Prison Server Reset & Major Updates


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Hey there, chief!

It's been an awfully long time since we've released a large update and the primary reason for this is simply due to the heavy shift of focus towards the Prison Server and completely overhauling the existing functionalities that exist. This involved stripping down a lot of the main features in order to remake them again more efficiently. The primary focus this time around is around optimization. We understand that the Prison server can experience periods of extremely low TPS, at some stages where it becomes unbearable. We're hoping that the issue is no more with this update, along with a ton of new features for you guys to try out!

There have also been adjustments to our Core UltraNetwork plugins which are global across all servers so you may see a few changes in the Skyblock server as well.

Plot Mines
In order to clarify the usage of Plot Mines, slots and the rules behind their usage, we have created official Plot Mine Guidelines which must now be followed at all times. This is to prevent misuse and abuse of Plot Mines. Previously we had seen a number of players violating plot slots by removing players too quickly after making an agreement to keep them, or adding more members than they have slots. To resolve this issue, we have implemented a automated slot management system which now handles Plot Mine slot management.


Along with this, the ability to create Plot Mines has been automated for us owners, we can now create mines at a rapid pace without the need to enter a ton of commands manually as we did previously - this should significantly increase the delivery of your plot mines!

Prison Server Chat
The chat on the prison server has always been difficult to read due to the excessive number of information and details output, especially with player chatting. This has been cleaned up significantly in order to make readability a lot easier. We have removed unnecessary information such as a player's prestige, such information can now be found by hovering over a player's name in the chat.

Another major factor which makes the chat extremely difficult to read are tags, specifically custom tags which are purchased through the store. We have now introduced Custom Tag Guidelines, a set of rules which must be followed by all tags in order to ensure they aren't excessive.


Changes Affecting All Servers

General Changes

  • Added support for versions 1.15 and 1.15.1!
  • Language Support
    • Added support for Spanish and French.
      • Added French Chat.
    • The server will determine what language the server is for you by your Minecraft client language.
    • More messages/titles are planned to be translated in the future - If you notice any mistakes, we encourage you to create a bug report to help us resolve it! :)
  • Pay Command Changes
    • Confirming payment changes:
      • Will no longer be server-wide.
      • Will now require you to re-enter the amount you want to pay.
      • Prompt timer added! (10 seconds)
    • Decimals/Commas are now supported.
    • Confirmation message is now easier to distinguish in the chat.
  • Custom Bind Changes
    • Improved custom bind system, this will require all players to add their custom bind again.
    • Will now ignore "/" if it is input into the interface.
    • Removed the "1.9" warning as it is now unnecessary.
  • ChatColor Changes
    • Improved chat colour storage data system, this will requires all players to activate their chat colour again.
    • Removed the dark blue chat color.

Bug Fixes

  • /head command now works as intended.
  • Paper will no longer disappear if you open a chest whilst holding it.
  • Fixed an issue where players with more than 6 hours of play time couldn't enter PvP.
  • Fixed /rstats showing incorrect information.
  • Fixed an issue where players could not use the white chat color.
  • Fixed a variety of issues with Staff Chat not working.


Prison Server

General Changes

  • Introduction Tutorial (New!)
    • When joining the server for the first time, players are given a quick tutorial on the basics of Prison, Plots, Crates, mining and the usage of a few starter commands.
    • Completely multilingual, supports English, Spanish and French players!
  • Pickaxe Levels (New!)
    • Added pickaxe levels! Each pickaxe now has a level associated with it.
    • Pickaxes can be leveled up to a maximum of 100.
    • Pickaxe levels increase for every 1,000 blocks mined with the pickaxe.
    • After every 10th pickaxe level, the reward set changes.
    • oP2YWul.png
  • AutoMiners (New!)
    • Added auto mining, entering the designated auto mining area will automatically start mining with the pickaxe you have in hand. In order to enter auto mining areas, you need to have auto mining time which is awarded from voting. (More methods of obtaining automining time will be introduced shortly!)

      When auto mining, the enchants of your pickaxe are taken into consideration and you are awarded respectively. For example, if you have LuckyMining you will also be given tokens as you automatically mine.
  • Mine Resetting (New!)
    • Added the ability to reset a mine with /minereset whilst inside of the mine!
    • Every mine has a cooldown for resetting, currently set at 60 seconds.
  • Custom Titles (New!)
    • Introduced a new customization option, player titles! Unlock a set of unique titles which you can equip in the /titles menu, titles appear above your player's head just below your name!

