Prison Server Reset - June 2018


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Prison Server Reset & Changelog

Please ensure you read the full topic prior to asking any questions.

Hi there!

First and foremost, this reset may result in a few possible bugs being created, if you discover any then we ask you to report them here, if you have any questions for the time being regarding the reset you can find us on our support chat.


  • Plots have been reset.
    • If you downloaded a schematic 2 days prior to the reset, private message an owner to place it back in for you.
  • Tokens GUI has been reworked.
    • Now, will live update as soon as your purchase an upgrade on your pickaxe.
    • Max level will now always be up to date. Seems not be working, will be fixed soon.
    • There's now a token withdraw menu
    • There's now a refund tokens menu
  • Token Items have been added
    • Token items are vouchers that are similar to withdrawing tokens, except a token item has 1,000 tokens in it. Can be used for quickly selling in ChestShops & trading.
    • Currently only 1 token item, more to be added.
  • When your inventory is full you will now be alerted in chat and with a message on your screen.
  • PlayerVaults (/pv) now support NBT, fixes duplicating and losing items in your player vaults.
  • You can now refund enchants by an exact amount instead of having to spam refunding an enchant a single time
    • Example: /te refund explosive 100 (Refunds explosive 100 times on your pickaxe)
  • Removed refunding explosive GUI
  • Sell prices for all ranks have been modified
  • Soulbound was removed due to it causing players to losing pickaxes
  • You can now SHIFT + RIGHTCLICK to quickly open the tokens menu
  • All mines now use mine reset - this means /pmp reset was removed.
  • New chat format, still being tested - will be modified sometimes.
  • Spawn was re-made - still uses the same base design (Built by: Memeologist_, Photassium & xNightCloudz)
  • A few MoneyCommands have been changed around view all changes @ /warp MoneyCommands
  • When someone purchases anything on either server, it will announce it in the discord channels (prison/skyblock-chat)
  • If you have permission for "/autosell" or "/fly" it will now automatically enable when you join the server.
  • Optimized entity spawn to have fewer chunks loaded, removed tons of entities that caused startup to be delayed.
  • /cstoggle - now hides if another user tries to sell your chestshop when it's full and out of stock.
  • You can no longer drop your pickaxe unless you disable it using /pickaxe (Enabled by default )
  • Command /fix on the store now allows you to use /fix all & works on enchanted items.
  • AntiAFK has been changed from 10 minutes to 1 hour.
  • /iinfo - /iteminfo is now more accurate and will give more information.
  • Donator rank changes:
    • Removed useless commands from coal rank (e.g. /feed, /autorankup)
    • The webstore now displays each rank information correctly.
    • Gold rank (or above) can now use  BOLD text on signs
  • if you're a #1 top voter you will receive this tag.
    • Previous winners (only #1) will also be issued this tag.
  • 1.7.10 is compatible now, may now work as efficient as other versions 
  • Limited Creative has been reworked, should no longer cause server lag after being used for a long time.
    • You now must use /lc c to get in creative mode and to exit creative mode.
    • Instead of chain armor, it's now leather armor (Red).
    • Limited creative has been restricted to the plots world.
    • You can no longer throw potions/eggs.
    • Now a 30 second delay before executing /lc
    • Fixed a bug where you can sometimes have your survival items end up in creative mode.
  • Daily Rewards have been added back (Jarvis)
    • Can be claimed every 24 hours
    • Can be found at spawn - /warp daily
    • Rewards:
      • 3k Tokens
      • 3k Gems
  • PrisonGuard update:
    • Removed detection to answer questions related to Skyblock
    • Now blocks message instead of replacing
    • Now detects more questions
    • Less false detections.
    • The word "lag" is now censored.
  • Scoreboards have been improved
    • Logging out will no longer reset your scoreboard - selecting a scoreboard will have it on until you disable it.
    • Ranks showing on scoreboards should show in white instead of the colour of the selected scoreboard
    • Rainbow & Default scoreboards are the only options in /scoreboards, others were removed.
  • Improved Spanish support
    • There's now a Spanish scoreboard - can be found in /spanish
    • The server will now automatically detect if you're using the Spanish language if you are you will automatically receive the Spanish scoreboard (Supports all Espanol languages.)
    • Rainbow scoreboard is now more like a rainbow.
  • /kits or /kit is now organized to show kits in the correct order
    • Swords & bows no longer have "Fire Aspect" or "Flame".
    • Kit names have all been formatted correctly.
    • Steaks have been removed from each kit.
    • Arrows & enchanted golden apples names have been changed back to default.
    • Ingots have been removed from all kits.
    • Kits will now have less enchanted golden apples.
    • Custom enchants have been removed from armor.
    • Some kits have been nerfed, some have been buffed.
    • Elite, Guardian & YouTuber kit has been removed.
  • KOTH has been added (King of the hill) - TO BE ADDED SOON
    • You must be an in a gang capture koth's
    • KOTH Commands:
      • /koth loot - Shows the loot for the upcoming koth
      • /koth list - Shows all available koth's
      • /koth schedule - Shows the schedule for koth's
