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Little Suggestion To Skyblock

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       Glad for you to come and look at the suggestion/s I made that may consult DeadMaster to add into Skyblock. It maybe bad or not, as long as I made effort on thinking of this suggestion as part of contributing on the server to making it better.

1. New Hopper and Sell System 

            - Dead just released the sellwands, but I think this will be a better system than that.

  • The Hopper system will be 1 hopper that can collect in 1 whole chunk which is 16x16. I think this is better to lessen hoppers in the island and so that we can have a limit already.
  • If the Hopper system is approved, As that hopper collects entities, it will automatically sell to the person who first placed the hopper.
    • Example : JNTZ Placed the 1 Chunk Hopper, then 4 stacks of cactus went into it. It will sell and go straight to his bal.
  • This is mostly recommended for people who have enormous cactus farms. As of now, there is no way of getting SellWands rather than buy it at the store for 3.49$. 

2.  Able To Open 64 Keys At Once

  • I know that this was already added, but at some versions like 1.9 -> 1.12 I have noticed that we can't open 64 keys using " SHIFT + RIGHT CLICK". I asked the people in SB to what version? they said its 1.8, but the thing is that transferring stuff in 1.8 is kinda glitchy hope ya fix that. This is also regards in Prison.

3.  Armor in Kits

  • Is there any chance of the enchants in kits to increase?, Since I have noticed starting last December up to now that the enchants from kits Emerald -> Ender are the same. The fun part is that they have the same enchants but when it comes to names, that makes is expensive.


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First one: hoppers collect something per chunk? Okay let me trade with you friend *drops pickaxe* *goes to hopper* "Oh sh!!t it went in my hopper oh well I think i lost it" scamming has never been more easy

Second one: you can't read 

Third one: the enchants are meant to be the same, it's purposely done like that

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