you is strictly prohibited. 19.1 - In the event you are banned from the server, you may not join the server again on a different account, under a different IP address and/or through any other means, this will result in an immediate permanent ban. 19.2 - In the event you are muted, you may not attempt to communicate with other players through other means such as signs, books, etc. 19.3 - In the event you are muted or banned, you may not use Discord to Server chats to communicate with other players, doing so is seen as evading and will result in severe punishment. 20.0 - Entrapment is the act of inciting, persuading or inducing another player into violating a server rule that the player would not have originally broken and/or would be unlikely to violate. 20.1 - Attempting to or following through with entrapment on another member of the community to violate any of the community regulations is equally as punishable as the original offence, doing so can result in punishment. 21.0 - This rule is specific to the Skyblock and Survival server only: Griefing is hereby defined as the act of causing malicious destruction to land, property, area, and/or surrounding area or other respective position owned by a player. This can be further specified in the manner of block destruction or other general intent to disrupt the gameplay of another player. (With the act of griefing being broad, staff members reserve the right to punish a player if they feel that actions conducted by the player fall under this rule.) 21.1 - Griefing in any manner to another player's property, area, land or surrounding area is not allowed and is punishable at the discretion of staff. All server rules displayed above are immediately in effect across all UltraNetwork Platforms. The server rules may be changed, adjusted, edited or formatted in any way at any given time without prior notice. All players are expected to abide by the server rules at all times - failure to do so will result in moderator/administrative punishment. By playing at UltraNetwork, you automatically agree to follow and abide by our server rules. It is your responsibility to know all of the server rules at all times. Excuses such as "I didn't know it was a rule" will not be tolerated and you will be punished for violating any section or subsection of the rules.