      • /koth ignore - Prevents you from seeing koth related messages.
  • Custom enchantments (/ce) have been changed.
    • The GUI size for /ce is now 45 (Before: 54)
    • Hulk - max level is now 1
    • Destroy rate has been changed to be above 30% at average
    • Success rate has been changed to be compatible with the new destroy rate
    • Magic Angel Dust now costs XP instead of 500$ in-game money (Lvl. 80)
    • Ninja enchant has been removed, can no longer be obtained.
    • Recover enchant has been removed, can no longer be obtained.
    • Cyborg - max level is now 1, now only gives strength 1 - speed & jump were removed
    • OverLoad - max level is now 3, now only be found in rare or legendary books
    • DoubleDamage - max level is now, 2, can now only be found in legendary books
    • Guards - max level is now 2, can now only be found in legendary books
    • Slice - max level is now 2, can now only be found in rare or legendary books
    • Rage - max level is now 1, can now only be found in rare or legendary books
    • FastTurn - max level is now 1, can now only be found in legendary books
  • Mines from A - Elite have been reworked.
    • Broken blocks have been fixed in mines: E, F, G, H, I, Champion, DrugDealer
    • Warp "I" no longer faces away from the mine when teleported to.
    • U, V, W mines now have a sign displaying a few tips, an easy parkour was added to allow players to reach the mine quicker.
    • Veteran now has a new warp point.
    • Veteran no longer has a quartz floor on the bottom of the mine, it now matches the wall colour.
  • Crates have been modified
    • Bulk keys have been added (Suggestion)
      • You have to Shift + Right Click on a crate open the whole stack of whatever key you are holding. 
      • Experience key has been removed.
    • Common Crate:
      • 500k reward is now 1B.
      • 1M reward is now 1.5B.
      • 5M reward is now 2B.
      • 30 tokens reward is now 50 tokens.
      • 40 tokens reward is now 60 tokens.
      • 50 tokens reward is now 70 tokens.
      • 30 gems reward is now 50 gems.
      • 40 gems reward is now 60 gems.
      • 50 gems reward is now 70 gems.
      • "x1 Gem Key" will now just display as "Gem key".
    • Rare Crate:
      • 1M reward is now 2B.
      • 5M reward is now 2.5B.
      • 10M reward is now 3B.
      • 30 tokens reward is now 80 tokens.
      • 40 tokens reward is now 90 tokens.
      • 50 tokens reward is now 100 tokens.
      • 30 gems reward is now 80 gems.
      • 40 gems reward is now 90 gems.
      • 50 gems reward is now 100 gems.
      • Beacon is no longer a reward.
    • Tag Crate:
      • Some tags that had consisted of magical letters (&k) have been decreased to a minimum.
      • Inactive tags have been removed, if you would like your tag to be recreated, PM DeadMaster on Discord.
    • Token Crate:
      • "x1 Token key" was removed due to it being completely useless.
      • "x2 Token keys & x3 Token keys" position in the crate menu has been swapped around.
    • Ultra Crate:
      • "Bedrock rank" reward was removed.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed random TPS loss being caused by a player joining.
  • Fixed random lag being caused by player joining/leaving.
  • Fixed a lot of known issues with /ce (Custom Enchants).
  • Fixed being a certain rank and not be able to use gkitz.
  • Fixed baltop command causing server freeze when it's first used after a server restart.
  • Fixed issue with experience bottles that prevented them being thrown at times.
  • Fixed gem key lore - "Gem Cragem" instead of "Gem Crate"
  • Fixed all ways of duplicating in limited creative.
  • Fixed bugs on 1.12.2 going on an iron bar.
  • Fixed not being able to get anything from a voteparty.
  • Fixed minor spelling errors in custom enchant books.
  • Fixed randomly losing your pickaxe on join.
  • Fixed hologram in "V" mine displaying "Resetting in 0.0m 0.0"
  • Fixed able to break out of spawn.
  • Fixed not able to do /ct (Combat Log) while in combat.
  • Fixed broken blocks at spawn.
  • Fixed generation in free world.
  • Fixed Iron rank having permissions for 4 playervaults.
  • Fixed /a few commands on store not giving the command.
  • Fixed a few rankupgrades on the store using old commands.
  • Fixed an issue with formatting in gang info.
  • Fixed an issue with gangs when the leader could not disband the gang.
  • Fixed enchanting your pickaxe with a token enchant the first letter of the lore won't be capitalized. 
  • Fixed refunding an enchant giving less than 10% refund - now is 60% again
  • Fixed putting a custom book (/ce) in your playervault and it turning into a normal book (Bug Report)
  • Fixed interacting with armor stands. (Bug Report)
  • Fixed being able to go into certain regions/worlds with creative mode. (Bug Report)
  • Fixed being a rank higher than rogue and rogue being your recommended sell shop. (Bug Report)
  • Fixed many other bugs that were not possible to be fixed.


In other news, our website now features a scoreboard which you can use to track competitive statistics and see which players are taking the lead in play time, mined blocks, tokens, and a lot more categories on the way!

Our store has also been redesigned, check it out here and why not drop a few things in your cart whilst you're there? ;)

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below and we'll do our best to assist! For all players who have purchased content from the store, PM an owner on Discord and we'll refund you everything you've bought given that you've already joined the server after the reset.


Thanks for playing at UltraNetwork, we hope you enjoy the update! :)

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