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Welcome , Giveaway is about my island who has spawners , cactus farm  , exp grinder and 130k to your bank accaunt (in minecraft bank accaunt) 

To Enter this giveaway , you need to do theese steps (3)

1. send me a pick where you build ur face  in a single player 

2. Spam ur ign - (in game name) in comment section

3. Just Wait And see how it goes! :)

GiveAway starts 15:00- 20:00 End time!

Good Luck! :)


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1. Can you specify more and properly explain what the rewards will be + we don't know which time of "15:00- 20:00" because people have different time zones.

2. Picture* and i don't think people will build their own faces in singleplayer (if you meant the skin's face people would say that skin is "their skin", so the first step needs to be improved on).

3. Spamming your In Game Name here will probably make an Owner close this thread and warn the person for spam here.

4. The rewards don't interest players if they aren't specified except for the 130k and that's all :/.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.