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  1. How to convert a image into a schematic. Requirements: Schematica Lunatruiscore *I WILL EXPLAIN HOW TO SET THEM UP* Schematica Tutorial. First of we need to install Forge client. You can download the version we will be using here Once it is done downloading run it. Then make sure that install client is selected. Then if it is press ok. It will install the client into your minecraft folder ( Should take about 1 - 5 min) After it is done we can start installing the mods we need. First we need Lunatruiscore to run schematica you can download the jar file here After it is done go to were you downloaded it which should be custom or defaulted to Downloads Once you have located it right click on it and select cut then go to your search bar in file explorer and type %appdata% (as shown in the picture below ) Once you did this press enter. Then look for the .minecraft file Open it and look for the mods folder if you dont have one make a folder called mods. Then open the folder and clear anything inside of it if its empty then ignore this step. Once done you can right click and click paste. Now that we have the core we need to install schematica. You can find it here Once downloaded repeat the steps that we took to install the core COPY>%appdata>.minecraft>mods>PASTE This is all you need to use schematica all you need to do now is in your client settings go to installations make new one and choose forge as the version. To learn how to use schematica go watch this ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now if you want to convert a picture into a schematic file you can follow the tutorial: Go to and open the picture then configure the art properties. Once done click on save and then save as. After that take the schematic file and right click on it then select cut then go to your .minecraft directory ( %appdata% ) For the following folder to appear you must launch schematica once. Do this by lunching your forge client like shown in the previous tutorial. Once you did that go back to your .minecraft file and look for the folder called schematics Open it and right click and select paste. Now you can open your forge client in minecraft and go to Options>Controlls>Scroll Down until you see schematica> Then change the load schematic and Manipulate schematic keys to your own liking> Then press the load schematic keybind in a server or ballplayer word and load the one you want> Once loaded you can open its options by pressing the manipulate schematic key. IF THIS HELPED YOU PLEASE LEAVE A NICE COMMENT. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. Welcome back. Hope you will have a great time here with us again. I am also a returning member and the server has changed alot. As for your rank you can create a rank transfer request here
  3. Glad to hear that you are not dead. Wish you many years of being alive.
  4. I am back from a long journey. Alot of you might not know me but i have been playing on this server for a year now. But i had to stop playing because of my brain surgery. I cant wait to start playing again you will be seing me online alot and if you do come say hi. My ingame name is Et43 but you may call me Ethan. I cant wait to start playing with you all again and earn my trust in you guys.