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  1. BUG REPORT In-Game Name: DezS4125 What is the bug related to?: Survival Server Briefly explain the bug/issue: The Bug: Villagers froze after being cured and left alone for a while, can't do anything to unfreeze the villagers. Some side details: +Different from the former freezing before this when u can just right click them to unfreeze the mob. +Tried Punching, throwing eggs, piston with slime block, nothing work
  2. For this, halfsie true, but halfsie not, as you dig deeper using deeper knowledge, there's always consequences. But let's skip that, the main thing is, if the good consequence>bad consequence (depend on one's judge), it's a fine thing to that guy, although it's not to many others, as they either weight something higher and something lower (personal bias), or just don't see consequences (either personal filter or the lack of knowledge). I try to minimize the affection of my own personal bias, personal filter and my lack of knowledge (the reason i like arguing) to make suggestions, i know they won't ensure my suggestions to pass as it depend the owner's own likeness/bias on things Note: I don't really believe in "common senses" and "justice" (for this i meant the thought of "Just one is right"), as many people uses the word as a thing to justifies their own actions, even if it hurt others. Rather, i just use them as a base to indentify majority. Also I view things more in a more diverse way: bias, filter is two neutral words for me, so, sorry if I failed to connect it last night Another note: because of the previous note, if you could, try to not use words such as right or wrong to short things, as i view it "subjective" and thus i often skip those words (unless it's used while i try to signify things below those words) while i thinking about it, which often resulting many problems of invalid arguments that come when i try to argue with myself, using the infos u give in your argument. The server has a proxy blocker so this is extremely rare. Btw, it's a bit invalid argument here, as i just tell out examples, which might not even applies to this server, just to make parallel topic with the suggestion as i use that famous, easy but still effective punishment as a base for making my type of punishment. But hey, u still point out the fact of "It's unrealistic to complete stop something with one easy solution without consequence-if reverse, then it's not complete stop something". I'm avoid to draw a straight line in our world (to make this sentence less confuse, it's a subject in geomatry, which it's impossible in real world). It is a survival server, even if you add 2 chunk block area players would still put lava and walls around those 2 chunks. This would literally change nothing except, in your words, "make the griefing to be less efficient in time and labor". The time difference this would make is completely insignificant. Adding the border will not make it less fun, if anything it would make it more enjoyable and exciting for the griefer as they notice that it would be harder than they originally imagined. Another invalid argument, as you trying to use your type of griefer as a base, rather than common griefers who is that "some people" i stated, unless "your type" are common in this community, then it's something to observe. I always use "some", "most",...etc... just to exclude some other type of people, which include your, as i doubt they are the majority of the server, again, it's subjective and need ways higher amount of research, which is still something that's not that possible to accurately do while survival just on for like 18 days. But hey, it's possible to have 2 or more "majority" types of griefer (same with others). I wouldn't deny or accept your type of griefer as this server might be more of an "exception" to have that as "majority" (although this also meant griefing will be less frequently but if there's griefing, it would be more dangerous than other server) This would work like that only in the most ideal of cases. Which are extremely rare and should not be taken into consideration as such. No player would get "less enjoyment" from simply having to overcome a 2 chunk barrier. As an experienced Survival player I can tell u that I personally made lava ditches even on distances of 40-50 blocks. Ultranetwork is mostly a very friendly place with an amazing, developed community and griefing is extremely rare. And if griefing does happen, it is most likely because the two lands are at war or the members have some communication issues. Adding the extra untouchable chunks on the outskirts would just make it more difficult for friendly players to have fun together, as people tend to visit others and help them around their base. Side note: you do not have to tag me for me to see what you wrote. I am following Suggestions actively. If I do not respond to a post/comment I either think there is no point in continuing the discussion, or I feel like I have nothing to add to it. -I will clarify this one, as it apply to majority of cases. (a) and (b) here is come from a base from a psychology base of people good (a) and bad (b) opinion, depend on situation and people, they will have different react to a situation, and they based on (a) and (b) to have different reaction on them. And as i stated above, i use "common sense" of griefer as a base, to make that formula that will be able to apply to the "majority" (which is subjective to people to decide on their own rn) (which formula yield pretty good results from my tests on many other communities). It's quite invalid argument as for my side, I don't refer your "experienced Survival player" as the "majority" i stated. Even so, it would likely to make "experienced survival player" to be less favor griefing others than other solutions for extracting rages and stuffs, which reduce the griefing situation (but well, if there is, it would be more extreme than the griefing you were stating rn) -And thank, i had oversight-ed the warring things, that's a interesting case, I will do some research on that side, as i'm lacking the infos from that side and update my suggestion in maybe, several days later. -Btw, my suggestion is kind of help as a tool when needed to reduce the grief of the members have some communication issues, it is a small but stacking protection for the scenery (as the war would continues with alts and friends is there to continues fixing the grief and griefing, which is an extra step that make people less favoring the griefing unless a player really go extreme on it, then the other can wait for the other to chill out, unless