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  3. See, having a rank or not, you're a pro. :v And yeah, it's possible because of the /chatcolor, and we're the same, I also converse with everyone. How did you get the Totem Rank for free? D: I just noticed that we are having converse here xD This thread is popular right now uwu And nice to meet you too!
  4. Hey Cabsuu, Nice to meet you and see you in-game!
  5. If you knew me from when I was rankless, I was better. Yeah, you guys are getting ignored every now and then. It's because of your chatcolor I guess. And in addition, I don't ignore anyone - I converse with everyone. I didn't afford my rank. Everything that I got from the store was all free On that note, why are we like conversing here on the forums lol
  6. Kinda agree with the Totem part, you're popular because you're Totem. UwU Yep, I know the feeling of being a member, we get ignore sometimes, because they are influenced to rich people. :3 And also... You won't afford Totem Rank if you're a noob, that's impossible for you to be a noob. What a Pro. :v
  7. That's great, we have something in common Well, I just got boosted hard. Play more, you might get boosted as well who knows ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I am a noob, yes That's because I'm Totem lol Working on it now as we speak, I am just going to finish my tutorial at /is warp darrel
  8. Yesterday
  9. I agree with this idea. It truly does get annoying and I can't even read the chat when it happens.
  10. I really would not care about how cool it looks. I would, however, work on decorating it when I am at the top.
  11. Most are allowed but some can be used at your own risk.
  12. You know the message in chat that appears when someone gets "lucky" when voting?, its slightly annoying but not entirely but i would very much appreciate that a preference in /prefs was made devoted to not seeing that since its a very frequent occurance.
  13. I don't use schematica either :v I am envy because you're a Totem and your island is #1. :v You're a pro not a noob. :v And many people mention your name when you get online, so I can see you are popular :v
  14. I have multiple mods on my minecraft client and i find it time consuming to turn on and off these mods when connecting to the server. I assume most of these mods are allowed because they don't even work on the server (Dynamic Sword Skills, Shulker Box Inventory, Iron Chests, Speedy Hoppers, level up HP, sophisticated wolves). These mods dont work mainly because the items needed for the buffs in these mods dont exist in the server, and getting the items is the only way to get any advantage. However, i dont know if Xiero's Minimap and Shulker Box Viewer is allowed. Xiero's minimap works on most servers since it runs and saves data on the players' computer. It can show great information (although useless since doMobSpawning is turned off) and waypoints. Shulker Box Viewer replaces the normal gui of hovering your mouse over a shulker box to showing the items inside. You cannot hover over the items and can be disadvantageous at times. Thank you for reading this. Edit : I have other mods installed. I have a total of 21 mods, but most of these don't do anything significant as it just adds a few blocks and items which cannot be obtained on all non-compatible servers.
  15. Bruh. If you have seen my island on the first season of Skyblock, you'll see how noob I am at building lol. I don't even use schematica. And our island is full of ore blocks, we don't have that much scenery on our island except for Serana's warp. Why should you be envious xd I am not popular >:v I am a noob on the server. I am a nobody!!!!!!
  16. How could you say my island is better than yours? :v Your island is top #1, so many members along with the moderators. I envy you. You're also popular, I won't forget that. :v
  17. Schematica is very much allowed on the server. Mostly used on Skyblock and is very much our bestfriend when building. I don't know about the chunk loader but I doubt you'll need it or it'll be enabled on the server. Have fun my friend
  18. Cool island, better than mine tenfold lmao Welcome to the server bud, have a great stay too Always be watching from the sidelines here >:3
  19. BUG REPORT In-Game Name: Sticcy What is the bug related to?: Prison Server Briefly explain the bug/issue: This had happened in pvp, i did /warp pvp and jump in then all of a sudden i lagged and it said i timed out. When i logged back on, i had been killed and my maxed 450 pick was missing. The player who killed me said it was dropped but it had disappeared immediately and he didn't pick it up. Items aren't suppose to drop in pvp and for some reason only my pick did. The pick had soul bound as well so he couldn't have gotten it, the pick just disappeared from my inventory when i logged back on.
  20. In many you tube videos I have seen the mods schematica and chunk loader used on other servers I just want to know if these are allowed so I don't get banned.
  21. Welcome! Enjoy our server. I hope to see you in-game sometime
  22. Last week
  23. thats a very nice island enjoy playing on THE BEST MINECRAFT SERVER!!
  24. Welcome, and your island is amazing. Hope you have fun on UN!
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