[Prison Server] Mine Changes


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What platform is this suggestion for?: Prison Server


My suggestions are about our mines having and being able to buy a higher sell price for the mine as of now the best is 110k why not make it possible so that for the right amount of money or tokens or both on high levels to increase the sell prices (prices & levels determined by the owners ofc) and my other suggestion is being able to change the blocks of the mine to whichever we like for maybe an amount of money or maybe put it as a command to purchase from the buycraft also put it on high ranks from Elytra + command would be for example /minesettings or /mine menu or /mine options  and another suggestion is being able to set your own mine public maybe for some people who have mines bigger than others with the person setting it public can choose a fee % of money and tokens they get from the people mining in it

example if i mine for 30 seconds and i get 1trillion and 10.000 tokens

and lets say the owner chose 20% the owner gets 20% of that 1 trillion and 10.000 tokens

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