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    Co owner on Prison Plots

    Hey everyone!! I would love to announce a new suggestion, Co owner on a plot. I will list some basic things a co owner could or could not do: The co owner can /deny people from the plot. The co owner can /add people to the plot (they will only be able to build when the co owner/owner is online) The co owner can /trust people. The co owner can NOT /merge plots. The co owner can NOT do /plot delete nor /plot confirm. By this, the co owner takes half of the responsibilities in their hands. This could help players with a plot mine if they're offline and they have a so called "manager" on their mines. I would love to see this suggestion take place in prison, let me know what you think. -Jen
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    Cactus Farm in SB (Maybe a Guide)

    Cactus farm is a very good starting farms for starters in skyblock, and then followed by IronGolem farm (which is not recommended to make atm because of low spawn rate) The randomtickspeed is different than your normal singleplayer's randomtickSpeed, therefore cactus grows faster in this server. But to get 10k cactus, you will need a certain amount of cactus in your farm. According to minecraft gamepedia, a cactus grow with an average of 18minutes. Therefore, to get 1 cactus per minute, you will need 18 cactus in your farm: and 1 stack of cactus for 64 minutes. 1 cactus per second need 18*60 = 1080 cactus in your farm. At one cactus per second , you fill one slot of a dub every 64 seconds, to fill an entire dub it would take 54(slot of dub chest) *64= 3456 seconds or 57.6 minutes, roughly 10k per hour. How much cactus would be needed to make 10k per minute? Per second? To get 10k/minute, if we round 57.6 up to 60 , then we can multiply 1080*60 =64,800 cactus Then just multiply 64,800*60= 3,888,000 cactus to get 10k per second. Afking one chunk with every alternate block as cactus then divided by 2 for the blanks rows needed for cactus to fall. A chunk is 16*16*256=65,536 blocks dividing it by 2 for alternate blocks and 2 again for the rows gets 65,536/4 =16384 , enough to get roughly 10k cactus every 4 minutes for a whole chunk cactus farm, 4 chunks needed for around 10k a minute and 240 chunk cactus farm (60*4) for 10k per second This calculation is not originally from me but i would like to share this to everybody, hope it will help in your island. Source: https://desteria.com/community/threads/cactus-farm-math.86084/
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    SB reset

    No official time. On discord, Dead said probably around 11am IST (Ireland Standard Time)
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    Skyblock Mine

    WE CLEARED THE MINE comment other cool stuff youve done in the mine
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    Prisons/General server

    A Youtuber rank already exists, you can find out more about it and it's requirements in this topic: We require atleast 3,000 subscribers as we feel this is a good starting number of subscribers for upcoming Youtubers. We can't have the requirement too low otherwise we'd be giving out the rank way too frequently.
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    Quitting Players?

    I agree with that, but adding minigames would really be interesting.
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    Hello UltraNetwork Forum! I'm Cabsuu

    I started playing this server like 1-2 weeks ago, this server has the best community, because it only allows you to speak in English (or speak in Spanish at /spanish chat) to make everyone understand, and to know if there are players are being toxic. Of course begging for money is not allowed, the server is already overpowered, but some people are willing to help if ever they really need help. And I just registered today in this Forum, so I'm going to introduce myself. I am Cabsuu, playing Minecraft for 6 years until now, and my favorite type of server is Skyblock. I like Skyblock because I like to work hard in obtaining stuff and build some good designs in my island. I am still honing my skills in building and using redstone mechanics. I'm already good in these both but I want to improve better. Here's my Island, my progress that I worked so far, it's not yet done because my teammate is 24/7 offline. (Yeah it's hard to play solo >.>) Anyways, nice to meet you all.
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    Hello UltraNetwork Forum! I'm Cabsuu

    Cool island, better than mine tenfold lmao Welcome to the server bud, have a great stay too Always be watching from the sidelines here >:3
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    Hello UltraNetwork Forum! I'm Cabsuu

    Welcome! Enjoy our server. I hope to see you in-game sometime
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    Hello UltraNetwork Forum! I'm Cabsuu

    thats a very nice island enjoy playing on THE BEST MINECRAFT SERVER!!
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    Welcome, and your island is amazing. Hope you have fun on UN!
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    [Prison Server] Bug Report

