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Is level problem.



Evening everyone,

My island "was" in the #6th top. with a 1,5mill is land level. 

Of course its known the stats could be a bit bugged to be higher or lower than it actually is,
So i typed /is level and it pushed me to 34k. 

Even when i place more iron blocks etc it adds more value to my island level. but straight after i type /is level. 
It puts me back to 34k.

I have placed at the moment: 
Coal Blocks: x11365
Iron Blocks: x15928
Gold Blocks: x9133
Diamond Blocks: x4
Lapis Blocks: x27034

So yeah... not really a possibility for it to think my island is 34k lol. /is warp boy18000 to see it for ur self if u dont believe it.

reported it to dead, he asked my in game name so i gave it to him.
after about 6 hours from saying its still well not fixed... i know hes busy but i just giving the best explanation. 

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This topic is now closed to further replies.