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  1. Boy17000

    Is level problem.

    Evening everyone, My island "was" in the #6th top. with a 1,5mill is land level. Of course its known the stats could be a bit bugged to be higher or lower than it actually is, So i typed /is level and it pushed me to 34k. Even when i place more iron blocks etc it adds more value to my island level. but straight after i type /is level. It puts me back to 34k. I have placed at the moment: Coal Blocks: x11365 Iron Blocks: x15928 Gold Blocks: x9133 Diamond Blocks: x4 Lapis Blocks: x27034 So yeah... not really a possibility for it to think my island is 34k lol. /is warp boy18000 to see it for ur self if u dont believe it. reported it to dead, he asked my in game name so i gave it to him. after about 6 hours from saying its still well not fixed... i know hes busy but i just giving the best explanation.
  2. Boy17000

    Island Transfer.

    The 2 main builds i would prefer with the transfer if its a possibility.
  3. Boy17000

    Island Transfer.

    Evening staff/owner My IGN: Boy18000 It happaned as i showed Captain_eri15 my island, to show a infinite shulker storage design for a generator Which was being build for her/him. but seeing as the person building it for her/him used a double chest method. Such a gen was out of its capability's and would require sorting running from place to place and so on. Captain_eri15 told me there was a spot left in her/him island. Which i was glad to take, if it wasnt that i already builded on my island. i have spent too much time on it to just leave it. Hence i came here to ask if its possible to have a build transfered with me. its on my island and its not the sugarcane/cactus farm or the main island. Thank you for ur time reading this. Best regards, Boy18000 Discord: Boy17000#4087
  4. Evening everyone, My ING: Boy18000. I have heard a lot of stuff going on from dupers, to hackers, to irl traders, to lagg causing, random crashes, and so on. And for the moment I have had some lag problems occurring. my self I have had 3 times a crash happening after creating Iron bars in a bulk. 1 stack of iron ingots to craft iron bars. made me crash. some times it does that some times it doesn't. Also my suggestion: #1 For the dupers/hackers any other rule-breaking topics. Hire or ask trustworthy or people who played for a long time. to be a staff, and not a staff that's showy like having a helper title or prefix/suffix, etc. A person who is among others but with the role of staff to see and view the situations. with the privileges to be able to put a "warring" on a player which has broken a rule. seeing as a "Spy" staff put a warring on a player. REAL staff can keep the knowledge easy and know who to keep an eye on. and if needed to ban. easy to find a hacker or a duper and get rid of them. instead of having a mod with shown title etc join the game. as then the duper/hacker etc will straight drop the work knowing they could be banned. seeing as there's a { online: <player amount } in the tab list. people who are smart enough can count the players and notice the list is saying less than the online count is. and see that there is a /vanish or spectator staff around. #2 For the lag of spawners, I heard people say. make a cap on it. create an island upgrade to have people be able to have tiers in it to be upgraded -T1 25 spawners -T2 50 Spawners -T3 80 Spawners -T4 100 spawners {RANK ONLY} This will still allow people to place spawners but at a cap limit. forcing them to buy a new tier to unlock a bigger cap. Seeing as the more spawners create the more lag. players who want to place even more spawners are forced to buy a rank. The cash gained for them buying the rank could allow the server to upgrade their GB in the server or even a bigger SSD amount. #3 Reward players on giving away or how people call it "Snitching" away from a hacker or duper. so people get a reward and the chances of finding such a rule breaker even are higher. And tbh the /fly that is perm is really good on our island. and tbh I wouldn't want to suggest it but still its op. Why not force people to /vote and give them a 2Hour fly time for each vote. and once rank is bought E.g The first rank they get access to perm /fly in there island. Having the use of /vote bigger than it was and the ranks are more of an optional choice. seeing as I don't even got a rank and I don't even need it as I already got what I want. But tbh the Redstone etc could be capped too. like -T1 80 Pistons/sticky -T2 160 Pistons/sticky -T3 320 Pistons/Sticky -T4 640 Pistons/Sticky -T5 1280 Pistons/Sticky and so on. but please don't make it require a rank. since that will make it just pay to win etc. just bulk up the price amount needed for it. still, a gainable price to be able to be paid tho. This is my suggestion in general seeing as I could not select suggestions as it only showed "archive" when clicking it. and didn't do a thing. so I clicked generally hence why it is in this category. Best regards, Boy18000 Discord: Boy17000#4087