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  1. It does not need a reset at the moment, if you don't like it then don't play it
  2. Added for the next server reboot
  3. Due the server being cracked, people will share their autominer time with their other accounts and have several accounts automining at once.
  4. Hey, in the last crates update I did add more auto miner time + pickaxe multiplier and tokens multipliers. Due to the MineCrate enchant, this would be too overpowered
  5. That's due to the update delay, updating items in GUIs instantly would cause lag
  6. Not a bug, redeeming works as intended
  7. Please open a new bug report and provide more detail
  8. Not a bug, denying a member will also remove the remember, as that makes sense...
  9. DeadMaster

    Please help

    No worries
  10. DeadMaster

    Please help

    Try now, also it says big RED warning about it
  11. There is no reset planned for skyblock at this time if you got bored of it, just don't play it until it resets. The prison server has just recently be reset so if that interests you, you can play there instead.
  12. Yes, this is known and will be fixed in the future.
  13. Hey, most of these bugs have been fixed now - the banner issue will be resolved in the next update, thanks!
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    Account Locked

    Try joining now
  15. DeadMaster

    Warps in Prison

    I'm not sure what you are trying to say, but it appears that you are not muted - if you are unable to chat it probably is related to your Minecraft and not the server
  16. Oh I thought you said you did /prestige, my bad try joining now.