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  1. this really be a bruh moment when i can't join cuz of my religion
  2. My idea is to have a new item called Ichest. Ichest = Infinite chest instead of having alot of chests all hooked up to one string line of hoppers you can have Ichest. The chest can hold a limited amount of items for a infinite storage of that specific item. This chest can pickup items from a 20 radius and 50 blocks up and down This item i'm thinking should only be obtainable through the buycraft for about $10 usd. Now you might just wanna type back saying, "But Panda SkyBlock already has chopper which picks up blocks in a radius of a chunk." and to that i say that chopper should work with the ichest removing some lag client side when it comes to the amount of chests that a player is near. The image below shows you what the ichest would look like I hope you enjoy my idea and feel free to give me your ideas on the chest.
  3. yeah lmao 25q? do you have a ss of a banknote of that?
  4. what are you going to pay for it?