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What platform is this suggestion for?: Survival Server


In the /shop right now, you can sell items.


My suggestion is to add the possibility to do the opposite: You can add requests in the shop for things you want to BUY. Other people can view these requests, gather the materials and complete the trades.

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Hello lukas!

I would have to say I disagree with this suggestion. I feel as if it would take too much work to accomplish what you suggested, yet it would yield petty results. If someone is in need of an item or items, they are more than welcome to ask in chat. Furthermore, if players feel like the chat is too fast, nobody prevents you from messaging a player via /msg. That way you will peek the players interest more than if you just said "I need this/that" in chat, meaning you have a higher probability of obtaining what you need.

I can personally say that messaging players WILL be effective as I am an enchanted book merchant on the server and players message me all the time with books they need. It makes it easier for both me and them.

Moral of my reply: just find somebody to buy what you need from. It will not take that long.

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This sounds like a good suggestion, because even if you ask in chat you can't ask every few minutes when someone with that item may get on or off and you also can't stay up all day doing that and the person who has that item might just be on when you are sleeping because of timezones

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Dear TickleMyPickle,

I would argue with you on those lines: "I feel as if it would take too much work to accomplish what you suggested, yet it would yield petty results" and "nobody prevents you from messaging a player via /msg". 

For "I feel as if it would take too much work to accomplish what you suggested" line, I will say it's easy to deal with the main parts of this, using the same codes we already have with selling

-You can put a table nearly the same as the table we have with /listed, which we can use 2 seperate ways of dealing with the problem when u want to put an item that u need to buy

+ An annoying but universal way that most people know: The selling table can open another table to choose the item u need to buy, writing the amount u need and the price u offer. (This encounter tons of problems, such as enchanted items, etc)
+ My proposing way: You need to have the item u desired (ranging from 1 to 64) in hand and writing a command for like /buy [Amount of stacks] [Price], so if u want to buy let's say, 100 stacks of 64 sands for 200$ each, u would need to hold 64 sands in your hand and write /buy 100 200. And the items that people sold u in from using this will store in another table  like /listed so u can collect later. This actually help people to buy a big amount of items for a shorter amount of time, and prevent new players from flooding the shop and buy such famous items as enchanted item/armors or elytra, beacon, etc... 

For "yet it would yield petty results" line, I would say, yes, to the people who already diving into the economy, but i would say no if u considering the player base. Implement a way to passively buying stuffs from people will help the buyer and seller to use their time more effectively into the interesting parts of the game (building, pvp, etc), and it would respect the player's time, which would increase people satisfaction on the server -> better the server's image.

+This also would reduce the need for building up self-image, which is a hard thing considering our playerbase's average age

+This wouldn't meant it would delete the ways people are selling and buying rn, owner can just limit the amount of stuffs u can ask for buying to make it not being "infinity buying". Thus preventing the deletion of current ways of trading

For  "nobody prevents you from messaging a player via /msg", Yes, and also nope, most people refrain themselves from asking people directly, considering our regular education on the average age of people who play this server. And to change this, we need to better our whole regular education, which doesn't contained in just a community.



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