Hi everyone isn't UltraNetwork so fun to play?


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Hey @XV_Gaming_TYV

I completely agree with you that the server is a fun place to play, both of the UltraNetwork Server's are good game-modes that are popular amongst a lot of people.

Maybe one day in the future we will see more games! who knows? 

All the best, and see you around :) 

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I definitely agree with you when you say this is a really fun server because it's got 2 great gamemodes and a great playerbase. I would like to say that it would be good to have more games but I feel like focusing on 2 games will make their server better overall. This would be an example of a quality over quantity theory for minecraft gamemodes. That being said, hopefully at one point they release other gamemodes and all of the gamemodes will still be just as enjoyable. 😃

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