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  1. yeah but the tutorials are annoying to get into there useful but they are annoying
  2. So there are many times a new player will join the server and have almost no idea what to do so I have an idea to add an instruction book when a player joins the server it would automaticly go into there inventory just like the starter kit and if they want to know any thing on the server they can open the book. i asked a friend to make one of these types of books so if you accept the idea there will already be copies if you would like to use. The book contains the basic commands a talks about how to increase the is level it also goes into mcmmo levels and how to use action house. it also tells the players how they can get ranks by directing them to /donate the book also goes over the rules of the server so that will also be helpful to new players and might reduce begging and scamming :3. If you accept the request and would like to use this book then either message me on discord at michael tepper#6855 or find me on ultranet work my minecraft user is michaeltepper The one responsible for creating the book is of course a player named Autreous I currently have the master copy if that's what you want to use
  3. Adding either a Looting 4/5 book in ultra crates or looting 4/5 sword in ultra crates. doing this is just a fun little thing and it might increase sales of ultra crates as well. -michaelteper discord-michael tepper#6855
  4. its the same way with skulker boxes.
  5. So I always have at least 4 tabs of the forums open at all times. its always the home page the scoreboard the punishments and the general info page. Im not sure why i have the score board contently open but i do enjoy having it open. i always have punishments open to do research on people who i am thinking to join my island in sky blocks to make sure there ban/mute history inst horrible. the reason I do that is so I have a lower risk of inviting someone who is mostly to get banned on the server. I always have the home page open just encase i need to open a 5th widow on the UN Website. and the General info page I'm not sure why I keep it open but I always do so i thought I should add that as well (I stalk my friends punishments for fun)
  6. the player that wants the rank up is named JackXuCA he is willing to offer 800 mil to buy him iron rank he does not currently have a rank thats why he is offering 800mil for the rankup so it can be easy cash for anyone who wants to do it. you can msg him ingame or on discord. Ingame-JackXuCA Discord-@ʝǟƈᏦօʟǟռᏆɛʀռ#0294
  7. Welcome I hope you enjoy the server as much as I do
  8. ill pay you 100 shmeckles
  9. what they added makes it easy to get money from mining.
  10. but that's an insane Buff for totem
  11. Thats a big oof but now you will get more keys
  12. No I lost my unique Command oh well