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  3. Cobble Gens will only work correctly if the Island owner is online. If the Island owner is on, the gen should work perfectly fine.
  4. Hey everybody im just upgrade max generator and my friend too so our generator broken how to fix it?
  5. Ya boi LiamSyK/ThatOneKidLiam
  6. I totally agree with this suggestion, there were many cases where people lost their rank vouchers by clicking without realizing it, this would solve many problems with people who lose ranks and have to make request refund about their ranks that they lost, apart from this it would reduce the amount of request refund people can make.
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  8. Hello, I have a short but very strong suggestion; An anvil GUI where you'd have to type "CONFIRM" in order to claim a rank voucher. We've had multiple cases of people losing their rank vouchers and getting degraded to a lower rank than they were before. Personally, I see this fix a lot of issues. Let me know what you think about this
  9. SALES & TRADES MARKETPLACE Server: Prison Buying, selling or trading?: Buying What I am Buying: looking for irl trader for coal > iron How I would like to be contacted: discord @kaislash#1294 if you cant use discord contact me at
  12. Hey guys, it's Lebron23! 😊 I am hosting a giveaway on skyblock, for 500 million in-game currency! To enter, head on over to my giveaway page (p.s if you are banned from my island, don't bother I will remove your entry) Questions & Concerns? Contact me on Discord @ Lebron23#7307 The winner will be announced in 5 days from the date of this post! (Timer is on the link to enter) RULES: 1: If you enter more than once, you are automatically disqualified. 2: No joining under different names (alt), If caught = disqualified. 3. No whining, enjoy!
  13. I think it would be a very good idea that there could be a French chat, it's something that should have already been done and now it would have to be done because of the large number of French players who are joining to the server.
  14. Added vines to farming section (Already existed on skyblock, but now in prison)
  15. DeadMaster


    1.14.4 Survival would be great, but due to it being a "broken/un-optimized" version, there are currently no plans on adding it
  16. Minions are cool, but not the best idea to be adding them a few months after the season has begun (Maybe for a future season?).
  17. In a future season/update: Totem (or maybe even elytra) ranks will have the ability to host in-game events (spleef, drop parties, etc)
  18. DeadMaster

    New crate

    Good suggestion, although, as of right now the server uses a public tokens plugin (which limits what we can do at the moment). For a future season, I will be developing a custom tokens plugin allowing us to add this feature and much more cool things Thanks for your suggestion
  19. Bows are currently not in Skyblock kits and are planned to be removed in the next season of Prison Players with donator ranks (especially high ranks) will have the ability to bow spam whilst the other player having "trash" armor, meaning the player with the bow will most likely win the fight It's better if players legitimately get bows themselves
  20. The parkour world was corrupted and due to that, it had to be removed for the next season a new parkour will hopefully be added
  21. DeadMaster

    New Rank

    The current goal is to: add more perks to totem/elytra/ender (and maybe void)
  22. Doesn't really matter I'll pick a random winner and then contact them for them to receive the price. I'm doing this because I also have some other plans on that day, but most likely around 9PM CET.
  23. just a question: at what time will the giveaway be held on?
  24. good luck for everyone and may the luckiest win :)
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