    Fixed for next reboot
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    Hello UltraNetwork Forum! I'm Cabsuu

    Welcome, and cool island
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    Auto Builder for Skyblock

    Alot of people dont like building cactus farms so why not add an auto builder, they can for example buy a 1 chunk 200 blocks high cactus farm for 10M etc. etc.
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    Dead has already heard this from me but I want to get your point of views. So I was wondering if you could add a setting for "TNT Breaks Blocks". So this island setting will allow TNT to break blocks on your island but have it not able to break blocks such as: Chests, signs, item frames and any storage items. This will allow for more automatic farms. Thanks. killer10129.
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    If possible tnt should break ONLY ores, emerald blocks and stones that generated by a cobblestone generator. That way the abusing of tnt could be evaded and would be less laggy. Looking forward to this suggestion 👍
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    Old UN to new UN?

    Hey Jacob, I joined near the end of mid-2018. One thing I noticed was that a lot of the old staff members have left or they were demoted. I know none of the current staff members(except Dead and Skully). As PikChu mentioned, a lot of players left or at least the ones I knew. We had really popular players on too, but they also left. I just joined back in the UN and things have changed. Not changes in-game, but changes in the community. Things just change but we don't notice it.
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    Old UN to new UN?

    Hey UN family, It is me Jacob of 911 and I am here to ask what it was like in the good old early days of UN. I cam to the server in 2018 and a lot has changed since then and when I returned everything stayed the same. I am just wondering (If you were around back then) what it was like back in the good old UN days and maybe like how has it changed.
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    Rights for Toilets!

    Toilets are really useful. Especially when I have to relieve myself
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    Co owner on Prison Plots

    Hello Jenny! What a great suggestion you have thought of, I like the suggestion of having someone manage your plot whenever the owner is away. That is very handy to have for various reasons. I would like to have it added. Although, there's something that I don't like. And as you said, people who have their plot mines. Other people managing their own plot is quite risky and may end up terrible. Now, I know the owner of the plot will only add someone as co-owner if they're trusted right? But people are people. What if they had a fight? They could hold a grudge and frame them for adding too many players on the plot mine as to their player limit to the plot mine and they can get reported for that, and they could end up getting their plot mines removed. Permanently. And vice versa, if this is added, the co-owner can be punished harshly. I know am I seeing this in a negative way, but I am merely just saying my opinions on the matter.
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    Allow tnt explosions

    tnt is a great thing especially for auto cobblestone farms which would be really nice to have, so could you add a way for people to turn on tnt explosions so that we can utilize this amazing farm thanks
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    Guardian role for discord.

    People should be using the /report command or submitting a report through the forums if possible instead of having another role. If you report people enough to get a custom role, you should just apply for a staff position as you'd be helping the community much more. -Zil
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    Cactus Farm in SB (Maybe a Guide)

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    ~ Hello UltraNetwork !! ~

    ❤️ Hey everyone 💓 ** SkyBlock Player and proud ** My name is Emily, but my Minecraft Username is Japanaese. I've been playing for almost a week now, but I've already been making huge progress with meeting everyone on Skyblock. I'm so happy I got to find the server that really gets me smiling every day. I've never been attached to servers easily, and this is the first server I joined when I came back from quitting Minecraft and it immediately became close to my heart and everybody in it. I'm 15 years old, and I love writing and doodling. I also love communicating with people, I'm found often at VC 1 or 2 in the Discord. I enjoy helping others, giving stuff away, and overall bonding with people. I've been on this server for less than a week, I already purchased Gold Rank and x2 Legendary Keys.. and also bought a lovely player a rank! Well, I don't know what else much to say! Ask me questions below. Please add me on Discord and hopefully meet in game and play! I'd love to meet you guys. Here's some pictures of amazing friends of mine.
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    Prison Suggestions

