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  1. the player that wants the rank up is named JackXuCA he is willing to offer 800 mil to buy him iron rank he does not currently have a rank thats why he is offering 800mil for the rankup so it can be easy cash for anyone who wants to do it. you can msg him ingame or on discord. Ingame-JackXuCA Discord-@ʝǟƈᏦօʟǟռᏆɛʀռ#0294
  2. i think its just part of the plugin only because its the same way on a lot of other skyblocks servers but i could be super wrong
  3. So me and another player named FrogTaxiDan decided it would be fun if we hosted a tnt run event. the event will be happening on the September 28th (Saturday) at 12pm eastern timezone. the winner of the Tnt run will get 100mil as a sweet little reward. anyone can join including a staff member the owners or regular members. the people not allowed to enter are people who were banned from my island or who are currently on my island. The reason my is team wont be participating is to make sure no one is cheating by either flying/ using the speed command or any hack Client. if you are seen breaking the rules you will be is exiled from the island and will lose your chance of winning the 100mil. FrogTaxiDan put a lot of work into this event so i hope everyone who participates Enjoys it. -michaeltepper
  4. michaeltepper

    duel 1v1s

    yo that sounds lit but there would be a lot of work that would have to go into that. other wise amazing idea
  5. Did you know the common touch screen phone requires more math and science to build then the first rocket to land on the moon. ps that's the reason why phones cost a couple hundred
  6. Welcome I hope you enjoy the server as much as I do
  7. not a bad idea but it would be annoying because people would try to sell fake replicas on ah. so scamming would increase.
  8. ill pay you 100 shmeckles
  9. so this is a funny story I found this server several times on Minecraft server websites multiple times but it was not until the 5th time I saw this server I decided to join it. I usually stay away from large Minecraft servers because of tryhards but when I joined I realized I was one of the only true tryhards on the server then I Yeeted my self up the rank is skyblocks I was mostly a solo player my first season back when witches dropped keys I would get so many blocks and I would place them all. I was also making billions a week and all that money ended up going strait to diamond blocks. every time I would waste my day placing diamond blocks using world edit all the chests I had would fill back up. I was buying the diamond blocks for 100k a stack back then and people were draining me of all my money. at one point I lost 1 billion because some op player sold me so many diamond blocks and my area to buy diamond blocks was a 3by20 of double chests so I could buy a ton of diamond blocks at a time. during that time I was gaining around 300k blocks a day if I decided to place the blocks I had. it was insane I tell you what I loved it. who would ever think you could get board placing blocks with world edit I didn't. I didn't even know that was possible until it happened. it was absolutely amazing. then for most of season 2 I decide to take a break from the server and I played other op servers that now I remember them they were similar to ultranet work season 1 only because of the custom mob drops. I loved those types of servers they were super fun to me and I'm not quite sure why either. I didn't start playing ultranetwork until 6 months after I quit and I was passed on top played it was a little sad for me but I quickly got over it and continued the rest of my season. (when I say sad it fueled me to want to play on the server nonstop) That is how I found and enjoyed ultranetwork so much I hope you enjoy reading there's a ton here for you to read Enjoy, -michaeltepper
  10. I think using the word cancer is a bit obsessive and unnecessary why didn't you use horrible instead.
  11. if they lowed it then there would be to many players with youtuber rank
  12. what they added makes it easy to get money from mining.
  13. wither heads are easy to get because you can buy wither skeleton spawners from shop now so they are easy to get
  14. withers are not disabled that's why players are able to get witherstars
  15. but that's an insane Buff for totem