[Prison Server] Bug Report


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In-Game Name: gamerboy195

What is the bug related to?: Prison Server


Briefly explain the bug/issue:

My prestige/ and tokens stats reset in prison. I went to do something and when i came back i was somehow send back to hub so when i rejoined prison  i saw that my prestige was set to 0 and tokens were set to 1k

i had 189 prestiges

and 100k+ tokens


idk if i ran out of autominer which i dont think i did cause i had 14 hours last time i checked (was last night (didint afk in autominer overnight) ) but that was also set to zero (i opened some keys and now i got 2 hours) 

when i tried to use a keybind that was also reset and it brought me up to the changebind screen



And could you also fix my prestiges/tokens  for me ty.

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