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  1. tysm Imma try be online at any cost : ) when I see you online imma donate you : )
  2. nice idea but the plugin is custom and I saw bosses in pvpwars they are dope I also want bosses also : )
  3. ey bro I have problem because 6am GMT will be 11:30am Monday in India and on Monday I have to go school : (
  4. Youtuber rank needs 3k Subs and I don't have that much btw I will ask owner about it and Thanks For Watching
  5. Thanks bro : ) btw why you not coming in UltraNetwork server
  6. So guys OP Prison Episode 2 is released in my YT channel - TeslockPro Go SUBSCRIBE it if you haven't till now : ) I upload UltraNetwork Skyblock/Prison Videos Episode 2 You can watch from here
  7. Guys I think mining rewards should be buffed like before. I don't think 10m block for a multi key is worth because many player have perm multi and after that multi key become useless there are 2 options left sell it or save. Guys if you agree leave a comment down. Thank You for reading -TeslockPro
  8. Happy birthday to you 

    may god bless you


    happy birthday bro


    1. Skully


      Thank you!

  9. BUG REPORT In-Game Name: TeslockPro What is the bug related to?: Forums Briefly explain the bug/issue: Hello, Sorry that i written more then 40 hours in my staff application but more then 40 hours mean 40 hours +. I can't wait 3 weeks to rewrite the staff application for just a little mistake my application can't be denied its my humble request and please check my play time if you don't believe on me. TeslockPro