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Prison Server Reset

Please ensure you read the full topic prior to asking any questions.

Hi there!

Over the past few weeks there has been rumours of a reset which will take place on the prison server that results in everything being completely wiped with the exception of purchased items.

This was sparked when we created a poll on our Discord server back in April.



As you can see above, the majority of you voted to reset the server in order to make space for additional changes and primarily to fix the economy. Today we can confirm that a global reset to the prison server will take place this Thursday, 7th of June.

There are many reasons why a reset is actually beneficial. Yes, players do lose their progress from when they joined though this allows the server economy to reset and build it's way up once again, in a more balanced manner. This is a OP prison server, money and other items of value are spawned in at the rate of quadrillions in just a few hours of players on the server. This severely increases the amount of funds available on the server and reduces the quality and balance of items. The more money that becomes available, the less value things have. Resetting the economy allows it to build up again and creates a larger incentive for players to work towards something - that's what prison is all about.

Essentially, everything is being reset except for a selection of items that player's have purchased from the store. This includes primarily player vaults, money, tokens, items and plots.

Plots can be saved and restored after the reset provided that player's have taken a backup of their plot. Tomorrow on the 6th of June, the command /p download will be available, this allows you to download your plot as a .schematic file. Keep it safe on your PC as you'll need it to provide to an owner if you want to have it restored later. chests and items will NOT be saved and backed up. If you are unable to go in-game and get a backup of your plot then contact an owner on Discord and we'll provide it for you.

The following will NOT be reset from player's accounts and will remain:

  • Purchased ranks from the web store.
  • Purchased rank upgrades.
  • Purchased plot mines and plot mine slots.
  • Purchased commands.
  • Purchased keys.
  • Purchased tokens.
  • Purchased tags, including custom tags.
  • Any other purchased items currently available in the web store. (Past items may vary in availability)

The reason the items purchased from the store remain is due to the fact that these items have been obtained using real world currency and we cannot simply take this away from players, they have a right to maintain the content they paid for.

On the day of the reset, a service will be made available for all players who have purchased items to contact an owner and have their content spawned back for them.

Purchased content will not be automatically issued, you will have to get in touch with us and ask for the refund after the reset has occurred.
Ranks obtained from drop parties, vouchers or other means that isn't obtained directly through the store will not be refunded.

This isn't the first reset we have conducted on UltraNetwork, if you've been around long enough then you may be aware of the previous reset which took place almost a year ago for the same reasons as stated above and was thoroughly successful. We hope to achieve the same result this time around.

We've taken the thought of doing another reset into detailed consideration and it has been under internal discussion for weeks since we know that it'll result in mixed reactions, alot of people will of course be upset and against the reset of all their assets since they've worked hard on it though we hope you can look past this and see the further opportunities that open up after everyone else has also lost their assets - you have the same starting ground as others and equally able to rank up to the top just as fast as them. Think of it as a competition where everyone has just been given another chance to win!

For the next 48 hours, since the reset is set to take place you may consider mining or grinding for assets pointless since they'll be lost so take this as an opportunity to take a break from mining and try some other things around the server! Build something with friends on your plot, explore the /warp free world, gamble away your money in coin flips, go PvP or generally have a good time with the reset of the community!

If none of the above options appeal to you, we do recommend checking out our Skyblock server to pass the time until the reset instead. To connect to the Skyblock server, simply use the same IP address and select "Skyblock" from the server selector menu.

Following the reset, expect a large update to take place as well which will heavily adjust a large portion of the Prison server, an extra announcement will be posted on the day outlining the changes made.

This reset in no way effects the Skyblock server itself, except for the fact that we'll be implementing global server voting and global messages.

Once again, the reset will take place this Thursday, 7th of June at roughly 3PM GMT. The server will be whitelisted and the maintanance will last roughly an hour. Keep in mind these times may vary and change depending on further factors yet to be determined.

If you have any further questions regarding anything, feel free to leave a comment and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Thanks for playing at UltraNetwork and we hope to see you soon!

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Just now, Baconarie said:

So we don't need to make a schematic of our plotmines? You will just check our payment history to refund purchased content if i'm correct?

Yes that's correct, a schematic is simply to save any builds or creations you may have. Plot mines can be refunded by proof of purchase over Discord.

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@ImSkully please may I have my coal rank back because when I changed my name I never got it back and I have asked many times about it and still do not have it back I got it on the prisons server and for proof, my discord name is DEV | CodeAssault you will see I have a donater role and my in-game name is CodeAssault

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2 hours ago, TBNRKillerSquad said:

@ImSkully please may I have my coal rank back because when I changed my name I never got it back and I have asked many times about it and still do not have it back I got it on the prisons server and for proof, my discord name is DEV | CodeAssault you will see I have a donater role and my in-game name is CodeAssault

PM me on Discord.

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