    Hi there! I want to give some of my prison suggestions today. First, I think that the prestige crate needs an update. Let's talk about the benefit to prestige after you have reached the maximum rank. In my own opinion, I think that the benefit of prestige is actually to earn something instead of wasting money. There will be no point to prestige if the benefit of doing it is not equal to the effort and the money that people puts in. For example, you get a prestige key every three prestige. Ok, that good, and now let's see what are in the prestige crate. 100T, X128 legendary keys, a multi-key, a tokenv2 key, a 400 pick, and a 450 pick, etc.... Yes, some things are really good in the prestige key like the pickaxes, but what about other things like the 100T, multi-key, and X128 legendary keys? The cost of getting a prestige key is about 650T? (Guessing, but somewhere around it) We are most likely to waste all of our 650T instead of getting a pickaxe due to the rewards like 100T, multi-key, and other stuff. Yesterday, I saw three people opened the prestige crate. One got a multi-key, the other one got X128 legendary keys, and the last one (it was me) got a tokenv2 key. Let's talk about how much does them worth now. In prison, a multi-key probably worth around 30T, but no one wants them now because they are too easy to get. All of us know that the rarer a thing is, the more expensive it is. After the prison update about two weeks ago, people can get a multi-key by just mining 3M blocks. Before the update, it is extremely hard to get a multi-key because we have to mine 10M blocks to get it. Before the update, the price for the multi-key is solid 150T, and now it has dropped to 35T, and no one even wants it for 35T. Why? This is not only because of the requirement to get a multi-key has reduced by 33.33%, but also it is because more and more players joined the server every day. The market for multi-key is almost saturated. In science, I can refer to this as a "saturated point," which means that not a lot of people needs a multi-key or wants to open a multi crate again. A stack of legendary keys only worth 8T in prison, and that's the average price for that. So if someone got a multi-key or X128 legendary keys, they would probably to choose not to prestige anymore because there's no point. Those are the reasons that I think the owners should update the prestige crate. Now let's talk about what's one benefit of players prestige to the server. Every time a player prestige, they will give 216T back to the server instead of putting it to the economy. Once more players choose to prestige, then it balances the server's economy. From the prison reset to now, the server's economy is already a little bit overwhelmed. Why? Because people are making quadrillions of money every day, and when they added up, it will really overwhelm the economy balance. More and more money has obtained by the players, but 80% of that money won't get recycled instead of going into the market. This would destroy new players' game experience because there are so many ways for them to get money. I think the idea that might reduce this is to make taxes on each thing that we purchase when we are trading with other players. (But people might just start using banknotes to trade Idk how to deal with that.) Another idea is that the owners should make the prestige really something. (I am not saying that you guys should increase the prize in the prestige key by that much, I am just saying that figure out a way to let the players feel it worth the money we wasted instead of making it actually something that worth 650T) For example, like make some achievements and once we have reached the number of prestige then we would receive that achievement. Another idea is that we can get some special commands, or make a prestige tag. Also, I think every P10 random reward should be added soon and choose the random rewards carefully. That's all of my suggestions!
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    [Prison] Gang commands

    I think you should add a way to see the gang balance history and see who has taken and put money into the gang. It would be easier for gang leaders to figure out and see what had happened to their gangs balance while they were gone. The reason i am suggesting this is because recently we had people accusing each other of stealing our gangs money and with this added to the /gang commands it would stop this from happening. Thank you for reading this!
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    Skyblock Reset - October 2018

