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  1. I already have started the warp, and I don't plan on having a dp. dp's are unfair and it was horrible when i did one last year.
  2. As you may have heard on Skyblock recently that I have been talking about and starting to collect stuff for my Christmas event for this year. I have done a Christmas event(last year) in the past and my plan is to make many huge improvements this time around now that I have more time to add more events and make it fairer with different time zones. These events require a few months to prepare and save up things such as money, items, kits, build the warp etc. A lot of the stuff collected will be from my money(buycraft ranks/items) and from my island but donations would help us make the prizes for events a lot better and the more stuff we have the more events we can do. You're not required to donate but it would be greatly appreciated if anyone was to donate to this event. We have set up a donation area at "/is warp yihern" if you're interested in donating or you may give the items to me in-game when I'm online. My plan is to have 1-2 bigger events with a few smaller events happening throughout the month of December, I haven't completely decided on what events to do. I would love to hear what events players would want before completely deciding on the events. So if you have any suggestions or events you would like, let me know on this post or message me on discord(Serana_xo#6969). I will make another post about the events when it's closer to Christmas with more information to update everyone on what will be happening. ❤ No Lifers island send out a huge thankyou to everyone that has donated so far ❤
  3. Hello and welcome to UltraNetwork, I have already seen you in game but I hope you enjoy the server. 😊
  4. Serana_xo


    aww such a cute doggo 😍
  5. Serana_xo


    Great suggestion, this would be very useful if it gets added. Hope to see it added in the future. 😊
  6. Serana_xo


    I love animals of all kinds, I'm curious to see what pets do players of UltraNetwork have. If you have any pets can be anything doesn't just have to be cats or dogs, I'd love to know or see pictures of all your cute pets. I have added some pictures of some of my pets. I have 2 birds, Indiana(left) is a pineapple green cheek conure and Arizona(right) is a mint conure. I also have 2 Chihuahuas and their names are Lillie(left) and Abby(right).
  7. Good suggestions, love to see some or even all of these added. 😊
  8. limit of 3,000 hoppers on a island.
  9. SALES & TRADES MARKETPLACE Server: Skyblock Buying, selling or trading?: Trading What I am Trading: Trading 3q on prison for rankup Gold > Redstone(16.38USD) on skyblock. How I would like to be contacted: Let me know if you're interesting on discord(Serana_xo#8909).
  10. It's an awesome suggestion, but I feel like this would be too OP, 100k each is way too cheap for something so OP. Maybe if the price was a lot higher and adding a tax to it, could be better. It's similar to auto sell chests which were added and removed awhile ago.
  11. Can you please unmute me i wont do it again


  12. I can’t help with it, only an owner can but thankyou for reporting it. 😊