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  2. BUG REPORT In-Game Name: GenericName123 What is the bug related to?: Skyblock Server Briefly explain the bug/issue: My blaze spawner resetted the blazes when there was 1000x blazes. Why did that happen?
  3. hey man no ones telling you to climb a building with a rope around your neck but if you're feeling it then go for it
  4. Prison server focuses primarily on the prison aspect, PvP is just a side focus and we don't really want to put too much features towards it otherwise people will continue to suggest other side features such as parkour, etc.
  5. Yesterday
  6. We already have a lot of controversy around schematica and allowing players to basically auto-build their cactus farms, it gives them a advantage over regular players. If we could make it that you can only use schematica for building we would, however enforcing this rule would be very difficult because wouldn't be able to prove if a farm was made by hand or not. Creating server-aided builders would cause further complications with performance, I personally think farms should be built by hand. It gives a sense of achievement and players should spend time and effort into making money rather than auto-building large farms. Suggestion denied.
  7. Last two comments sum it up really, they are a passive method of gaining rewards and shouldn't warrant anything large. The primary intention is to give rewards to newer players to start out quicker.
  8. You can already do this partially if you have a plot and go into limited creative, with the exception of WorldEdit. WE is a powerful tool and will never be issued to players simply for performance reasons.
  9. Skully

    Friendly pvp

    The server is focused primarily on Skyblock, PvP is a very small part of it so we don't really have a focus on improving it or adding betting or 1v1 systems like you stated. However this may change in the future if interest raises.
  10. Kit keys already has a good selection of available keys, adding another set just for donators would be too OP IMO. Denied.
  11. Skully

    New Mine in SB

    Denied due to community input.
  12. Skully

    Account Locked?

    Hey, Since this is a cracked server, account usernames are case sensitive. The username it is telling you to join with is probably the name format you joined with initially and your data is now saved under that. You'll have to use that specific name with case sensitivity to join.
  13. Skully

    Refund request

    Hey, please make a refund request through the form for this -
  14. Hi, I've adjusted your permissions - let me know if it works now.
  15. BUG REPORT In-Game Name: OnTheClouds What is the bug related to?: Prison Server Briefly explain the bug/issue: I made a previous post about this on “General Discussion” named ‘/lc isn’t working’. basically i got lc from the prestige crate as a voucher and used it inside spawn. i went to the plot after wards and now every time i do the command /lc, it says i require coal rank or above. i gave ss in my previous post so please fix it for me and many others.
  16. I am excited for this. Philippine Standard time: September 1 2 P.M
  17. Last week
  18. I got Lc from my first p crate a couple daays ago, now whenver i do it ( the command /lc) it says i require coal rank or above. those exact words. i dont know whats going on, bu ti would like it back. Maybe because i used in spawn but idk. please fix this dead
  19. tysm Imma try be online at any cost : ) when I see you online imma donate you : )
  20. Hey sisters or gamers or what ever you want to be called!!!! I am here to find people for the /feed gang. To enter the rules are simple. Just reply to this exact topic and you might have a chance to have /feed permanently!!!(Only for Prison. Big sad) Good luck having the most useless command!
  21. This is the exact reason we have it at 3,000 subscribers - we do not give away the rank lightly to players who have a small number of subscribers. You need to understand that when we issue the YouTuber rank, it needs to benefit the server as well in terms of advertisement, this requires a large audience.
  22. 4pm Sunday will be 11:30am Sunday for you. So unless you have a Sunday class, you’re fine.
  23. nice idea but the plugin is custom and I saw bosses in pvpwars they are dope I also want bosses also : )
  24. ey bro I have problem because 6am GMT will be 11:30am Monday in India and on Monday I have to go school : (
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