    Skyblock Reset Changes Please ensure you read the full topic prior to asking any questions. Hi there! First and foremost, this reset may result in a few possible bugs being created, if you discover any then we ask you to report them here, if you have any questions for the time being regarding the reset you can ask for support in the discord server. Additions New Spawner System (One of the main aims for the reset was to give the spawner system an overhaul.) Spawners now spawn entities faster! Multiple spawners can now be placed at once. All spawners now have a max level of 100. Squid spawners will now work. Right-clicking a spawner will give you detail about the spawner (Opening an interface) In the interface you will be able to see statistics about the server (e.g. how much mobs have spawned from the spawner) New Hopper System You can now left click hoppers to view additional information, statistics and more. You can now filter (whitelist/blacklist) what items go inside the hopper! This can be found by left clicking the hopper. Items that are dropped nearby can be picked up. (this is also known as "suction") You can now link a hopper to a chest. The chest doesn't have to be connected with the hopper. This option can be found in the left click menu. Island Changes New island top! Full menu redesigned for optimization. Players displayed on island top will now have their island level, position, worth, members & island statistics displayed. In the statistics page, you can view the players amount of spawners placed. (all different types) You can also view the number of certain blocks placed (Example #1 | Example #2) Island top will generate on every reboot automatically. Default islands are now generating at Y 50. Island size by default is now 100 (Can be upgraded in /upgrade to max size 1000) A border will show for your max island size. Improvements to showing changes for offline members after they join. Custom Mob Drop Changes All custom drops have been removed and will return in a later date. New Fast Placing Feature Using fastplace will now allow you to place blocks quicker without having to use WorldEdit, yes it still uses items from your inventory! See this image for all additional information regarding this feature. You can learn more about fastplace if you do /fastplace whilst in-game. WorldEdit Changes Everyone now has access to //count <block> while on their island Everyone now has access to /ascend (/top ally) while on their island Everyone now has access to /descend while on their island Everyone now has access to /top while on their island Everyone now has access to //calc <sum> (e.g. //calc 321 + 123) Entering the command //wand will now prompt you into the purchasing a wand for easier pos1 & pos2 selecting When selecting pos1 & pos2 it will not outline the number of blocks you have selected WorldEdit messages have been adjusted Main worldedit prefix has been changed JarvisV2 Addition Will now give the player a tutorial (Similar to Prison Server) Can be found at spawn or can be began using /tutorial (/tutorial leave/quit to quit) PrisonGuard & AntiCheat changes (Changes here are applied to the Prison & Skyblock Server) AntiCheat changes: All checks have been improved to prevent false positives. When glitched into a block you will now be sent a message on how to fix yourself. PrisonGuard changes: When a message is sent from #skyblock-chat or #prison-chat and the message contains an inappropriate word it will be blocked. Removed Spanish filter. Shop Changes Added new leaves section that can be found in the blocks section or the new "Other" category. Added raw mutton to farming section. Added apple to farming section. Added "Other" Category. This section will consist of materials that have multiple types Currently, there are 3 subcategories inside this: Leaves, Flowers & Saplings We plan to add more sections like different types of banners, bed colours etc. Reworked the farming category. Flowers have been removed and now is in its own category. All seeds now cost $150 ($250 before) Coco beans now sell for $30 ($20 before) String now costs $30 ($15 before) String now sells for $15 ($4 before) Pumpkin seeds now sell for $20 ($10 before) Gunpowder now sells for $10 ($3 before) Leather now costs $30 ($10 before) Leather now sells for $10 ($5 before) Eggs now sell for $30 ($5 before) Bonemeal now costs $100 ($200 before) Cobblestone price from $30 to $50. Sell prices increased to $10 to $30. Bookshelf price decreased from $500 to $250 Sell prices increased from $5 to $25 Packed ice increased to $500 from $250 Sell prices increased from $30 to $50 Endstone increased to $500 from $10 Sell prices increased from$ 0.45 to $50 Sand & Sandstone increased to $200 from $175 Sell prices increased from $17.5 to $20 Stone Brick related blocks increased to $300 from $5 Sell prices increased from $0.2 to $50 Quartz block increased to $100 from $50 Water & Lava bucket decreased to $500 from $300 You can no longer use the buy more option for buckets. Iron ingot now sells for $50 ($30 before) Gold ingot now sells for $50 ($40 before) Lapis now sells for $20 ($10 before) Buy price is now $120 ($100 before) Diamond now sells for $80 ($60 before) Emerald now sells for $90 ($80 before) You can now buy cactus for $50. Purchasing an item will no longer close the GUI. Zombie price changed from $100,000 > $300,000 Witch spawner decreased from $250,00 > $150,000 Iron Golem Spawner increased from $150,00 > $200,00 Removed enderman spawners from the shop. GUI will no longer close when buying materials/items. You can now buy up to 1-36 stacks of a full inventory in the 'buy more' option (See fore more info) Tools section has been removed. New mcMMO Credits