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  1. You can make a refund request here instead: https://forums.ultranetwork.net/index.php?/forms/4-refund-request/
  2. The /nick that you can buy from /perks does not allow you to use colour unfortunately... To get /nick with colour you would have to buy it in the buycraft shop. It also comes along with Iron rank (and ranks above Iron). Hope this helps!
  3. yihern

    I am back.

    Welcome back! Hopefully you are well rested and recovered from your brain surgery! Enjoy your time back on the server! ^-^
  4. This is already present! Hold a regular hopper and do /chopper to receive a crophopper! It collects items such as diamonds, iron, gold, cactus, and blazerods! (there could be more but I'm not too sure) This seems like a great suggestion, albeit potentially overpowered. Perhaps this could be balanced by making it extremely expensive (or even sold on the buycraft store!) and each island should be limited to a certain fixed number of chunk loaders to minimize the lag it could bring about.
  5. yihern


    Yes that would be a really nice addition compared to manually growing and chopping down dark oak trees.
  6. I disagree. If you have an item/command that lets players build things automatically, the server economy is going to spiral out of control and the server could potentially become more laggy. Everyone will just create a huge cactus farm, afk and earn money. While players with schematica do have somewhat of an advantage, they still have to move around so that the blocks get placed and, even so, there may be errors in the building when using schematica. If you intend to build something but do not have schematica, I would suggest hiring/asking another player with the mod installed to do the building for you.
  7. I've always think World Edit made building a lot simpler and quicker but I believe it was removed due to the amount of lag it generated whenever someone placed/remove a huge area in their plots.
  8. Oh my! Long time no see!! Hope you are excited amd enjoy the server :3
  9. Dang, you're definitely a hardcore UN player o.o
  10. Hi, I don't think that this is a bug, but how the plugin works. In order to add Slice to your other axe, you would have to buy a Black Scroll (from /ce, it looks like an ink sac) and use it on your axe with Slice. You would now receive a Slice book which you can then add to your other axe. I hope this helps. :3
  11. As I've noticed, the servers are fun at the beginning of each new season but players tend to comment that they're bored after a few weeks or months of grinding and playing. So I thought it would be nice to add a few new features to keep things engaging for everyone and some features to improve the overall quality of playing. 1. Give a reward/prize to players who top the season's leaderboards A prize like a coupon to use on the server shop or custom tag would be nice to motivate players to grind and compete against one another. In skyblock, the leader or members of the top islands could possibly have a special reward to recognize their efforts and time spent on the server. In Prison, the player with the most blocks mined that season or the player with the largest balance could also be rewarded accordingly. Alternatively, the server could utilize the leaderboards warp to showcase the commendable efforts of players who topped the leaderboards in preceding seasons of Prison and Skyblock. 2. Add monthly build competitions in Prison A theme could be selected every month and players would then have to build according to the theme in an allocated amount of space (1 plot size or maybe within a fixed dimension of 30x30). The winning build could be determined by players' votes and then be used as the location of /warp plots in Prison. Of course this is accompanied with measures in place to prevent players from exploiting the votes. 3. Add custom heads to Prison. I believe there is a plugin called "Head Database" that contains heads of common and interesting objects like food items and the such. This would make building in Prison plots so much better as we would then be able to diversify and decorate our builds with much more detail. 4. Miscellaneous stuff - Make it such that players can put flowers/saplings into flower pots in /lc - Allow players to use /p middle to make it easier to align builds That's all I have for my suggestions, thanks for reading them!
  12. Not the right place to post this... If you want to appeal please do it here: https://forums.ultranetwork.net/index.php?/forms/6-ban-appeal/
  13. yihern

    Umm hi!

    Hello Tahwi! (or is it Tawhi?)