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What platform is this suggestion for?: Prison Server


Hello everyone, Pickle here


This suggestion is a minor change, but in my opinion will have a positive impact towards improving and optimizing the experience on the server. If you like it please leave a reaction as it helps gain traction and attention on the post. This suggestion brings forward two things:

  • adding a 'Sort by AutoMiner Time' button
  • adding an 'Exchange All' button within the GUI

Now, just to remind yourself, you can check the current layout of /claim here. Now, while I do agree that filling the two empty slots in the bottom row would ruin the overall appearance of the GUI, I would much rather, personally, have functionality over appearance.

After talking to several players and surveying some, I have found that a lot of them do not empty their /claim because it is too tedious, it takes a painfully long time to /claim all and /exchange all and then after you do that twice you are left with AutoMiner time shards in your inventory which need to be used or stored and that cycle continues for ages. This might seem like nonsense to newer players, but keep in mind that players, like myself, usually have dozens of pages of /claim (I am currently on 40+ even after emptying a lot). I assume the way that the current system works is that it sorts items by the type of the item, rather than the name, which would mean my suggestion would also require a change of texture for AutoMiner Time.

Anyways, back to the topic at hand. I believe that adding the suggested functionalities would be extremely beneficial, especially with the upcoming change of withdrawing AutoMiner time. My vision is that the players could simply sort their /claim by AutoMiner time and press the claim all button. Then, the time would be added to their account in the same fashion as Tokens and Money are added, directly into the account, rather than being sent to the inventory for manual claiming. After that, the players could simply press the 'Exchange All' button in the GUI and all of the Token and Pickaxe multipliers would be converted into tokens and added to the players' balance. Note that the 'Exchange All' button would preferably only exchange the current page of claim and then move onto the next, that way players could regulate how many pages of multipliers they want to exchange. Bear in mind, I am only talking about multipliers and AutoMiner Time since all of the other items already have a button for sorting.


To conclude this suggestion, I truly do believe that my suggestion brings forward a welcome and positive change that a lot of players could benefit from. Not only does it save a massive amount of time, but it sets a foundation for the supposed upcoming change of withdrawing AutoMiner time. If you have reached this point of the suggestion, thank you for taking your time to read through this.

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