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Hey there!


You've probably noticed that we've moved over to some new forums! (Finally)

his thread will quickly run through some of the main changes in terms of how we will be operating. Originally, when creating as refund request, player report and whatnot, you would have to copy a format and paste it into a section. It was very tedious but no more! All formats and applications have been put into a nice and easy application to fill out.

You can check them out by hovering your mouse over the Applications button in the top navigation bar.


Staff/Builder Applications
On our old forums, we had the process of applying through an external application and you would receive your response to your application every Sunday. Now, all applications are processed right here on the forums. You can post your application through the same navigation panel and you'll be taken to the application.

If you notice any issues with the forums over the next few days, please do let me know so I can resolve them. The forum theme is built from scratch so I may have missed a thing or two. Any text alignments, colours, backgrounds or forum errors you come across can be reported here.

That's it! I hope you enjoy the new forums. I'd love to hear everyone's feedback and what you think so leave a comment and let me know!


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