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What platform is this suggestion for?: Prison Server


Right, basically we need the Old Prison System back, it's much better than the current one, in a way, old prison used to have a lot of players online, ACTIVELY mining and chatting, mostly, having fun.  The way I interpreted, "Prison Reset," it's just something that resets what you just earned or worked hard for during the season, and we gain a huge update for the new season, nothing changed, which makes it quite boring.  And we need a buff on some certain enchants as they don't seem to be worth it in the end.  My friend suggested this for me to suggest it here. :3

With this, we need to HYPE people up with loads of new stuff, making them experience a good gameplay. 

I already did my arena suggestion, we just need one more thing.  One suggestion in here is something similar to the Old Prison System.

Firstly, the Lightning Enchant takes up a lot of tokens in maxing up, but what do we get in return? Money, but less than expected, it doesn't live up to the people's expectations. It takes too much tokens that we think it really isn't worth it.  Lightning should be buffed that we should be able to earn more than 800B from it which includes the Ephemeral Enchant Booster.  

Laser disrupts our mining rhythm.  Instead of it activating above the mine, why not make it activate below the mine?  And laser makes less money than expected, if I calculated correctly, it should cost around 70k to max it to 100, yet we gain so little from it.  And it doesn't seem worth it.  It earns money back through time, yes. :( 


I'm pretty sure OGs remembered how Milestones work.  I completely forgot how it worked but, someone reminded me of it;

Old Season Milestone: It's where you gain keys randomly every time you mine.

Get Milestones back but with more rewards like, Autominer Time Travel (1 minute to 1 hour), Autominer Time, Tokens & Money, aside from keys only, it'll surely get people back actively mining instead of AFKing in warp autominer.   This perk should be only available for people who's actually mining not to those AFKed.


Vote party doesn't give other players rewards sometimes when this is exclusively for the whole server or gamemode.


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Hey Je,


I love your general idea on the suggestion, but some things are unclear to me.


Firstly, the Lightning Enchant takes up a lot of tokens in maxing up, but what do we get in return? Money, but less than expected

Yes, this is true, but not all enchants can be as good as excavation or binate. There needs to be a balance between powerful and average enchants. Lightning is mainly good for giving you extra pickaxe XP, which in turn leads to you getting rewards from pickaxe levelup faster.


Laser disrupts our mining rhythm.  Instead of it activating above the mine, why not make it activate below the mine?

This personally makes no sense to me. If you mean horizontally below the mine it would be extremely confusing to new players as they wouldn't know why they spent tokens on laser and it doesn't seem to work, this also wouldn't fix it since then your mining would be disrupted at the bottom layers of the mine. If you meant vertically below the player, then it's just like lightning and it changed nothing, don't think laser needs to be touched personally.

One thing I do agree with you on is  that laser is the worst enchantment option out of all. Highly expensive to max and doesn't pay off in a million years.

Regarding Milestones:


 This perk should be only available for people who's actually mining not to those AFKed.

I don't seem to remember this feature, but if milestones are dictated by 'Blocks Mined' then it matters not if the person is AFK or not since autominer or amtt does not increase your 'Blocks Mined' stat.


All in all, I do not think any of these three suggested changes should be implemented as of right now. Milestones possibly next season but currently I do not see a need for either Laser or Lightning buff since Lightning is good as it is, whereas Laser is just a bad enchant overall and I doubt anything can save it at this point. Regarding the voteparty bug, I was not even aware of it, if it actually is in the game should be fixed ASAP!

Kind Regards, Pickle

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