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  3. I don't have 3 days playtime at sb but in prison I have
  4. Read the post, you might actually get the answer..
  5. SALES & TRADES MARKETPLACE Server: Prison Buying, selling or trading?: Selling What I am Selling: Selling maxed 475 pickaxe at prison pm me your offer at discord Discord : ⎛⎝DisguisedToast⎠⎞#5742 How I would like to be contacted: Discord PM
  6. I am a 14 yr old high school person, I play 2-4 hours everyday sometimes I can't play due to wifi running out of load In prison, Most of my playtime goes to OP Prison, so yeah "SHOUT OUT TO OP PRISON" Also! I will never forget about NitrosKnight because he wanna EAT ME! I mean who wants to eat me? I'm a "DISGUISED" toast, how can you see through my Disguise? Are you using xray to see through? Don't care really, since I'm still not eaten OK back to the topic! I am DisguisedToast Topic Ends OwO Thanks for reading
  7. You Can Try CactusMonkey's Video Too Its Easier Heres the link
  8. How do we participate or join??? just asking OwO
  9. I can't wait!!!! I'll try to be there!!
  10. A few months ago, I made a post on here about my Christmas event. We are just less than 2 weeks away from Christmas now. A lot of players helped with donating money, kits, ranks etc. Big thanks all that donated and helped our island to make this event even better. ❤️ The first event is Sunday 15th of December at 12pm EST. Second event date and time will be announced soon. All events will be held at "/is warp Serana_xo" just down the stairs. Take a good look at the warp you might find some cool things! 😉 How these events will work is stairs with numbers, you must sit on a stair (right click the top of a stair to sit) if you can't sit on a stair you may stand instead and remain seated/standing until your name and/or number is called. We will start with 1 and work our way up the numbers. When you are called you must follow who has called you to the chest room and then pick a chest from the 200+ chests and leave the island when you have got your items from the chest you have picked. Requirements to enter isn't a lot, you just have to be online at the time (can't be afk and you can't have someone else get it for you) and have 3 days playtime on skyblock and make sure you aren’t late cause the event area will be blocked off after 15mins. Rules: Alts are not allowed, to make it fair that everyone gets something. No tpa/tpahere. No line skipping. No using commands such as top, ascend or descend. No complaining about what you get, it's based on luck. No going to the chest area when you have not been called. If you have any questions about the event, just ask @Luna_Rose99 or myself. 😊
  11. Skully


    Hey, your keys were restored to your /pv 1.
  12. Last week
  13. babylion122dab


    I bought 32 legendary keys on skyblock on the website and when I logged in I had a full inventory and my keys disappeared pls help
  14. So basically, make kitpvp in skyblock? You're claiming a player quit the server because the server is skyblock and not a PVP game mode?
  15. Closing the suggestion has prison will be resetting!
  16. Hey, in the future you will be able to assign members certain permissions, no current plans on adding more ranks.
  17. In the next season of skyblock, dungeons are planned to be added. Hopefully, something similar to your suggestion would also be added
  18. Hey, in the next prison season there'll be a new advanced tutorial system, this system will be introduced to skyblock later on after it's confirmed to be working fine for prison!
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  20. As some of you know I'm Wesley (WindowsDeveloper), I am 18 years young and I'm currently living in The Netherlands! I am currently working in the world of Computer IT World, so if you have any IT related question you can always hit me up in discord! I've been playing Ultranetwork for almost 2 years now and I still enjoy every second of it! about 2 months ago I was accepted to be an Staff member in the UltraNetwork Server, that finally gives me the possibility to help every member of the server more and more every day! The nicest thing about Ultranetwork would be the amazing players in this community, I’ve met some awesome players from this server and I’m always open to make new friendships with cool people! I currently live alone with my 2 bunnies and 1 cat, although my cat likes to walk around outside more then he is at home (sad times). At the moment I’m trying to learn two new languages (French and Norwegian), and I’m planning to learn more in the future. If you have any ideas for languages that I should learn you can always message me them to me! I hope you’ve liked my small introduction about myself, and if you have questions about me or about the servers you can always drop it in the comments or message me on discord! Also:
  21. For the free rankup, I mean L -> M (mine rank) and not Coal => Iron (donators ranks)
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