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Lands - A Complete Guide
Protection, Claiming, Roles, Areas, Wars & More!
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The Lands feature within survival allows you to claim land within the world and protect it from other players! Survival multiplayer is primarily all about teamwork, and with the help of the Lands you can completely customize your own land by adjusting your land settings, create custom roles and setup individual permissions per role, invite and manage members, communicate with your friends via land chat, create multiple sub-areas within your land and assign it to specific players, and a ton of other awesome capabilities!

This topic overviews all of these features and how you can make the most of them, please read this thread before going on to ask staff members for any questions or assistance.


Land Creation & Management (/land help)
To begin claiming, you need to first create your land. You can do this using the /land create [Name] command. The name you provide will be the name of your land - don't worry if you're unsure what to call it, you can always rename it later!84WFYnz.png

Once your Land has been created, you can begin customizing it with the /land menu. This will be the primary interface where you manage anything and everything related to your lands, members and areas.


Claiming Land
You've created your land, great! Now to claim some space so you can begin building up your empire!

Land claiming can be done in two ways:

  • Automatic Chunk Claim
  • Claiming Tool

Automatic Chunk Claim
You can use the /claim command to quickly and easily claim the chunk you are currently standing in. A chunk is a 16x16 block square that Minecraft uses across the world, you can press the keys F3 + G to enable the ability to see chunk borders, this allows you to see an outline of all the chunks nearby. When you make a claim, you will notice red barrier blocks will become visible in your current chunk - this is now your land!

NOTE: These barriers are not actually there and only are visible to you and others that have enabled /land view.


Claiming Tool
Upon joining the server, you will have received a Claim Tool (Golden Shovel).7RabI90.png
You can obtain this again at any time should you happen to lose it, using the /kit claimtool command.
If you prefer to claim a specific area rather than a whole chunk, you can use the claim tool to make a selection. In order to do so, simply left click with the shovel on a block where you want the first corner to be, and right click in the opposite corner of the area.

Once you do so, use /claim to claim the land, and you'll see a similar border of barriers appear. Keep in mind that you must be at least 2 chunks away from other lands in order to make a claim, to view nearby lands you can enable /land view to see a barrier border of all lands, or get a map in your chat using /land map.


Creating & Claiming Sub-Areas
A sub-area is a specific selection within your already claimed land, sort of like a land-in-land! You can create a subarea in the /land menu by navigating to Areas and then clicking on Create Area, a small green plus icon. You will then be asked to sYi29GP.pngprovide a name for this area, you can do so by then inputting the name you want to use in chat. (Spaces are not allowed in area names!)

Once you create the area, it will require setup. This means it hasn't been assigned to a selection within your land yet. This can be done by making a selection using either your claiming tool or /land selection, once you choose both corners of where your want your subarea to be, use /land selection assign [Sub-Area], this will assign your selection to the subarea you made.

Areas are extremely useful for cases where you have multiple members within your land, and you want to create specific permissions to close off a specific part of the land to certain members or just yourself. You can then also set up permissions so that only a selected role can open and close doors, open chests, etc.


By default, there are four roles in every land upon creation:

  • Owner
    This role is given to the land owner and cannot be deleted. It has all of the permissions required to do everything related to management within the land, such as claiming, setting up permissions, areas and roles. The owner can can create more new roles and adjust them accordingly as well.
  • Admin
    The admin role is a base role you can give out to trusted members of your land. You can set this role up to have semi-management capabilities if you like, such as being able to claim land on the owners behalf, or invite other members.
  • Member
    The member role is the base role which is given to a member when they are first trusted into a land. Whatever permissions you setup here will apply to all new members.
  • Visitor
    This role is assigned to anyone who enters your claims though isn't a part of your land and are not a member. You can adjust the default permissions of what visitors can and cannot do when they enter, such as being able to open containers, break blocks, etc.
    Adjust this role carefully! It is recommended you do not give this role the ability to break or place blocks as this can result to griefing.

Inviting Members
To add someone to your land once you have created it, use /trust [Player] (Area), if you specify an area, then the player will also be added to that area. To remove a member, use /untrust [Player], or to ban someone entirely from your area, you can use /land ban [Player] (Area).


Wars (/war help)
A great way to experience PvP in survival is to initiate wars! This allows you to go into battle against other lands, which can either simply be for the experience of PvP, or money! To initiate a war, both of the lands involved must agree to do so. You can declare war against a land using /war declare [Land], this will send a request to the specified land to either accept or deny.

Before declaring war, you can choose to offer a tribute to whoever wins in the war, this can be done in the initial war declaration interface which appears when you declare war against another land. If you'd rather just declare war for the battle, you can choose not to add a one and simply send the request.

Once the request is sent, the opposing land will receive it and can choose to accept or deny it - this means players cannot randomly declare war against anyone, it must be a mutual agreement to go to war! When the opposing land accepts, the war is then created and starts officially after a two minute cooldown. A war lasts 48 hours from the time that it was accepted, however it can be ended earlier if either land surrenders.

The land who initiated and sent the original war declaration is referred to as the Attackers, and the land who received the request are referred to as the Defenders.

Winning A War
A war can be won by having the most kills before the war ends, you can see how much time is remaining in a war using the /war menu.
Once a war xMlmEck.pnghas started, you are given a few extra permissions on the opposite land, such as being able to enter even if they normally don't allow it, and the ability to attack players in their land. Use this to your advantage against the enemy land and make sure you prepare for this yourself beforehand!

A good idea is to build up some fortifications and set your spawn positions to places that are safe and away from the enemy so they cannot instantly kill you. (/pvp can still be disabled!)

You are also granted the special permission to place scaffolding within the opposing land in order to avoid traps and climb over obstacles, remember to prepare for this too within your land! Enclose off areas so that the enemy cannot get into buildings and areas you don't want them to - don't worry, neither land is allowed to interact with containers, doors, trap doors, etc.

Once the war comes to an end, the land with the most kills is crowned the winner and receives the war tribute, if one was set. You can also win if the enemy land decides to surrender.

War Shields
War shields prevent lands from being able to declare war on others, and other lands from declaring war against you. When you first create your land, you are given a war shield of 3 hours. After a war ends, you are given a shield of 12 hours, unless you surrendered in which case the shield is 1 day.

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