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In-Game Name: DezS4125

What is the bug related to?: Survival Server


Briefly explain the bug/issue:

The Bug: Villagers froze after being cured and left alone for a while, can't do anything to unfreeze the villagers.

Some side details: 
+Different from the former freezing before this when u can just right click them to unfreeze the mob.
+Tried Punching, throwing eggs, piston with slime block, nothing work


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:Add a name tag on them before you curing it and make sure they are stand/moving not siting in the minecart or boat before you curing them. 

There is 2 difference glitch. And one of them could be fixing and the another one could not. If you right click the villager If it start moving add a name tag on it so it wont glitch again. If it didn’t that means the villager will never been fixed.

Dead usally just killed them and summon a new. 

As you need i can you how to do it in the game. Woshita1214 

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