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Island Transfer.



Evening staff/owner

My IGN: Boy18000
It happaned as i showed Captain_eri15 my island, to show a infinite shulker storage design for a generator
Which was being build for her/him. but seeing as the person building it for her/him used a double chest method.
Such a gen was out of its capability's and would require sorting running from place to place and so on.

Captain_eri15 told me there was a spot left in her/him island. 
Which i was glad to take, if it wasnt that i already builded on my island.
i have spent too much time on it to just leave it. 

Hence i came here to ask if its possible to have a build transfered with me.
its on my island and its not the sugarcane/cactus farm or the main island.

Thank you for ur time reading this.
Best regards,

Discord: Boy17000#4087

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This topic is now closed to further replies.