With mcMMO credits you can unlock more levels of mcMMO abilities, you can use credits in /redeem. Credits can be obtained from crates, voting, voteparty, etc. mcMMO Credit commands: /credits <player> (View another players credits, do /credits to view your own) /credits send <player> <amount> (Give another player credits) /redeem (Opens interface for redeeming) /redeem <skill> <amount> (Redeem a skill using command) Message prefix has been changed All messages sent by the server will now contain "Skyblock |" in them Crate Changes Multiple players can now open crates at once. (FINALLY!) Players will no longer be able to get crates on their island. You can now enable "Bulk Keys" option in /prefs Crates now have credits in them. Fixed some crates having rewards that won't give the reward when you win Crates are now more organized and less stupid Vote Crate: Removed useless rewards. Adjusted rewards. Common Crate: Removed all type of logs from the crate Removed useless rewards Doubled some rewards so it matches with crate order now Fixed issue with not able to get Redstone blocks Rare Crate: Doubled the block rewards You can now get legendary keys again Changed enchanted golden apples to normal golden apples Added back blizzard kit rewards Now display the enchants of the item as lore Removed cow spawner from rare crate reward Ultra Crate: Removed fortune from OP Pickaxe (Fortune and silk don't work together!) Changed money rewards around so they're in order. Removed 35k & 75k reward. Added valuable blocks. Replaced 5 legendary keys with 2 ultra keys. Changed some names of spawners as reward names. Legendary Crate: Changed enchanted golden apples from 10 to 3. Changed name from "Golden Apple" to "Enchanted Golden Apple". Changed rare key amount from 1 to 2. Changed around the order of were rewards are positioned. Removed 45k money reward. Money rewards are now in order to make sense with other crates. Added you can now get 2 legendary keys. Daily Crate: Changed positions for rewards around. Added you can now get a legendary, rare & common key. Spawner Crate: Added more spawners. Each reward now gives 100 of the spawner you win. We will be making spawner crate more easier to get during the next few weeks. Added Pets What are pets? Pets are cosmetical creatures that only donators (currently) have access to. Coal rank and above have access to all pets. Commands: /pet (Opens GUI) /pet call (Teleports you pet to you) /pet setname <name> (Change your pet name) Gold rank and above have access to changing pets name with colour /pet hat (Puts your pet on top of you) Redstone rank and above have access to this /pet ride (Ride your pet) Void rank and above have access to this Note: pets are only cosmetical and do not grant any advantage Improvements to Rename System You can no longer use any inappropriate words onto items You can no longer rename "BOOK", "TRIPWIRE_HOOK", "PAPER" Renaming is now more efficient Voting Changes New voting rewards: $1,000 1 Vote key 5 mcMMO credits (/redeem) Rewards will build its way up during the next few weeks New lucky rewards: You now have a chance to win an extra 1M from voting You now have a chance to win a 100 uses sellwand from voting You now have a chance to win a spawner key from voting You can now vote while offline (you will receive rewards on your next login) Votetop changes: Replaced spawner key with ultra key for #1, #2 & #3 New improved Spanish chat support (Prison & Skyblock) When a player chats with their locale (Minecraft Client Language) set to anything related to "Espanol" (or es_XX) they will be put into Spanish chat. Buycraft Changes (Full Network Adjustment) The buycraft plugin will now run on the main server. You will be given the package that you have purchased from the store instantly after purchase. AntiAFK Addition If you AFK for 20 minutes you will be kicked from the server. AFK Pools are now against the rules for Skyblock. Improved EXP withdrawing (changes applied to prison too): You can now do /xpbottle all and it'll put all your EXP into a bottle for you! Every block placed/broken are now logged more efficiently. The server will now keep track of the amount of players total joined (will now display on the welcome message) You can no longer place enchantment tables. Winning a chatreaction will now give a common key instead of 500k. Fixes Fixed left click purchasing first generator in upgrades would not give it. Fixed a glitch when you spam place spawners it would not merge. Fixed default generator giving iron ore instead of coal ore. Fixed exploits with able to duplicate with enchanting tables in WorldEdit. Fixed when renaming an item in some random occasions it wouldn't rename it. Fixed a bug when spamming left click to place spawners would place another whole new stack beside the current spawner. Fixed some crate rewards having a 0% chance type due to calculation error. Fixed issue with block logger causing issues with WorldEdit. Removals Removed bar bets completely. Removed custom mob drops. This change may be reverted at a later date. Additional to the features above, you may have noticed a complete redesign to ur branding and logo, along with a rework to our website and forums. Our store has also been redesigned, check it out here and why not drop a few things in your cart whilst you're there? If you have any questions, feel free to comment below and we'll do our best to assist! For all players who have purchased content from the store, PM an owner on Discord and we'll refund you anything that you are not automatically issued when you rejoin. Thanks for playing at UltraNetwork, we hope you enjoy the update!
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    Skyblock Mine