both is extreme and it will likely need an actual human to intervene tbh ;-;). It will take around 5-10 mins in between to create a new account, or around 1 min to login another alt, which to me, is a hassle because of the waiting, and i doubt if it not for the extreme griefer who wait to grief his friend, so there's tons of times people end up talking with each other to solve the problems. -For "Adding the extra untouchable chunks on the outskirts would just make it more difficult for friendly players to have fun together, as people tend to visit others and help them around their base.", it's why i put it as a command /l ban, and not something too non-serious to do, if one ban another, the outskirts is still touchable via friend and alt and, the banned player can still go into the unclaimed chunks tho, just can't put block and things that might destroy the terraforming or the normal minecraft scenery unless they pay several mins to get in another account and mess with it and then go back, it's more of a balancer in labor for griefing and fixing in this case -There seem like tons of miscommunication in here tbh, as you and me thought about the different group of people as majority, thus making the arguments quite invalid to each others: +For me, i favor the people who deem griefing is fun as they can do easy things to annoy others as majority. +For you, you seem to favor the people who deem griefing is fun as they do hard thing to annoy others as majority. -It's possible for both cases to exist at the same time, but my suggestion is to tackle the first one and not the latter. Regard, Dezs
  3. @TickleMyPickle Also, a small experience as an old moderator, for people who like to mess with others in real life and internet, most likely they are doing it for fun. Take the fun from them and they will likely to quit their doing. It simply work like this The satisfaction the guy gain (a) > the un-satisfaction he get (b)-> the guy will continues his doing The satisfaction the guy gain (a) < the un-satisfaction he get (b) -> the guy will quit his doing Also (a) and (b) is unique with each person, so a solid punishment are unrealistic to finish the whole problem, if you just use some person to measure and not a whole community. Again, don't expect such thing
  4. Sidenote pickle, read the topic a bit longer for your "All of these can be accessed from the /l menu. Furthermore, players cannot claim land closer than 4 chunks away from another claimed chunk. Even if your suggestion was to go through, people who want to grief would still find a way to do it.". As i stated in the topic "this will not end the griefing, but simply make the griefing to be less efficient in time and labor, more likely a type of punishment for the griefer". It's the same with the normal banning punishment, people can use VPN to bypass bans and mutes, It's unrealistic to complete stop something with one easy solution without consequence, so don't expect that. Also, the idea the suggestion is for some people, for example like to put lava around your base, like lava boxing your base outside the claim, which is pretty easy to do as a griefer, and pretty hard to fix as a base owner. The suggestion is mainly for the griefer, as if they want to box the land again in lava, they will have to do it in a larger scale -> impact on griefer morale
  5. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Survival Server Description Make /l ban to not have banned player permission to put block or kill animal in the chunks in 2 radius from the claimed chunk of that land (to be in sync with not having players to be able to claim land too near another land) (I'm lazy to write the benefits and problems this time) Note: this will not end the griefing, but simply make the griefing to be less efficient in time and labor, more likely a type of punishment for the griefer
  6. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Survival Server Description Headup, this is an idea that also related to another topic that i created "[Survival Server] Incr. claim chunk problems, sol.", if u missed it, u should check it out for better understanding of this idea This idea would involve the command /l top, so prepare for it -The idea- -Make a weekly or monthly event of people sinking their land money similarly to auction, which the top lands with the most money sinked will be given additional perks on their land (allowance of more players to trust, increase the amount of claim a member in your land can provide -> which solve many problems with limited claims but still encourage players to buy ranks, etc... such as more land spawns or thing like that) -Benefits- -The tops lands' money will be sinked into the system, providing a way to balance the money a player often have (money sink), while the losers will be given back the money to their balance -Encourage the player's charisma on the server, as it will involve the allowance of getting more members to get more claims -> getting a better image of the server's community -Solve the limited claim problem -Encourage many people to acknowledge the perks of ranks that can give u (claims, /sethome,....), thus encourage the rank buying -Incase of owners adding a point system for how many times a land win, it encourage the land's member's personal proud on the land -> giving it a popularity among the community ->even more encouraging the players to join the event -... (I forgot :v) -Problems- - Solo players will nearly have no ground in this event - More competitive economy - Competitive event - Have a bit of impact to people who sell ranks to others for the money they deposit into the event (which, if the event have unique reward that worth the money, then it won't be a problem) Sidenote: -/l top will be the sum of the money the land sinked + the balance the land have left Regard, -DezS
