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  1. Same with me I lost my 3.1k igs : ( I made a refund req
  2. I rebuild my blaze farm 10 times I thought its a mistake in my blaze farm but later on I realized that was a bug and I want it to get fix : (
  3. Okay darrel thanks for your help : ) .
  4. BUG REPORT In-Game Name: TeslockPro What is the bug related to?: Website Briefly explain the bug/issue: Hello I have been voting since a long time but there was 1 link which were not working from long time and I asked my friend juhaier if he can vote on that link or that and he said the link was not working for him also so I wanna explain it says the link name and if currently offline and I can't vote and support our server please help so the link was the 3rd link : ) hope you fix it very soon as possible TeslockPro
  5. Happy birthday to you 

    may god bless you


    happy birthday bro


  6. BUG REPORT In-Game Name: TeslockPro What is the bug related to?: Forums Briefly explain the bug/issue: Hello, Sorry that i written more then 40 hours in my staff application but more then 40 hours mean 40 hours +. I can't wait 3 weeks to rewrite the staff application for just a little mistake my application can't be denied its my humble request and please check my play time if you don't believe on me. TeslockPro