    I found the correct sign for the easter egg.
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    Quitting Players?

    Myself and DeadMaster have been discussing adding a new gamemode for some time, however maintaining and sorting out existing servers first is always a top priority. Adding a new server at this time on top of existing ones would simply create more work for the both of us and wouldn't be fair to players who are playing on Prison or Skyblock when issues still exist on both of these servers if we shift our focus to a new gamemode. We've been hard at work to initially fix major issues that exist on Prison and Skyblock, hopefully later this summer we may see the introduction of an additional gamemode, though before we add a new server it'll be taken to a Discord poll to see what type of server players would be most interested to see. As always, we're accepting suggestions for existing servers in the suggestions section of the forums, if you have ideas you'd like to see implemented, post a topic here: https://forums.ultranetwork.me/index.php?/forum/28-suggestions/
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    Prison Episode 2 is released

    So guys OP Prison Episode 2 is released in my YT channel - TeslockPro Go SUBSCRIBE it if you haven't till now : ) I upload UltraNetwork Skyblock/Prison Videos Episode 2 You can watch from here
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    [Prison] Mining Rewards

    Adjusted, more improvements to come
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    Ultra Spammed me lol

    Back when i was still a nub lel
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    Ultra Spammed me lol

    It spammed me look guys with "skruffy is reseting" lol
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    Final Goodbye's

    Hey guys just wanted to let you guys no that I wont be playing this server, and I'm gonna be completely honest, I was perma banned for mute evading, Disrespecting staff and doxxing (Giving out others personal information) so I'm just saying you guys probably wont see me again(hopefully you will😉) unless its on another server but anyways, I just want to apologize to Skully, Ussr and anyone else I was toxic towards. Thanks for a great time everyone! Welp, thats it guys see ya round🖐️!
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    Ultra Spammed me lol

    Luckymining spam is better spam Plz fix it dead
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    Quitting Players?

    I mean if theY would add Factions, thats would be kewl
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    Custom drops will return in the future.
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    Lucky mining for gems

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    Quitting Players?

    i didn't say that i want them stay, i just want to say the it will be nice if they add an other games so that the people wont decided to quit for just a bored reason.
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    You can see your personal statistics through the Minecraft built in stats menu.
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    Hi, I'm Copline.

    Thanks! Will do! 😄
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    Hi, I'm Copline.

    Welcome! I hope you have a great time on here.
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    Monthly Top Voters

    MONTHLY TOP VOTERS Every month, we reward the top voters across each server as a thank you. It's simple to get involved in these rewards by going in-game to the server of your preference and doing /vote! You'll be issued your regular reward for voting but those who go above and beyond with dedication to voting for us regularly will be given higher tier rewards such as server ranks! To see this month's current top votes so far, you can use /sv top, your own personal vote count for the month is also shown in /vote. MONTHLY REWARDS Check out what you can win each month by simply voting for the server! The monthly rewards may be subject to change any time to be improved. It's possible to win twice in the same month on both servers, however you can choose which server your reward is issued on. You can check out the monthly top voters history by checking the top voting spreadsheet: http://bit.ly/UNTopVoters THIS MONTH'S REWARDS #1 TOP VOTER Gold Rank Voucher #2 TOP VOTER Iron Rank Voucher #3 TOP VOTER Coal Rank Voucher
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    [Prison] Gang commands

    Yeah this should definitely be added. It's really annoying when you can't find out who stole from the gang.
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    Prison Reset - February 2019

