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  2. I was ban cuz i use afk pool But I don't know it not allow in the game but my freind said it allow and now im ban can i get and unban
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  4. Skully


    Hey, currently the only way to get automining time is by voting, you can vote with the /vote command.
  5. MrnateGeek


    Where do I get automining, I seen it at spawn?
  6. Reason behind the rejoin is this So no mute evasion involved
  7. I was muted but I rejoined because family issues that I don't want to expose
  8. I did the /ticket multiple times, I get no response. About what bug, I tried to send a message to main chat, it does not echo anything. Even when I tried to run /help, it said it was disabled. I had to send PMs to people on discord that were active on the server because I currently muted on discord and it won't let me send messages to main chat on the server. It does not say I muted or anything
  9. Also, you can make a /ticket
  10. Do you notice a bug while sending a chat message?
  11. Good idea It will be useful when we have a lot of items
  12. Well, here we are with thousands of chests some of us just wish that we could just upgrade the chests to have more storage and make a page system with a search system as that would be much better than loads of chests plus it would create less lag due to less hoppers thank you for your time - Land_n
  13. You can do /warps in prison to show you all the available warps! Alternatively, you can type " /warp " and press TAB (on your keyboard) to show you all the different warps too! I hope this helps!
  14. What are the list of warps in Prison? I noticed /help is disabled and when I tried to talk, nothing appears anywhere. And I muted on discord
  15. Last week
  16. Yes, I have been refunded. Thanks
  17. I'm on 1.12.2 Yes, I did open it but it didn't pop up when i click on my pick and the chatcolor did get selected and i lose the pickaxe.
  18. I'll look into this soon, were you already refunded? @yihern
  19. What version were you on: Did you open the chatcolour gui (/chatcolour):
  20. DeadMaster

    A New VI rank

    Well, it wouldn't make sense for the Prison server I probably just forgot about it, I'll see what I can do about it Thanks for letting me know about it!
  21. Added in the next update, thanks for the suggestion
  22. BUG REPORT In-Game Name: Bellaxo What is the bug related to?: Prison Server Briefly explain the bug/issue: I stored my pickaxe in my /pv 3 so i can go in /lc to build stuff. Suddenly when i disabled my /lc and going to /pv 3 to get my pickaxe out, Something popped out on my screen saying Selected and my chatcolor got changed and my pickaxe was gone in the pv. Please do so check on it and hoping i could get my pickaxe back my Discord Tag Lily#7886 Thank you so much!
  23. BUG REPORT In-Game Name: areyouNoNameV3 What is the bug related to?: Prison Server Briefly explain the bug/issue: When I right clicked my mouse, it brings to a pickaxe level up screen. From there, when I tried to level up excavation, it showed me that level 1 requires 30k tokens. When I leveled up, the cost to level another excavation level still stays at 30k, and it didn't change. I think this is a bug because the cost for each level changes for luckymining though. Well, the actual cost is different, but it just didn't show on the screen. Also, I don't know whether is my test accurate or not, but from what I tested, excavation 2's range is 3 x 3 x 3, which is the same as excavation 3's range. (Also 3 x 3 x 3).
  24. Excellent post! I believe that the current state of custom enchants should be improved and I agree with all that you have mentioned above. Another thing that would be nice to implement would be a list of all the custom enchantment books available and what tier they are in. This would make it easier for players to know exactly which enchantment books they want and what tier they should grind. On a side note, permissions for the different /gkit kits could be distributed among the different ranks to provide more incentive for players to buy ranks and get familiar with custom enchants.
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