[Prison Server] CE books to Exchanger


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What platform is this suggestion for?: Prison Server


Basically just make it so that the enchants you can get from voting (the unidentified enchants) can be exchanged in ./exchanger for tokens.

Doesn't have to be a lot, would be worth it even if it's just 100 tokens a book. I get stuff like a 9% success Proliferate book after I've already maxed it. I can't use it and nobody will ever buy it. All I could do is store it, trash it or give it away. Would rather exchange it for a small amount of tokens.

Not sure if this is possible but just figured i might suggest it.

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Hey Zeus,


I can understand your frustration with Unidentified Books, but that frustration is kinda the point of the books. If there was a high chance of getting good stuff they wouldn't be as valuable as they are. The entire concept is that it is difficult to obtain the best stuff. Furthermore, people like gamesense or Dev1002 purchase Unidentified Books for 200T each, so I wouldn't exactly call them trash. I do not see why you would trade something that valuable for "even 100 tokens". Therefore, I must disagree with your suggestion.

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