How To Make A Cactus Farm


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In this tutorial i will be showing you the most efficient ways of making a cactus farm.

[ Disclaimer i do not own any of the videos posted in this thread ]


Cactus farms can be used and are used to make a large amount of money in a short period of time.

In this giude/tutorial i will be showing you the 2 main types of cactus farms and how to make them.


Cactus farm 1 - Chunk farms or Checker farms


This farm is one of the most known and used ones. I do recommend using these if  you are new to making farms.

Although this is the most common and basic one it does not give you alot of money and can be hard to set up if you are planning on making it a large size.

An avarage sized one about 1 chunk fill that goes up to build limit can make you about 10 - 50k a hour depending on the tickrate.

If you are new and want to know how to use this then click on the YouTube video below.

If you watch this be sure to subscribe and like the video and i do not own this.


The second type of farm - The chunk pillar or The pillar formation

Giving this name due to the shape and formation of this cactus farm it is by far one of the most efficient ways to make money although it is fairly hard to build and is very time consuming.

If you are making this farm i do suggest you use a mod called shematica which i will leave a link to at the end of this thread.

this is a schematic for a one chunk cactus farm.

Here is a link to the tutorial on how to use schematica.


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And that is it the 2 most used farms. If this helped pls leave a like.

Regards ❤️


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