  7. Dear TickleMyPickle, I would argue with you on those lines: "I feel as if it would take too much work to accomplish what you suggested, yet it would yield petty results" and "nobody prevents you from messaging a player via /msg". For "I feel as if it would take too much work to accomplish what you suggested" line, I will say it's easy to deal with the main parts of this, using the same codes we already have with selling -You can put a table nearly the same as the table we have with /listed, which we can use 2 seperate ways of dealing with the problem when u want to put an item that u need to buy + An annoying but universal way that most people know: The selling table can open another table to choose the item u need to buy, writing the amount u need and the price u offer. (This encounter tons of problems, such as enchanted items, etc) + My proposing way: You need to have the item u desired (ranging from 1 to 64) in hand and writing a command for like /buy [Amount of stacks] [Price], so if u want to buy let's say, 100 stacks of 64 sands for 200$ each, u would need to hold 64 sands in your hand and write /buy 100 200. And the items that people sold u in from using this will store in another table like /listed so u can collect later. This actually help people to buy a big amount of items for a shorter amount of time, and prevent new players from flooding the shop and buy such famous items as enchanted item/armors or elytra, beacon, etc... For "yet it would yield petty results" line, I would say, yes, to the people who already diving into the economy, but i would say no if u considering the player base. Implement a way to passively buying stuffs from people will help the buyer and seller to use their time more effectively into the interesting parts of the game (building, pvp, etc), and it would respect the player's time, which would increase people satisfaction on the server -> better the server's image. +This also would reduce the need for building up self-image, which is a hard thing considering our playerbase's average age +This wouldn't meant it would delete the ways people are selling and buying rn, owner can just limit the amount of stuffs u can ask for buying to make it not being "infinity buying". Thus preventing the deletion of current ways of trading For "nobody prevents you from messaging a player via /msg", Yes, and also nope, most people refrain themselves from asking people directly, considering our regular education on the average age of people who play this server. And to change this, we need to better our whole regular education, which doesn't contained in just a community. Regard, -DezS
  8. SERVER SUGGESTION What platform is this suggestion for?: Survival Server Description -Headup- This is actually an reply about problems on increasing claim chunks that the owners have to face "[Survival Server] Claim chunks", and from them, our player can improve our knowledge base to suggest on this thing better, and in any chances that I could help people (i will never exclude anyone, including the staffs and the owners) on improving the server and their knowledge based on reading and arguing, it's cool :). From them, we can make a higher quality suggestion on the problems. The reason behind me making the new topic instead of replying the old one, is because I try to catch the staffs' and owners' eyes on this topic, because... let's face it here, those topics is still a touchy one on cracked servers and rarely any owner would want to pay time reading it as it rarely benefit the server's income (which affect the server's maintance payment). But believe me, I try to make it more owner's perspective heathy. Another thing, I'm pretty into pragmatism and I really hate making promises to people i don't know, and to people i know, they know, those promises just equal high chance and not an insurance for anything. Sorry if about my bad grammar tho, if anything, i will edit it. Let's just dive into the topic. -Problems- -The main the problems that owners doesn't really into the topic is because the increase on claims would conflict with the rankup's privileges in survival, and in most cases that if they don't, those suggestions will often to have a really big labor "right into people's faces", which doesn't healthy to the "new player" playerbase nor the people who buy ranks for others nor the server's reputation (which often lead to a bad "domino" effect on the server). -Another problem, is that some suggestions is pretty fine, but too much of them will face the problem of adding up too much thing for the server to write and too often it's consequences (server's lag, owner's time invest in the server which could have been used to make better contents or fixing bugs/lags, etc...) exceed the benefit, making it not worth it. (yep, this meant, the more knowledge u have, the higher quality your suggestion is) -Solutions- -The problems we faces, doesn't meant it's impossible, it's just another challenge that you need to pass while making your suggestions. And the consequences doesn't meant it can't have benefits, as long as to the server (owners, staffs and players), the benefits is exceed the consequences. I encourage the suggestions of any topic to have the thoughts of it's consequences before any benefit it have, so you can compare it more beneficial (not accurate, as we all have our own's bias on things). +Based on the topic, this is the easiest way to make suggestion, but also the hardest to have a quality suggestion +Based on your suggestion's problems, this is the hard but straight forward on your suggestion, although i deeply encourage the suggestions to have deep thought on then, light thought suggestion is also fine, as the comments are there to help building the suggestion (and try to have deep thought if u are into argue in comment as if not, you will too likely to get in the loop hole of arguing, which i faced too much times in real life and internet, which lead to nowhere and benefit no one). +Based on other thing's problems, and from them, improving the suggestion to have more benefits than only the topic we talk about, and from them, we could have the benefits to exceed the consequences. (one good example here is from the fact that new player doesn't really know the benefit of having a rank, but most know the benefit of having money, so from them, we could encourage the people to sell ranks. (the problem of this, is the chance of the rank seller to take advantage of the situation to inflate the economy price, so deep thought is needed)). -For my suggestion, I have more than one, but I will put it for later, so i can make u guys to read the comment's suggestions first (which I highly encourage u guys to do after reading, and again, I don't exclude the staffs and the owners). And also, giving me some time to argue with myself on the topic of increasing claims for people. -Ending- This topic isn't fully contained in this sheet of words. I wish i could do more, but I can only pick the most prominent problems and solutions that you are easier to read, for the deeper problems and solutions, you will need to study :), but it will always end up in one thing: "making the benefit to be larger than the problems it brings, which problem is inevitable, small or big". This is due to this sheet is only a 2 hour work of writing, if i write more, it will be too much of a real essay to everyone to read. Thank for reading, (I'm exhausted again lol xD) -DezS