Survival Reset?

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can u guys pls reset survival its very difficult for new players to join and its also very boring for old players at this point even all ogs want a reset and new people to it would also be nice to experience 1.18 with a fresh start many  old players have left like prodab suubhi redkillshot 1838 even mystic yihern etc cause its getting boring  a reset would make the game much better so pls reset if ur not going to reset survival at least reset the end elytras and shulkers have become incredibly rare for new players to get 5 months ago we sold elytras for 20k now its 150k and for new players to make 150k thats absurd so pls reset sv or atleast the end when i joined this server the average members were about 40 - 50  now its 20 - 30 players

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