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  1. deadmaster i think u should contact the plugin owner or find a better plugin with don't do this error.
  2. Same with me I lost my 3.1k igs : ( I made a refund req
  3. I rebuild my blaze farm 10 times I thought its a mistake in my blaze farm but later on I realized that was a bug and I want it to get fix : (
  4. Okay darrel thanks for your help : ) .
  5. BUG REPORT In-Game Name: TeslockPro What is the bug related to?: Website Briefly explain the bug/issue: Hello I have been voting since a long time but there was 1 link which were not working from long time and I asked my friend juhaier if he can vote on that link or that and he said the link was not working for him also so I wanna explain it says the link name and if currently offline and I can't vote and support our server please help so the link was the 3rd link : ) hope you fix it very soon as possible TeslockPro
  6. I also want this it helps other island members to make island for money please owner add this : (
  7. Hey Guys Its Me TeslockPro And I Am Doing A Giveaway Because I Reached 50 Subscriber On My YouTube Channel And Its Name Is - TeslockPro Make Sure To Subscribe It Right Now And Like The Video So I Uploaded A Giveaway Video Make Sure To Participate In It
  8. TeslockPro

    Op Factions?

    op bedwars XD we need a plugin designer for it because none will make it so I got it what I have to do : ) soon I will send a big folder to owner : )
  9. TeslockPro

    Op Factions?

    I can make new version of op factions with bunch of new features for ultranetwork : ) Im trying to know if people like factions or bedwars/skywars cuz most of the servers get there players mostly by bedwars
  10. Hey Guys I Just Uploaded New Video Hope You See It , I am Pasting link here just see it Please AND DONT FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE PLZ AND LIKE THE VIDEO IK IM LATE
  11. We already have op prison and It is to op so It would be great if there will normal prison that will not have any eff 500 or exca just only explosive and simple enchants and the kits are like prot 3 or 4 that would be good : ) btw there should be envoys in sb and prison all : )
  12. I also had it but its on the zanmatus plot cuz i gave him