  • Crate Changes
    • Rehauled crate rewards completely, remade to be more suitable.
    • Adjust crates design, visit /warp crates to view!
    • Added bulk-opening keys which can be done by Shift+Right Clicking the crate.
      • Bulk keys won't activate if the crate that you open has an animation.
  • Plot Mine Changes
    • Plot Mine slots have been automated, use /pmine for Plot Mine commands.
      • Adjust your plot mine slots or view commands using /plotmine slots
      • /plot trust and /plot add will bring up the plot mine slots menu.
      • Plot Mines can now be created automatically by owners without the need of manual region selection, etc.
    • Removed the ability to /p clear plot mines.
    • Removed the ability to /p merge plot mines.
    • Removed the ability to /p dispose plot mines.
  • Kit Changes
    • Completely overhauled all kits and remade to be more suitable.
    • Kits no longer contain a bow or an enchanted golden apple.
  • Token Changes
    • Completely overhauled and remade token system!
    • Excavation:
      • Breaking blocks that are at the top row of the mine will apply a three-second cooldown for your enchant to work on the row, the enchant will still function in other directions.
      • Added more logic to every excavation level, block breaking is more accurate.
      • Reduced the cost to 30,000 tokens.
      • Increased maximum level to 5!
      • Requires a pickaxe level of 15 in order to enchant.
    • LuckyMining:
      • Adjusted the amount of tokens obtained per level to be random instead of the same amount.
      • Adjusted the maximum level to 20.
      • Added automatic summary which displays how many tokens you have earned with LuckyMining every 30 seconds.
      • LuckyMining will no longer give tokens for each block exploded; instead, only for the blocks the player breaks.
    • Sphered:
      • Fixed issues with the enchant causing it to function in an unintended manner.
      • Adjusted the maximum level to 1.
      • Increase the cost to 15,000 tokens.
      • Requires a pickaxe level of 10 in order to enchant.
    • Speed:
      • Increase the maximum level to 4.
    • Drill: (New!)
      • Creates an explosion in a straight line, the length of the explosion is determined by the enchantment level applied to the pickaxe.
      • Requires a pickaxe level of 5 in order to enchant.
    • Experience:
      • Added incremental cost system, the cost of the enchant now multiplies by your current level.
    • Notice: All enchantments may be adjusted at any given time throughout the season in order to make adjustments to further improve and balance gameplay, along with introducing new enchants later on.
    • Tokens Menu Changes
      • New interface design.
      • The interface can now only be opened if you are holding a pickaxe.
      • You can now quickly open up the menu by right-clicking your pickaxe whilst holding it.
    • Added support for Token Enchants to be priced on an incremental basis; the higher your enchant level, the higher the next level upgrade will cost. Currently, this only affects the following:
      • Speed | Level 1 > 4 now costs a total of 1,000 tokens.
      • Experience | Level 1 > 3 now costs a total of 19,000 tokens.
      • LuckyMining | Level 1 > 20 now costs a total of 52,500
    • /te pay command will now function as intended.
    • You can now get information about enchants u using /te enchantinfo [enchantName]
    • Removed the enchant Explosive.
    • Removed the enchant GemMining.
    • Removed the enchant Soulbound.
  • Leaderboards
    • Completely overhauled the system and remade in a more optimized manner.
    • Added Top Tokens, Top Kills, Top Prestige & Top Mined.
      • More leaderboards will be added in the future.
    • Weekly (and possibly daily!) leaderboards are planned to be added near the start of January 2020!

Other Changes (Miscellaneous)

  • You will now be notified when you have a full inventory
    • To prevent chat spam, the notification & sound will have a 3-second delay.
  • Voteparty changes:
    • Will now indicate if it is starting on the scoreboard
    • Once there are 10 votes left till the voteparty begins, a message will be broadcasted
  • Pickaxes: Adjusted lore, looks cleaner and displays only required information.
  • Prestige: Cleaned up all output messages to be more descriptive.
  • Prestige: /prestige now displays the amount required to prestige if you don't meet the balance requirement and execute the command.
  • Multipliers: Added boss bar display with dynamic progress bar showing current global multiplier.
  • Plots: Completely remade plot system.
  • Plots: /plot info now displays only the required information.
  • Ranking up several times within 3 seconds will now send a reminder about /rankupmax
  • Ranking up will no longer teleport you directly to the mine.
  • Adjusted all chat messages to be more consistent and follow the same structure and coloring scheme.
    • Red messages for errors/warnings.
    • Green for success messages.
    • White for informational messages.
    • Light blue for specific values or details and headings.

Bug Fixes

  • You can no longer [item] items that may cause issues to other players.
  • Chat Colors will no longer reset on the second line of a players' message. (If a message is two lines long)
  • Fixed an issue with balance inputs not taking capital letters. (1B, 50T, 1Q, etc.)
  • Fixed an issue with balance inputs not taking decimal values. (1.2B, 50.2T, etc.)


  • Gems: Upgrade feature has been merged with tokens, the perks will be introduced later as 'Pickaxe Perks'.
  • Mining Rewards: The new pickaxe system will handle the rewards.
  • Preferences: To be remade and returned in the future as 'Settings'.
  • Quests: To be remade, improved and returned in the future as 'Missions/Objectives'.
  • Vouchers: Kit Vouchers, Command Vouchers.
  • A lot more features were removed and some are planned to be re-made in the future.


If you have any questions, feel free to comment below and we'll do our best to assist.
Thanks for playing at UltraNetwork, we hope you enjoy the update! 

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