    PRISON RESET - FEBRUARY 2019 Please ensure you read the full topic prior to asking any questions. Hi there! First and foremost, this reset may result in a few possible bugs being created, if you discover any then we ask you to report them here, if you have any questions for the time being regarding the reset you can ask for support in the discord server. Additions Rank Changes Most rank up prices have been decreased, some have been increased. We will keep a close eye on this change and adjust the rank up prices as required to maintain balance. The following ranks have been removed - Includes additional ranks ("-I", "-II", "-III" etc.) Sergeant Rogue DrugDealer was renamed too "Commander". A Ranks GUI has been implemented. You can now view all ranks via /ranks. You will be able to warp to the ranks mine if you have permission. You are able to view the exact cost you need to get to the final rank (Angel). You can see the correct rankup cost and the next rank. You can see what ranks you do not have unlocked. Ranking up no longer gives tokens. "Not enough money" message has been modified to display a lower sized message. Crate Changes Most crates have been nerfed to match the new economy. Bulk key changes: When attempting to use bulk keys on a crate that opens a GUI you will now be given an option in chat to disable bulk keys for 20 seconds. Token Changes Changed the description for all the enchants in the GUI. Sphered enchant will now work correctly. This enchant will now have an increased explosion radius. Excavation enchant now costs 100,000 tokens. Enchants can no longer be used in lower mines. (Mines A-Z) Reduced the number of tokens received with LuckyMining. Fortune enchant can no longer be upgraded with tokens. The menu will now display your tokens in the title of the GUI. ItemShop changes: No longer sells command keys. Prices for keys have been increased. Removed multipliers above 0.1. Kit Changes The following pickaxes are no longer available: 700 Pickaxe 675 Pickaxe 650 Pickaxe 600 Pickaxe 575 Pickaxe 550 Pickaxe Bundle kit changes: Platinum pickaxe is now a 500 pickaxe. Titanium pickaxe is now a 400 pickaxe. Bronze pickaxe is now a 300 pickaxe. All donator rank kits have nerfed. Kit cooldowns have been significantly adjusted. Platinum kit delay is now one month. (Was already displayed as 1 month in the store, but was less in-game.) Custom Enchant Changes The following enchants are no longer obtainable: Hulk Haste Cyborg AutoSmelt AntiGravity HellForged now has a maximum level of 1. Now only found in rare and legendary crates. Springs now has a maximum level of 2. Now only found in rare and legendary crates. FastTurn can now only be found in rare and legendary crates. DoubleDamage now has a maximum level of 1. Ninja can now only found in rare and legendary crates. GKitz has been removed temporarily. (It will be implemented again at a later date.) MoneyCommand Changes /enderchest now costs 3T. /autosell now costs 5T. /heal now costs 1.25T. /afk now costs 1T. /rename (With colour) now costs 3T. MoneyCommands no longer is a warp, it can now be found in the GUI with /moneycommands The following commands are no longer purchasable: Feed Craft Recipe Rename without colour Nickname with colour Nickname with bold Preferences Changes (/prefs) You can now opt out from allowing other players from seeing your name on join/leave. Note: Staff members will still be able to see you logging in and out. New preference: "Disallow new players" this prevents players with 1 hour and less to not be able to private message you. LuckyMining preference will now work correctly. Toggling preferences on and off is now more efficient. Prestige Changes A prestige GUI has been added. (/prestiges) There are now unlimited prestiges. You will receive a prestige key every 3 prestiges. (This may be adjusted at a later date.) You will receive a random reward every 10 prestiges. Rewards are similar to voteparty & minecrates, except they will give significantly more valuable rewards. Mine & Sell Prices Changes Mines will no longer have just quartz blocks inside them. Higher ranked (default) mines now have Terracotta blocks. For versions without this Terracotta blocks added, Clay Blocks are displayed instead. Sell prices for all ranks have been decreased. You can now view mine sell prices via /items [Mine Name] (Works with plot mines.) Doing /items without any arguments will get the sell prices for what mine you're standing in. Diamond rank sell prices are now the same as Angel. Sell prices for each rank will be continuously adjusted over the coming weeks in order to maintain a balanced economy. Ticket Changes Command usage should now work more efficiently. Offline ticket system has been added: You can now make tickets and go offline and once you get a response you will be notified upon your next join. General Changes New welcome command: /wc - says "Welcome {playerName}!" to the latest player who has joined. New mine voting reset command: /votereset - allows you to vote to reset mines. Once you do /votereset [Mine Name] it will broadcast a message to all players with your rank online allowing them to know you started a vote. Voting to reset a mine requires for each online player to vote. If a player is afk they will not be counted. If < 15 players are online it will automatically reset the mine. This does not work for plot mines. Quests have been adjusted to work similar to Skyblocks. (/quests) New baltop command! (This change was also applied to Skyblock!) The server will no longer do large checks for every players balance. Server will no longer freeze when command is used for the first time after a reboot. You can now hover over a player's balance to view their unformatted balance. You can change through different pages of the baltop with /bt 1/2/3/etc. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below and we'll do our best to assist! For all players who have purchased content from the store, PM an owner on Discord and we'll refund you anything that you are not automatically issued when you rejoin. Thanks for playing at UltraNetwork, we hope you enjoy the update!
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    finally christmas holidays.. so tired .. 5th grade is real hard guyz 😫
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    SKYBLOCK UPDATE! Please read the whole topic before asking us any questions. Hey all, Just a quick update I decided to do within a few hours, any bug created due to this update will be fixed as soon as possible! Please make sure to report them here. General Changes Fixed issues with crates (mainly common crate) Fixed fortune not working with specific ores Fixed all bugs reported to us Added a new animation for common crate (now is instant) Added AntiAFK (AFK Pools/anything to bypass antiafk are not allowed!) Removed common crate from /keys Removed ores going into your inventory New Item Display You can now [item] your pickaxe and it should now look better than ever, now comes with a 5-second cooldown to prevent them spammers! Automatic Sell Chests With this new sell, chests feature you can now have automatic stuff selling for you automatically! Here's how you set it up: 1 - Buy a chest/craft a chest (trap chests do work too) 2 - Place the chest down 3 - Buy a sign/craft a sign 4 - Place the sign on the chest & write in the first line [autosell] then click "Done" 5 - Then you should be done, if you want to get notified from your sell chests do /autosell notify Still not sure on how to do it? Here are some steps with images: You can also add members to the sell chests (The money will split up between depending on the number of people you add!) you can add them using the command /autosell addmember <id/all> <player> - Each one of your automatic chests have a separate, you can find the ID by typing /autosell list or if you want them to be added to all your automatic chests replace the id with all (/autosell addmember all <player>) Sell Wands Sell wands are something useful, related to automatic sell chests but you have a wand (blaze rod) which you can click on chests and it will sell everything in it automatically, currently can only be found in the store! Let us know what you think we should improve!
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    Zero Tolerance Policy

    ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY The Zero Tolerance Policy, or ZTP for short, has been effectively put into place to give players who have a large punishment history a final chance to prove themselves being able to behave and follow the server rules. It serves as a rule placed upon them in which if they violate any server rule, be it a minor one or not, they will be community blacklisted - this results in a permanent ban from all servers, the Discord server and forums. Any player banned under ZTP will not be allowed to return to the server. If a player is taken off ZTP, they will continue to be placed under limitations such as being unable to apply for any staff position. I'm currently banned and would like to be placed under the ZTP. If you have been banned for violating the server rules, you may make an appeal and request to be unbanned explaining how you intend to act differently and acknowledge that you have read the server rules. It must be evident and made clear within your appeal that you will continue to behave if you are unbanned. Players who have been banned within the last 30 days are not eligible to appeal their ban and request to be placed under the ZTP. This does not always result in an unban, it is left at the discretion of the management team whether you will be allowed back on to the server and given a second chance. Your appeal may be denied once again if we feel you are not being genuine or have not displayed enough effort to show you will make an attempt in not breaking the rules once again. What do I do if I have been notified that I am now under the ZTP? Your behaviour will continuously be monitored by the management team at random times to ensure that you are following all server guidelines and not violating any of the server rules. This serves as a final warning and if you violate any server rule (this includes chat related offenses that would normally warrant a mute), you will be removed from the community and not allowed to return. You will not be given the option to appeal the ban. How do I get off the ZTP? Over the period of a few months, if you have demonstrated that you can behave and have not violated any server rules, your activity will be reviewed and the possibility of being taken off the ZTP will be taken into consideration. However this does not mean that you are free to break rules again, a player previously on ZTP who breaks rules again is just as likely to be put back on to it.
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    Youtuber Rank Requirements

    Youtuber Rank Creating YouTube videos for the server is greatly appreciated as it helps spread the word of our server. In return, you are rewarded the exclusive YouTuber Rank in-game, on the forums and on Discord. To obtain the rank, you must meet the following requirements: You must have a minimum of 3,000+ active subscribers. You must be an active YouTuber, with atleast one video a week. You must have a total of 5,000 views on your videos related to UltraNetwork, preferably gameplay. (This can be either on one video, or multiple videos which add to 5,000.) You must continue to make videos of UltraNetwork, a minimum of one video every two weeks. (Failing to uphold this requirement will forfeit your YouTuber rank.) If you meet all of the requirements, then get in touch with Skully on our Discord server.